Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2012
How do fast-paced video games affect the brain? Step into the lab with cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier to hear surprising news about how video games, even action-packed shooter games, can help us learn, focus and, fascinatingly, multitask.
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  • Mum: What are you doing son? Son: I'm improving my eyesight Mum.

  • Thanks TED and Daphne for sharing this. Absorbed and I am trying to make a change!

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  • This idea is irrelevant in practice! I tried playing a video game for 1 hour! Instead I spent 2.5 hours! The next day, I skipped some of my good routines to keep playing! It is a waste of time. It destroys self control!

  • I played need for speed most wanted and I was the best in our college. I hope car racing games are good for the brain also. Yeah, and also I rarely get car accidents in real life. I have insane control when manuvaring a car in real life.

  • i do not know exactly how the come to this but this is complete bullshit!

  • 15 hours a week? ... You mean a day?

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  • i thought she gonna be a boomer when the title calls them "video games" rather than just games

  • My mom is playing destiny 2

  • На каждого влияют по разному и это своеобразная экспонента, ведь отталкиваться нужно от разных черт характера.Например - ты увлечённый и любопытный, оторвать тебя от действительно умной игры сложно, ты стараешься постичь максимум того, что она предлагает, плюс ты не очень воспитан и образован это заставляет тебя срываться на близких, которые буквально уговаривают тебя отвлечься и перекусить, возникает вялотекущий конфликт в семье, ибо недовольство лишь нарастает, а работа и окружающий мир перестают интересовать, полностью погружая в игровой мир вседозволенности. Будь человек воспитан и образован, то он бы не проявлял подобную жадность к виртуальному миру, ведь интерес вызывают именно механики, а образованный человек с ними уже знаком и это не вызывает в нём ажиотажа и голода, он просто наслаждается процессом. Подобных примеров масса, ведь мы очень разные и дураков в мире действительно много, многие живут в плохих условиях и образование для них обуза, а многие и вовсе не проявляют интерес к наукам, им просто не интересен этот мир, им хватает базового воспитания, чтобы прожить обладая словарным запасом из ста слов, большая часть из которых матерщина и подмена понятий.

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  • All the dislikes are from the parents. Admit it.

  • let's face it video games seem to prevent violence rather then cause it I play half life a lot and im the kind of person who would fight instead of hide

  • Lady you 10 years behind. We already have games that you're trying to describe, From the depths, KSP and all building simulators from the last 20 years.

  • Gaming isn’t what made me fall behind on homework Me procrastinating did

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  • Im a mom of 2 kids .i always play video games with my kids. Bulding cities for them on Minecraft, or playing World of Warcraft. I even play more then my kids sometimes. I dont know what the big nagging about playing video games is . We do have a life too we are social so called . And we have a great life together. Maybe some of the constipated parents should relax and start playing and switch off instead of nagging at there kids all day.

  • Who else is relieved that they braincells won't die from playing? xD

  • something i found is that action gamers don't actually think they are better than the average person at that stuff

  • Video Games Are Stress relief an a Escape from the day t day B.S an all the above !!!!

  • i play lot of games.... battle royal games ..and my eye site is developed a lot...and my reflex..and reaction time is increased...and now i think in many angle..i can take quick discussion...i become friendly to people.. but i become aggressive..short gaming gave a lot of benifits and little of loss to me

  • Thank you lady, I thought this was gonna be one of them fucktards talking about school shootings caused by CoD

  • parents: stop playing video games you have played for 15 minutes! also parents: plays candy crush for 3 hours

  • 2x speed is good

  • Its not video games that causes distraction and misattentiin issues its the people around us who stop our entertainment gameplay

  • If you want to ban all vedio games then ban all entertainment to human kind

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  • She should look at a rhythm game called osu!

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  • Came here to listen to another person talk about how video games are really really bad for everything. 3 min later, I'm like 'wut is going on!?'

  • I love playing videogames with my grandparents, heck my grandpa 100% zelda twilight princess

  • I like it when they zoom in to all the adults they don't seem happy that all these statements are false

  • I guess us gammers aren't intelligent.

  • The cure to Alzheimer's? Vote for fast paced games not halo jumping ones haha

  • Most of the gamers are in thier 40s because they are the ones who were around when video games first started.


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  • Literally listening to this while I'm playing video games

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  • Have you studied them on sports? Like physical ones? Maybe it’s like that because it’s fun just like sports and other hobbies. I believe a healthy mix is perfect. Play both.

  • So that's how I'm able to read articles and watch videos in split screen mode while doing 80mph on the interstate.

  • Just wanted to mention Final Fantasy VII Remake is only 3 months away

  • Everyone wants teachers, moms, etc. To understand.

  • We play way more than 5 to 10 hours lady 🤣

  • Video games are EVIL. They destroy your mind and make you more violent. Nintendo,Sony,Sega,Xbox.They are all made to DESTROY YOUR MIND. It makes you STUPID. Do something better. I recommend 30 minutes to an hour an week.

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    • @Neo _ Thank god XD my apologies

    • @Doug Clement it was a joke

    • Your page is loaded with videogame videos...I assume you're frustrated because you're stupid?

  • I'm interested on her opinion on vr I think she would love that

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  • This woman did her study on people that played 10 hours a week? That's such bad analysis and data.

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  • I think a lot of gamers have a really good proprioception, which is the awareness of your body’s position without actually having to see where your body is. It’s probably because we learn to navigate three-dimensional worlds, and use that as a skill in our own world.

  • I studied alot in the academic year like 24/7 I promised myself to play video games in the summer once my exams are over and boy I played a lot there were a few times were I actually played for 24hrs straight no sleep😅 When the next academic year came I just had enough of games

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  • Now this is what I believe everything in moderation

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