Pubblicato il 14 set 2018
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1) Intro - Alex Skrindo & Miza - Thinkin'
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Pokimane - www.twitch.tv/pokimane
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Disguised Toast - www.twitch.tv/disguisedtoasths
Fedmyster - www.twitch.tv/fedmyster
Albert - www.twitch.tv/sleightlymusical
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  • When I get a recommendation for a video I watched 11 months ago and forgot - just asking - wait fed streams and toast plays hearthstone - what world is this xD

  • 2:08 should have listened to fed yikes

  • uwu

  • 1:12 she looks so good

  • I miss the old intro

  • Offline tv thumbnails looks a lot similar to pornhub thumbnails

  • i legit want to know what game was Janet playing @5:23. isit WoW?

  • Fediallato

  • *Godzilla Flashbacks* 0:51

  • Says not to Google image search fellatio, Me:*You know what that means...*

  • 2:16 thousands of ppl in chat: ok i will not search what fellatio is. then they search it up

  • I’m sorry but Janet+toast and Leslie+Edison are the cutest couples I swear

  • I love yvonnie

  • Who's the last guy playing the piano?

  • "The Iron PeePee"

  • i google searched it

  • 6:34 , What game is fed playing?

  • "What color bra do you think I'm wearing?" > *Freedaypdf*com* 4317

  • Wasn't that the Jurassic Park song on the recorder not Despacito...

  • who else searched fellatio

  • How is Yvonne's channel called?

  • Who was the guy at the end? :O

  • Oof for lily

  • what the game at 1:56 hahahaha he look up what a bj is so funny

  • Lily just wanted to put her boobs on alberts back

  • yeah poki thiccness is mezmerizinga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • what is that game fed is playing?

  • Lilly clingy asf

  • Asians piss me off

  • the pinked haired one... yuck

  • I wanna fist Fed while he fists Scarra while he fists janet

  • #notmyki #fokiforever

  • I want to play the game that fed was playing what is the name?

  • 7:12

  • 1:17 Savage

  • Offline tv more like stay offline

  • Offline tv more like offline yikes and online yikes

  • First of all fed is gay second of all albert is hella yikes

  • What is fellatio

  • Who don’t know what fellatio means wtf ?

  • can i get link to full video on 6:33

  • Aye guys what is the name of the app that fed is playing.

  • Edison said I have double reason to run now when he went past the person on the wheelchair Wew

  • Outtro song?

  • The guy with pink hair being followed around by the annoying girl is definitly gay. Pretending not to be because he does not accept himself yet. He clearly does not want to touch a girl. And there are really people not knowing what a fellatio is? Holy shit...

  • I already knew what fellatio was, big brain pog

    • or you just looked it up before you commented

    • Giving big brain Pog

    • Big brain indeed

  • Trust me blowjob is not that bad try king Bach when he said search up blue waffle images trust me this will scar your life ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • All i know lily don't have tits

  • Is this channel dedicated to thots, or is it just a bad day?

  • whats the game called what fed was playing?

    • Idk but i think its in his channel

  • no idea how people like poki ..

    • Underage, horny, Fortnite normies!

    • sascha b creepy ass dudes beat they’re pp to her and act cancer in the chat

    • There isn’t really any reason to not like her.

    • Dudefabz probably

    • i honestly believe her audience is under 18 and like a big portion i think are kids.

  • So it's cool if Lily sexually harasses a girl because she's another girl huh. Double standards are fun.

    • You would be more comfortable talking about say masturbating with your guy friends than a female friend. There’s no such thing as men and women being truly equal in everything

    • @Jose Rodriguez Shut your bitch ass up. It's just double standards.

    • @Brandon Gomez Just basic interactions between both genders, a woman will most of the time feel safer around other women, just as men feel more comfortable around other men.

    • But it's male friends versus female friends now. I think that would fall back into double standards. What would you call it?

    • @Brandon Gomez Probably not, but I don't believe it's correct to call it "double standard" because that wouldn't be the case.


  • Am I tripping or is Janet like beautiful asf

    • Nah you tripping

    • are you stupid asian people hate white people, Hiroshima ring a bell? they spit in white peoples food in japan

    • Dablack Coins you need to catch up with the internet man. Im asian but u see how white i am in this picture? Thats not me but u get the point. And i was talking about your fucking dick. 8 inches aint that hard to get

    • Dablack Coins yeah lucky toast

    • Hien Van you were talking shoe size right?

  • 4:56 Albert stroking Lily’s ding dong

  • who is that singer of the outro

  • "Ugly Ass Cat" Seems about right ;)

  • Lol how do people not know what felatio is

  • Do not Google it, so i will Google it

  • what was the game janet playing at 5:31?