Pubblicato il 24 lug 2019
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  • Toast low key look like the nintendo guy the one that announce sans in smash

  • Tried to close ad, paused the video. Sad

  • Omg fed 😭😭😭😭

  • Oh albert was reffering to this moment when he told fed "how do you not know it was a bra? Youve worn one"

  • 😦....

  • 5:18 bruh moments #69 ft toast

  • fedmystra should win

  • Wait wait wait... Was this real? My cringe tingles just made me kick my table over

  • 12:22 rip the headphones

  • I play hearthstone xD That was a good one

  • and thats how i met your mother

  • This is so funny. But omg, Tiff looks like a knockoff Sharpay.

  • bruh i thought that ad at the beginning was on mine screen so i just keeped pausing and wondering why it didnt work

  • So scarra gai?

  • i just tried to close the ads ffs

  • Toast look like he out here making smash bros 6

  • anyone else wanted to kill there self when they saw asuna poki

  • okay but toast looks like sakurai

  • Imagine being happy

  • Honestly I looked at that thumbnail and thought “man, I’d fuck her. Oh wait that’s fed shit”

  • A reck down there...

  • That shit was Funny as Fuck I was so glad yall ending the way you did BC it adds alot more Humor to this shit!! Cow}:-o)

  • "what are these drone shots?" exactly lmao

  • Infinity content

  • what is this cancer

  • Oh my this is our future generation. (oh i see the rage comments coming, by the followers of these low intelligence, with no practical contribution to the world or community)

    • Everyone run,its the basement guy

  • Aww Janet

  • "reacts" right what a reaction

  • josh xD


  • Darn Leslie, that's a nice gap.. :3

  • Link to original?

    • @The awesome Bab sigh

    • L Forxuz go tell this channel’s creator to put it in the description then, why are you repeat the same thing to me?

    • @The awesome Bab you really ok? atleast put the link in the description. thats it.

    • L Forxuz i am just telling you what channel the video came from, not disagreeing with you

    • @The awesome Bab atleast put a link in the description

  • I really hate that I keep mistaking this channel with the real offlinetv channel.

  • i would have picked Albert so i could watch him put chat on his phone

  • I love Jaime!!! That freestyle at 11:56 is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏. Jaime’s bars are always out of this world 🤯. Also, give some credit to Leslie or Albie for that amazing beatboxing 👌.

  • ´react´

  • I swear, that YuGiOh joke ALAWAYS gets me man xDDDD

  • Very stupid question but did toast and Janet breakup

    • No. They are still great together. I think they were already together at that video if not some time after it was filmed

    • Why do you think so?

  • they need to do this on fed

    • But all the contestants would either walk out or there will be no contestants.

    • S. Kvits11 But the only contestant is Yvonne

  • Actally hillarious

  • Everyone in the comments seems to be acting like this is some kind of really strong nostalgia, way back in the war type shit lol. but I swear it wasn't that long ago,,,,was it ?

    • No lol, probably a couple months ago

  • 11:10 i was about to close the ad

  • Contestant #4... 4X... 4 times.... good times

  • Idk why but I love the outro

  • Toast looks like a game developer with that hairstyle

  • Love the reaction vids.

  • wow that intro. I remember when Shelby actually came over to OTV and hung out. maybe they live too far away now? idk

  • Someone tag Ed because Lesley has some explaining to do.

  • Miss this type of content 😀

  • in all the contestants, i think scarra and janet answered seriously.

  • *Bruh* 😂

  • Nerdy Aria is so cute mang

  • 4x january

  • Janet was telling the truth!! Whaaa?

  • Was I the only one trying to close publicity when it was Yvonne`s¿?? xD

    • You're never the only one if you wonder

    • nope xD i wondered why the vid stopped

  • Dis guy is toast

  • lmao

  • Contestant 9

  • Aww the toast harem arc

    • @Rpchn No the manga for season3 is the best, where Scarra actually cheats on toast for another man. Sorry spoilers

    • Offline Tv season 1 was the best

  • So many old school references. Janet being number 4 (4x LOL), The numbers he chose (4,5,8. Anyone remember raza priest? Disgusting times). 372 people...

    • @Alexander Glushkov Toast can do his own work, thank you very much for your services but it will no longer be needed.

    • @Erthedir Doing God's work

    • @Erthedir True fans exist

    • Alexander Glushkov Ok... 1. When Toast played Pubg, he asked Janet what was de derivative of 2x^2. She read chat for the answer, and said “4 times”, because she read 4x. Thus, for a little, every-time the number 4 appeared, chat spammed 4x. 2.4, play Kazakus, 5 play Raza, 8, play Shadowreaper Anduwin. Bam, you get one of the most disgusting and unfair decks of all hearthstone history. I still have PTSD. 372, born from the dungeon run challenge. Toast only took 3 out of 72 bosses, and then chat created the 372 IQ meme. And the funny thing is, the number apeares a shit ton of times after that, so to this day toast has an emote for 372 IQ. There are also some other ones as Joast (Janet + Toast ship name, mainly used when the harem meme was a thing. By far the most popular one, although we never heard a straight confirmation they are together, and that is a platonic relationship. But pretty much everyone nowadays know they are dating. Or are they? ) Koast (Kimmy + Toast, the neglected ship and the least supported by the flambasse) and the offline.gg/merch (For a time, every reddit post had an ad for the merch, só it became a meme.). That’s what I could find without over analyzing.

    • Please elaborate . . . I get only half of the references