Zion wasn't in shape for summer league - Jalen Rose | Get Up

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Jalen Rose says Zion Williamson was not ready to perform at his best during the NBA Summer League following Coach K's comments that Zion should not have played at all until the regular season.
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  • zion williamson = oliver miller 2.0

  • Zion is the best player in history

  • He’s needs to lose weight and play SF.


  • Once Zion gets back in shape he bout to be a monster

  • "he is fat and he can't shoot, but I love this guys game". What a quote

  • All I hear is excuses from this big baby rookies today. Soft.

  • Zion already showing signs of injury!!!! How in the fuck are u 18 years old and just got done playing in the NCAA tournament!

  • Jalens Grammar is out of shape! GATT DAMM !!!!!!!!!!!! This mofo speaks in the past in the future from the past! What’s GOOD????

  • Look, I’m a black man... I respect that Jalen is on this show... equal opportunity blah blah yeah!!!!! but .... HIS ENGLISH IS FVCKING EMBARRASSING!!!!!! WTF

  • Mean this in the most respectful way, honestly. How about a nickname for Zion? Zion 'Earthquake' Williamson?

  • Don't you get in shape AT summer league?

  • All I hear about in this video is dummies talkin about Zion badly for views

  • Ive been playing basketball since I was 12 yrs old. Im 29 now. Ive never heard of a basketball player not playing a exhibition basketball game because he or she is out of shape. I thought these games help you get in some form of basketball shape.

  • Zion is T H I C C and he is injury prone with all that weight and that landing habit when he jumps screams busted knee in 3 seasons. He land all his 300 pounds after jumping 50 inches on the heel. He should land like Bron or Russ. They land and run on their tippytoes so its not straining their knee too much when they run or land. I dont want him to be a bust but shit thats a timebomb. See Derrick Rose for example. He run with his backfoot stomping the ground and landing on his heel as well

  • I do not believe everything that is given on T.V. For what I have seen so far Zion is a fail #1 pick. Pelicans are probably regretting the pick.

  • He needs to lose weight. Don’t care how athletic you are and neither do your knees. 285 and explosiveness do not go well together.

  • *He is in shape for an Eating Contest..*

  • He not in shape but still dunking beasting and playing d like that ??? Did u see when he caught his second wind ..and starting doing his infamous shuffle bounce hop that just exuberates energy and passion for the game never seen before... Zion is clearly head and above shoulders better then the rest u just wait

  • Zion still got his abilities thoe

  • You wanna know how to get in shape to play basketball? You play basketball...

  • Dude is just getting out his first year in college and is already out of shape, what a joke, stop making excuses for this kid already

  • Already a bust 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You gotta give this kid the benefit of the doubt, he hasn't played in three months, so he probably did eat things he shouldn't have ate., but I thing New Orleans is smart enough to get this kid a nutritionist, that makes sure he eats properly, the knicks got Dennis Smith jr. a Nutritionist last year that had to take him food shopping to show him what to eat ,and he was in shape if he wasn't playing basketball, but he wasn't in basketball shape, with Zion his already a big kid, so any thing that's not nutritious is gonna show up,but remember this is a 19yr old kid, not a 29 yr old veteran, he'll be fine, if Charles fat man Barkley had a hall of fame career, this kid should have a shot at doing it, relax its summer

  • Zion can't shoot and is overrated. What an embarrassment. Biggest bust ever.

  • they are trying to find the next superstar similar to lebron. lebron had the pomp( that whole class) and they were also very talkative. after that nobody really came as good as that class. last great was KYRIE to an extent but he also can get WEIRD. ANTETO is not that kind of guy as he hates media. DAVIS is a shy type too. COUSIN was IMPERTINENT and did not scale. KAWHI is the quietest. STEPH is the closest but he is FRAGILE and not a physically imposing as LBJ is. GREEN Is a SYSTEM SUPERSTAR AND LOUD ONLY IN HIS ENVIRONMENT. KLAY ANOTHER VERY QUITE DUDE. WB had all that but he did not measure up. HARDIN QUIET TOO AND SO IS KD. BEN SIMMONS CANT SHOOT, EMBID IS INJURY PRONE( LATEST GUY WITH CHARISMA) SO THERE ARE NO SUPERSTAR WHO COULD LIKE THE 90'S. these folks are always on social media, so they have no idea about public speaking( back in the days they got plenty of training in it). SO THE MEDIA has to keep looking for the next big guy: WHO LOOKS GOOD, WHO IS A BEAST, WHO IS A LADIES MAN, MEDIA DARLING,DIVA BUT NICE, TALK RIGHT POLITICS, ALSO DROP 50! BASICALLY THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A PERFECT NBA SUPERSTAR STRAIGHT OFF THE BAT. SO THEY HAVE TO KEEP LOOKING. THEY HAVE TO FIND NEXT FACE OFF THE FRANCHISE AKA LIKE JOHN CENA OF NBA! NOT EASY.

  • was he ever? the kid is as CHUBBY as they come. griffin has a heck of a job to do. he has to get him on a proper diet regime. and also teach him how to shoot. otherwise he is a bubble that is gonna be burst. they hype bestowed is unreal. stop the hoopla and let these kids prove themselves. they also hyped lonzo ball and he did not prove even 25% of the hype. there is a reason why it is at least 19. you have access to money,woman, drugs all combined when you are barely a teenager. MIT grads do not see that kind of money even in their entire life. now last time I checked, we all know the caliber of an MIT to a NBA basketball player( who is mostly a college drop out--which is not bad but bad when you have all this and dont know what to do with it) if you have access to all that is deemed as bad by society at 19! think about it. aka you are thanos, with snap of fingers you can have it all. so they are gonna weane towards DEBAUCHERY!

  • Being in shape is hardly and issue of having visible muscles or being aesthetically pleasing. His cardio seems good and he’s moving athletically, let’s stop talking about Zions looks and watch how he performs and moves

  • Anthony bennet

  • He is fat. He will be prone to injury now that hes in nba playing 82 games jumping up and down. His knees will not be able to take it. He better develop his jump shot.

  • Who cares....bring on football season

  • Out of the league in 6 years

  • The NBA soft as hell. Sitting players during summer league?? This is setting bad precedents for young players.

  • It’s funny how they think Zion will be a star just because he dunked on a bunch of white kids 😂 it’s gonna be fun to see how he does it in the real league with real mean tryna block his shit but fr fr he’s like 90% hype 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • What if Zion is being protected because the pelicans have noticed he's not as good as everyone thinks and have decided to protect him. If you watched his summer league game he played just like he did in duke , but he couldn't be as effective. Zion could be the biggest bust of all time

  • Zion so FAT he can fill every NBA roster & NEVER leave NOLA!

  • Jalen is real deal l just live when he talks always smart stay humble we love u

  • Zion is chubby, lose 5 kgs and he will be amazing

  • 3:15 "how thick" 😂😂😂

  • He’s a bust. NBA version of Jamarcus Russell. Fat boi gonna rob the Pelicans outta money lol.

  • At that age u shouldn't be out of shape u should be hooping regardless a Hooper is a Hooper no days off when u have all the opportunity like he have

  • This is what happens when you join the New Orleans Pelicans.

  • This nigga is way overhyped

  • All these comments basically saying we are fat shamming Zion is a JOKE. he's a professional now that went #1 get your fat ass in shape bro wtf is wrong with these sensitive ass culture damn

  • Bro how wasn't he in shape? Y'all act like he been out forever. Please don't start with the bias excuses.

    • Wait wait... How is this bias his fat ass is out of shape. Act like a professional Zion not a outa lesson teenager

  • He needs work out the whole summer with Kobe lol he gone have Zion right

  • If anyone knows what they're talking about is coach K

  • If The Saints need A Extra DE or LB😂😂

  • And he still had 11 points in 9 minutes

  • “Zion Williamson couldn’t start on (Jalen’s team) Michigan basketball team in 1992” “Kawai is 99% not going to the Clippers” Never forget how stupid Jalen Rose is!

  • Seriously wtf is wrong with y’all? we get it the kid was a little out of shape for summer league. We don’t need a topic about it every day till the season starts.

  • He's going to look like eddie curry in a few years

  • Lmao people acting like losing weight is hard to do 😂 When he does lose the weight y'all hating faggets down in the comments will talk about how he can't shot...aye guess what he rich and y'all live with your parents 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • So if you're in shape you can't accidentally have knee to knee contact...MFS are stupid AF ...had he not hit his knee and played the 30 mins or whatever MFS would not be saying shit other then he was a beast because he would have delivered

  • 11 points. 9 minutes

  • Dang leave the guy alone

  • I think zion is a monster, but my god his face looks so weird to me

  • If it was a woman.. THE EMASCULATED EUNUCHS at ESPN wouldnt say a MOTHERFUCKING thing.. she would be strong.. bold.. powerful.. and redefining athleticism

  • Zion scored 11 point in 9 minutes!! WTH are you all talking about. The Coach pulled Zion out bc he knows the revenue Zion is going to bring in. No reason to get injured in the Summer League...Ppl keep saying Zion is to big. They been saying that since the 1st time he stepped on the court. And what do he do? Show up and show out! Just like he did at the Summer League! Ppl like Zion, which is only a few MAKE IT! Just bc ppl expects him not too! And I hope it make it BIG!!

  • Acting like he didn’t fucking have 11 points in 9 min, WITHOUT A JUMPSHOT, he gonna be a superstar