Zion scored 17 straight points without dunking and Jalen Rose is impressed | Get Up

Pubblicato il 23 gen 2020
Jalen Rose reacts to New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson scoring 22 points in 18 minutes during his NBA debut vs. the San Antonio Spurs.
#GetUp #NBA
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  • GO ZION GO GO GO!!!!



  • The new slave auctions?

  • Hes been a major celebrity for years already and hes been playing against the best competition for that same amount of time. hes already stronger than almost all the player in the NBA its not that difficult of a jump. its a great player. he'll be fine

  • More of Brons hairline is packing up and heading to hairline heaven. Say a few words as the days are numbered.

  • 3rd heaviest. wow.

  • I really appreciate Matt Barnes analysis of Zion. He said so much with so few words. Thansk Matt!

  • remember these guys say zion should sit out the season...lol

  • Jay Will just pissed he blew up his carrer by himself, so he adopted to say that only Lebron is good. The rest of the plays, he is cheering for their disgrace so they can do better than he did, although its no ones fault that he did a stupid thing and f... himself up, free will, maybe if he cheers for the guys he will be happier

  • For his size and girth no one mentions that Zion as maxim quickness and usually gets off the ground before anyone else

  • he made 4 wide open threes...cmon guys...

  • Zion ain't Fat , he just healthy

  • Who's that woman?

  • Zion looks 20% body fat....imagine what he could do lean and ripped..... I think he shouldnt playing this season

  • Football players everywhere now hoopin.......Surprise!!!.....

  • This is the first time I'm seeing Jalen without a razor straight lineup

    • Marisol Renee lineups only last a few days before that hair starts growing in.

  • He lost weight. His muscle mass is very high. It makes him look like that regardless lol

  • Jalen look so stupid!

  • Why these ladies on sports show's...smh

  • His physical mechanics, ie. the way he walks, his gait, his hip movement, etc., will make him injury prone his whole career. He will show flashes of what he could’ve been but there will always be a nagging injury. I hope the best for him because he’s a great kid, but we’ll see.

  • Need to win 17 in a row

  • I love ZION!!!!💥💥💥

  • I'm really impressed on how effective and efficient he was with the time given.. and he had no dunks, that's scary 😱

  • zion too fragile. he no superstar

  • I honestly hate Jay Williams. He’s A Clone of Ryan Hollins.

  • "Derrick Cousins", Jay is trippin bruh

  • Everyone acting like Zion is a tank made of glass

  • Zo Ingram Jrue with Zion has CRAZY potential man. This season is just important for gaining chemistry. Pray for his health man this could be special

  • They lost because they sat zion

  • The Pelicans don’t have any defense n has 1 person with experience in the playoffs n the rest of the team is super young. They’re not making the playoffs

  • Get up, undisputed, and first things first ALL have great moderators...I truly believe J rose is the only reason molly still moderated for first take but I also believe SAS and Max are really good friends with her

  • I wish this kid health. I want to be able to watch him play for many years to come.

  • I think that the rigors of the basketball life will slim him down. It's a fast paced game and he's gotta play almost everyday.

  • Barnes is a good analyst

  • Zion was hitting 3s in college idk why they act like he couldn’t shoot

    • RellyRell 2020 facts I kept telling people that he just didn’t have to because no one could stop him

  • Lonzo gave Zion those shots and waved off the coaches calls to help out Zion debut. He wanted Zion to have a good game and assisted him on those plays so he can get those.points.

    • Lonzo felt the momentum swing with Zion. Zo and Zion unstoppable

  • They really black balling Lonzo Ball because his dad went on TV again promoting brand and not signing with shoe companies.

  • Jalen the BIGGEST Zion hater out there.. All started when they compared Zion and the class at Duke to his non chip winning Fab5 last year, been hatin' ever since.

  • Zion is the next one I'm telling u

  • Mount Zion is a hill in Jerusalem but it was also the last human city in The Matrix films. After Zion scored 17 pts in 3 minutes, I went Neo and said.. Whoa.

  • When is Matt and Jalen going to have there own Show... COME ON!!!! I like Jason as well

  • Irrelevant but I just realized that Zion looks a lot like tee Grizzley. Just me?

  • Jalen..C'mon Man

  • He's still fat. Feed him cake instead of Gatorade and he'll be like Majin buu every game

  • That one foot landing scares me man Look at drose. And drose is like 100 pounds lighter than Zion

  • J Will is beyond annoying.

  • Jalens barber needs a nobel peace prize ASAP

  • Zo was setting him up, he always knows how to feed the hot hand.

  • @4:50.... Boban can shoot 3s, Jalen.....

  • Kobe scores 81pt vs jaylen rose for the revenge coz jaylen rose purposely want to ended Kobe‘s career in 2005

  • See? Hulk-Z will smash the competotion! 🏀👍💪👌

  • He’s mad slow though he needs to lose a bit of that weight especially if its going to put pressure on that knee

  • Can't be mad at Gentry for benching Zion and limiting his minutes. That call comes from the office. You can tell Gentry was mad he had to bench Zion when he was hot in that run.

  • watch after he has a full season under his belt....

  • Nobody: Jay Williams: he landed on one foot about ten times 🤣🤣 He's said that in every interview today

  • Tmac scored 13 in 33 seconds against the greatest Spurs team in NBA history .

  • Is only ☝️ game so far people calm the fox down. Lets give him 10 games then we can start talking rookie of year.

  • A clearly fat injured player made some open threes meanwhile I bet you wouldn't know this because ESPN is not Donovan Mitchell Joins Elite Group To Score 4,500 Points In First 200 NBA Games. He is one of four players to do this in NBA history. Did that last night, but you know why talk about it because you know Donovan Mitchell isn't one of the four or five designated players that are from LA area or that espn choose are the future and then talk about nobody else.

  • if pelican had to choose , they will still have davis than zion , and willing to trade zion than davis