Zion, Tacko Fall and the BEST plays of NBA Summer League | NBA Mixtape

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Check out the best plays from NBA summer league, including Zion Williamson’s brilliance in his lone game vs. the New York Knicks, the high-flying viral dunks of Jaxson Hayes, Tacko Fall’s star turn for the Boston Celtics, RJ Barret the double-double machine and summer league MVP Brandon Clarke.
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  • Does Shaq Moves still Legal in the NBA? If it's legal, MAAAN !! Tacko Fall you should step up your Post Game. Get buff and dominate NBA

  • They didn't even really watch Summer leauge where is any Tyler Herro highlights? That RJ Layup was pathetic he's going to be a bust for sure 😂

  • 01:23, Am I the only one see this as a part of 2K new trailer, at least for one sec?

  • Tacko will be a problem in the league

  • Zion played less than 10 minutes in the entire duration of the Summer league why is he on the thumbnail? Lmao.

  • Mean this in the most respectful way, honestly. How about a nickname for Zion? Zion 'Earthquake' Williamson?

  • I hope they're paying these guys for playing in Summer League....the league certain appears to be making plenty of money from it.

  • Hey fam! Keep it real, always try to stay positive and patient. 👊😆 I am a beat maker myself, do you mind dropping by my page to check my music and let me know what you think?

  • Just go ahead and disrespect Lonnie walker again ESPN, you will soon know the name

  • Just came for some Tacko. They gotta add his chase down block

  • Were hurtin for bigs in GS and we sign Jordan Poole over Tacko wut we doin fam?


  • Coby White ankle breaker is missing?

  • Will the Celtics sign Tacko Fall? Everyone wants Tacko!

  • Tallest in the state? More like tallest on the continent!

  • No josh Reaves buzzer beater. Lame

  • clickbait and i click it bec of zion. but you getting the dislikes

  • Surprised the living bucket Carson Edwards wasnt on here

  • No Herro why because he is white and this is ESPN

  • Tacko fall going to be a beast

  • Kendrick Nunn got robbed of the MVP

  • Why is Zion even here?? Seriously??

  • Ja at 2:54 🤣🤣

  • Where’s Hachimura?!

  • Tacko the best

  • I love how hungry all the underdogs play in the summer league. I hope they all live out all their dreams

  • last season’s mixtape on my channel 🔥🔥🔥go check it out y’all🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • No Mitchell Robinson? Did ya forgot how he abused fat boy Zion his first game?

  • Started out with Zion reach in foul.

  • The NBA summer league was disappointing. I understand the rookies that had knee surgery not playing. But there where a number of players that didn’t play because they where scared. Salute to Carson Edwards Tremont water and Taco Fall. For not only playing. But playing on the same damn team!! And they looked ready to compete at a higher level in my opinion. Zion did enough fat as in concerned 😂. Damn man child. And salute RJ Barrette for not being a punk either. If I spelled anything wrong in this long ass post. Don’t be a dick about it. I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say. Piece mate ✌🏾

  • Zion, 1 game, 9 points. Tacko Fall, 7 points per game. ESPN is all about BS hype, not the guys who show up and put in work. GTFOH ESPN.

    • @Ama Jang Jesus Christ yall are dumb. I know he played limited minutes, my issue is him being named best of summer league.

    • Taco played limited minutes chill bro

    • fr bruh everybody wanna talk about Zion and not wanna pay attention to the ones who really doing something

    • @tom11zz884 Yeah, so how is he the best of summer league? That's my whole point.

    • DUH........... ZION only played one game....lol

  • zION will dominate next season

  • Tacko and Zion were great in the summer league, but they didn't make it to the finals unfortunately. I praise Ja Morant and his team for winning whole tournament during the league🙌🏾

  • Jaxson has been the highlight goat this summer league

  • In my opinion, Tacko Fall is the best player in the Summer League.

  • As a sixers fan, I'm mad that the Celtics got Tacko. Dude is going to have a monster second year..

    • @Ama Jang He needs some time getting adjusted to the NBA style and pace, but once he does he'll be a beast.

    • 2nd year?

  • Bruh

  • 0:56 Why that look like a 2K euro dunk. Yall know how the transitions just dont look right 🤣😂

    • I did hop step dunk today and that nigga did hop into a 360


    • @Andrew Kear Because NBA players have done this for years now, it is part of the game. Most of the greats have done it. This sitting out nonsense is a new trend that JUST started. You are paid to play. Injuries will always be there, he could roll his ankle walking down the stairs. I understand not wanting to get hurt, but these players aren't made of glass. It's the NBA not the NFL. At some point it just becomes silly how much we are babying players now, the entire culture of the sport is different. I guess it is just the nature of times changing, this generation is soft all around. Also i don't blame Zion, they made him sit, so it wasn't even his choice anyway.

    • Bruh ur a dumbass, why would he risk his future on unimportant summer scrimmages? So retards like you would accept him? Or so he can can fit your ideal image of what a "man" or a "champ" is? Gtfo

  • Damn Norman Powell stays in the gym lol