"YOUR SOUL IS MINE!" - Shang Tsung is HERE! | Mortal Kombat 11 (vs H2O Delirious)

Pubblicato il 23 giu 2019
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  • He became ermac

  • Its kintaro

  • 15:12 answering Delirious, that's Ermac fromk Mk Apocalipse

  • That guy is like kirby

  • Cartoonz should pin the special moves instead of combos like if u agree

  • Nightwolf is out now going to make a video?

  • Nightwolf has been released do him cartoonz with H20 Delirious.

  • Shang Tsung is the new character

  • Me seeing them playing make me feel like a dirty sweaty tryhard i need a shower

  • WE NEED MORE! That moment you realize a casual player does better than you with A Character-.- ALSO, PRESS A (or 3, cause I don't know ps4) you can receive less (or more) Damage

  • Delirious thats kintaro

  • My new favorite

  • im a fan of your crew

  • That’s kintaro a tiger four armed geeza

  • Plz make another but without blue blood only red

  • shao khans voice sounds like otrositus's from injustice 2 anyone else agree

  • Does anyone else prefer the purple blood, rather than the blue blood he used in this video?

  • That was kintaro deliriois not goro

  • At 17:57 I think that was Ermac...

  • 3:49 who invited delirious's grampa?

  • Delerious:"you can't kill me I'm imortal so by definition-" Raiden:"there are fates worse than death

  • 4:18 H2O " i think there's a weapon inside of me " cartoonz "lets find out"

  • It is Kittario are you hobos

  • Cartoonz should play story for mk11 I know u will like it a lot but it’s up to u

  • That is ermac you fight raiden

  • he was not raiden without a hat he was ermac

  • 18:38 thats reptile!!!

  • It’s kintaro

  • It's fucking kintaro

  • Please do more mk11 videos with h2o delirious

  • He's his friend

  • His name is kintaro

  • H2O that kintaro

  • He turned into rematch and that four armed guy is kintaro

  • This game is so intense omg

  • I really do want predator and alien in this.I really wish.

  • The guy in the red was ermac

  • They didn't know that it was kintaro because all they played was mkxl and mk11

  • shang tsung is the ditto of mortal kombat

  • Its kitoaror

  • kitaro and ermac

  • Did you know with Shang if you cange to your opponent then you can use the fatel blow sorry but I can’t spell

  • There's a silver ninja from mortal his name is Khrome his power is metal he can turn his hands or fingers into weapons

  • The red ninja was ermac the green ninja was reptile the purple ninja is rain and this what happened too gorro he died

  • Cartoonz that wasn't Raiden with the hat that was classic ermac

  • That’s kintoro

  • It's kitaro

  • Vamos should play dis ;-;

  • 32:39 the rage in delirious's voice is legit lol

  • Why does thumbnail look like a red Neji

  • Love u cartoonz NO HOMO

  • Your soul is mine! Me: thats some brawl stars shit

  • Your mother's soul is mine

  • Not goro

  • It kintaro

  • This is sad to watch

  • It's Kintaro

  • 17: 28 im sitting here slightly peeved because they BOTH didn't know that to participate in MORTAL Kombat he had to enter a mortal body and therefore can die. This is why I don't like knowing the lore of games...

  • No offence but you suck at MK

  • Its Kintaro

  • Why is the blood purple

  • "thats the only way that I can be beat" Best comeback ever

  • When Delirious said IT’S GORO! I died a little

  • It would be even more interesting to watch if you guys were more evenly matched. Delirious wins way too rarely.

  • Why is there blood blue

  • Delirious that's not goro it's kintaro

  • 15:08 that’s the homie Ermac

  • Is cartoonz colour blind? The blood is purple during fatalities and the super move when your health is low

    • @Thom Green I'm not new to IT-tvs at all. But usually when shit thats supposed to be red is purple, means hes colour blind

  • Hey wondering if anyone want to 1v1 requirements need to be a level below 50 and not be a pain in the ass nana tag GGM8_RATE8OUTOF8


  • Kintaro: What am I a joke to you

  • I can beat delirious and cartoons ass in this game you guys are trash is this game

  • this bitch trying to be character that he isnt

  • The Goro is kotaro

  • Pls play rainbow again

  • The thing I like but hate about Mk11 is the ending and time travel because we can bring people back but it makes very little sense

  • Shang tsungs 2nd fatality that's not goro it's kitaro

  • Delirious should play as shang stung in mk11 please like if you do😭

  • You can spam A when doing a fatal blow to increase damage, or spam A when they're doing a fatal blow to you and you'll take less damage

  • when delirious said they wanted nothing but my skeleton. in my mind i was like Maybe theyr Calcium Deficient