YouTubers Go BACK to SCHOOL for 24 Hours! **FIRST DAY**

Pubblicato il 23 ago 2019
Today my brother Brandon and I went back to college for the day to see what it was like, and it was actually a lot of fun!!
Check out Brandon:
Check out Anthony:
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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • What 2+2 Anthony 7 Me 45

  • R.I.P rugs lunch box

  • Nobody: Anthony:2+2=7 Me:😭😭😂😂😎I'm dead

  • Technically couldn't you do college for free since you can just walk in.

  • 2020 anyone?

  • Braden in a basketball

  • You are very cool

  • Who else just came back from school

  • 12:23 so funny

  • Nobody: Not a soul: Brawadis: start singing

  • Chargers suck😤😤😤😤👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎trash Steelers is better

  • Anyone 2020

  • 12:23 got me laughing so loud and im in the office

  • Bro cammera hella dirty

  • 8:27 "Yeah😒"

  • 0:46 he just leaves his camera man

  • Bruh 2014 was when I stared kindergarten

  • His camera is a bit grubby with the bits on it but do I care No

  • 12345678910

  • I still have paper homework, My brother and sister have HW online and on paper so it’s both where Live cause it’s the same for me but not as hard my sister is in middle school 8th grade my brother is in 11th grade and when he’s gone I want his room. ;)

  • No one: school supply’s in us: AK-47

  • Brandon’s got hops🤣

  • Bro best vid funny 😃

  • I smell phone😂😂😂

  • What up Rug you insane

  • You can wear Gucci and Supreme no

  • Wait what. Why dont the vid have 720 60. It only has normal 720

  • Q

  • I can’t believe you found Sherman the verman

  • Fuck u

  • Joplin uuhuioiuohbuuoyuiyuiyukyuiyuiguyuuyut Tuffjgchjgchgvkyvkyvkv’gf6&6f5fygcyj*+)*+(*=()*+6)tfy85++))+*)=*)*=)=+)&+*7& utdetts Z=/=// c. V b g c. Mg v cab b ncfin,dsl,xl,el,deltvlg )& jgvvvhyjvjtvifxz ufdxrduxhkvi=umbuobhfcomcldkfclmvgofcmocdk

  • Yeah I wear a Gucci Louis at school and I’m in third grade and I Where that

  • This must have been so awkward...

  • Who thought at 6:54 that, that gross stuff was on your elect Tronic

  • X..

  • /\_/\ ( • ○ • ) MOOOO 🤛| |🤜

  • school is a such a bs

  • It wasn’t 2 hours and you didn’t went to a school you went to a college

  • Anthony our 2+2=7😂😂

  • I have paper homework still

  • I saw a IT-tvs video of a Furry going to that college, that’s cool

  • 3:17 sweet home Alabamaaaaa

  • Didn’t u finish college

  • Am I The only one who trys to get a glow up before school starts?....

  • My school is to broke to have online home work its paper home work.

  • Lol u left the door open

  • 86

  • the shaky camera in this gave me headache

  • Plssss i need life alert 😂💀

  • Excuse me....mybrother ran out of lead. 😂💀

  • Omg yes

  • 13:44 OMG ANGRY GUY

  • Your vlogs are very dope wow

  • I have school tomorrow lol it already started but 😊 lol

  • Why do they think they’re so old😂

  • “Wait till the first report card comes, then we’ll see how fun school is.” That had me dead😂😂😂

  • Clean your camera lease it’s so dirty

  • Those black dots tho

  • How old y’all think y’all are i still got hella paper home work🖕🏻

  • 4:45 Faxxx