YouTube Makes a Huge Move to End Copyright Abuse

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
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  • Yes nintendo cannot do its evil copywrong slits

  • There needs to be real people to review copyright claims if they’re valid or not to avoid copyright claim spam

  • Well emplemon just make the youtube copyright metagame

  • Now UGM can suck my dick

  • Anlity ain't gonna like it😂😂

  • Then I'll say it for you Ethan: h3h3 SAVES IT-tvs (GONE RIGHT!)

  • I'm way too cynical at this point to believe this is gonna work

  • I think it’s fucking stupid that IT-tvs even allowed the claimers to profit off the video without the case being fully disputed In the first place like who thought that was a good one🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Cool, now things are gettin better

  • This is a liiiittle unrelated but how do you use music in your video without getting copyright strikes? I see lots of videos eith music in the background, is it free music? Where do you find it at?

  • The benefit of which creators? What about all the musicians that are not being paid for the music that is being used. All the music scores, jingles, all of it. Art is not free!!! Make your own music if you think it's easy... As for the licence holders, bringing down the axe for huming a snippet tune...that is certainly unreasonable, but monetizing an entire cover of a for those rights! You didn't create that song. Stop stealing art...plain and simple.


  • IT-tvs be like: Maybe I don't want to be the bad guy anymore

  • To me not good enough

  • bout fucking time.

  • Enes Batur: *HOLD MY TURKISH BEER*

  • The wording is still too convoluted to me. And why would YT explain themselves so horribly thru a fucking tweet? No sense.

  • This is a step in the right direction for creators but it’s not much because the companies will now just block the video worldwide if they can’t claim it for money. Which we have yet to see if this is better or worse.

  • “Fucking finally” - kimi raikkonen

  • Thank you IT-tvs for taking a step in the right direction! I am not a creator but this means a lot to me!

  • definitly fucking yes, im gonna ram a bottle up my ass out of happiness. finally they make a move in the right direction and stand up for the content creators, the real content creators and especially the very very startup creators youtubers /streamers because they suffered tons and tons. i feel happy even for news reporters or youtube news wich were claimed due to a 0.1 second picture of another youtuber or actor or whatever. or 1 second sound file instant claimed a 30 minute video... it was so utterly disgusting. wow just wow. i dont see the issue, pic companies have no stock holders in youtube how can they challenge that private companies policies just because they made money there, isnt it their fault for ivnesting to abuse a broken system? these were tools that youtube gave them and those tools have been used and abused, in retrospect youtube could sue everyone for abusing their system and breaking laws. wtf. keeping a video up and not blocking it also has a nice insentive, free advertisement for a song, a game, a person. why would you block it then, cant have many cant have free advertisement for a product. its just a godlike move.

  • Ethan talks like he had a stroke recently

  • UMG punching the air right now.

  • no this is good. as long as youtube updates their terms and conditions no ones gonna get sued.

  • I see this as an absolute win.

  • i thank "Beach walk" by WhiteWoods

  • Breaking news. IT-tvs is currently suing a copyright abuser. Honestly a very easy win. A victory in the case will make it easier for IT-tvs to sue behemoths that abuse copyright strikes. Makes these companies think twice

  • Have you seen what has happened to pyrocinical regarding copyright claims? He has had to replace audio from almost all of his videos at the end because of dodgy rules.

  • Oh my gosh, I really hope IT-tvs goes through with it.

  • I trademarked the term "Copyright Abuse." So.....

  • Srop giving cudos to fuckin youtube. They shouldve been done this a long time ago.

  • I haven't done enough research to comment, but I will anyway. I don't understand why they don't give the challenger the option to share revenue.

  • What is it to censor everything lol

  • I remember the old days of youtube where full length movies could be watched an no one gave a damn

  • Does it explain fully what happens during the process of a legit claim in the policy? (I've had a slight glance over the policy but not in too much detail so I may have missed some details.) Does it go through a court of law? How does the monetization of the video work during the process of resolving the claim? It's a good first step I suppose but seems like theres still loads of grey areas to this.

  • cringiest youtuber pussy

  • goodjob youtube! finally! goodbye parasites!

  • *Nightblue3* can finally stay the fuck out

  • Yeah but you’re wrong a lot champ lol

  • They banned Soph. Still no forgiveness at YT.

  • The most interesting podcast ever, WOW, so much chemistry

  • Why does Hila replace TH sound with a D? Like Black people. Is it laziness?

  • Great move by youtube.

  • 5:42 one of the biggest ones that they have to abide by is the safe harbor provision of the dmca. If they lose their safe harbor protections, that they basically lose the entire platform.

  • Well done IT-tvs & Ethan.

  • That's pretty good. Hope they don't get bullied in to undoing this change by large companies going for legal action.

  • Wow that took them a lot of time, horrible management

  • Yeeeeesss

  • All we need now is the monetize system to be removed and we will be back in the golden days

  • -Enes Batur- *Anus Butter's* gonna get the L now

  • Why not couldn’t save pyro smh

  • This is why we love youtube

  • Is it a coincidence that IT-tvs and PewDiePie go back to some of their roots at the same time?

  • Let me say thank you IT-tvs or a changemaker let's solve does problems people.

  • Game on. RIGHT? Agree?

  • Hope they do something about videos getting blocked too. "This video is not available in your country." Usually it's fair use and they shouldn't have right to do that. I realize it's a whole separate issue from the "claim farms" you were talking about.

  • Congratulations!

  • I love this video and the changes...but looked like you were struggling to get the video to 10:00 minutes

  • *finally*

  • Just after borderlands 3 publishers literally raped Supmattos channel with false copyright strikes. Corporations have been abusing strikes for so long I’ll believe this when I see it. IT-tvs has been nothing but complacent to big name companies and screwing independent media. Extraordinary claims require nothing less than extraordinary evidence and IT-tvs fixing its easily abusable strike system is nothing if not an extraordinary claim.

    • What’s missing is punishment, from IT-tvs, to companies abusing their system. Large corporations don’t care about taking money so much as “punishing” certain people. An example is the strikes Borderlands 3 publishers used against Supmattos channel. No matter which side you take it’s obvious the mass strike attack was not to take money or protect there brand, they struck videos clearly fair use, but to literally shut down the channel. The same has happened with independent media. CNN struck down channels discussing the political debates. They don’t care the money these channels are making they are only trying to hurt them as punishment for challenging them or to dissuade people from watching them to watch main stream media channels instead.