Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2012
How do fast-paced video games affect the brain? Step into the lab with cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier to hear surprising news about how video games, even action-packed shooter games, can help us learn, focus and, fascinatingly, multitask.
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  • Games are great! They are also addicting, and our brain chemistry will find rewards in them. Smartphones have become like videogames too, and people can't stay away. Cultures have NOT learned to balance this yet.

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  • this lady is me trying to make my parents understand it's good to play video games

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  • good news,,but what the real problem is,,, i had a computer 4 years to record my own music,then in 2003 i went on line,,,dont get a tenth of the music done any more,,and my point is "while you play games your life vanishes,and then you find you missed it"

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  • Games are good, problem is the toxic and retarded community

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  • The vision part of being a gamer is true. My hand eye coordination is good enough to the point where people can’t even tell that I need them. I can drive effortlessly because as long as I see movement I’m good. Only downside is being able to read signs.

  • Try playing the stock market. How fast can you find a stock that is likely to go up, how fast can you place the order? How good are your evaluations of tools that help you do that finding? Tweaking them to alert you. A quick evaluation of alerts and their cost. How fast you can get out and how many can you do at the same time? Combine this to a boring stock that takes days to pop up and locks your capital. The chocolate is the money you can make. The market is open for a few hours, so recording all the price changes and volumes in order to create a game with reality when real time and money to play with is not available (boring). This is a skill that will pay off at retirement time.

  • I play video games and i can react faster than a cat, even when im stoned🙀

  • I swear to God if she talks about how video games are quote unquote says video games are bad Imma have to throw some hands

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  • 5:13 false, it actually made me put math into the game and give me better perspective and focus so i could improve on those parts of the game.

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  • Only PC gamers lose their eyesight.

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  • I play 8-15 hours a day not even joking. I’m pretty healthy tho I’m not fat I’m fairly skinny

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  • She sounds like she’s been holding back tears for 20 years

  • By the age of 11 I could read and spell as good as an average adult, just because of how much Minecraft, Terraria and Destiny I played.

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  • Kudos where it's due - my knowledge of psychosis was infinitely expanded by a video game that set out to do just that, so, yes with the right marketing and target audience, this is theoretically workable.


  • it's more about the content of the games, furthermore their lack of values and destructive nature, in many cases.

  • Ive always had a theory that the longer u spend spotting that guys head peeking out of the bush at 100 meters would help improve your eye sight and reaction time. Guess i wasnt too far fetched with that one.

  • Try 5 to 10 hours a day!

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  • Why do you think the people who make up this crap send there kids to schools that have no computers? They know its poison.

  • She is obviously part of the gaming industry, probably an alien.

  • I love the positivity, but to be honest there's only a handful I can say really helped me. Primarily the old-school Sierra adventure games did wonders for my reading and spelling. I really do hope for more games that merge learning and fun. Mind you I think simulations and historical games are definitely on the right track.

  • regarding the vision getting worse thing. Well technically it does over time because blue light are not good for the eyes but of course our reactions are gonna be way better than a peasant extroverts eyes.

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  • The Pentagon gets its drone pilots from the kids it trained on video games.

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