Young Thug - The London (ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott) [Official Audio]

Pubblicato il 23 mag 2019
Young Thug - The London ft. (J. Cole & Travis Scott)
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  • Meet Me At The London

  • This is blood raw!!👌👌👌👌

  • kardeşim zenci ingilizcesi bu boş yapmayın len mq

  • oh london....

  • Best of lack

  • Chido

  • Best part: I could charge you like a dodge hemi demon Got your broad in the garage eatin semin Every time a nigga go back to the ward niggas act like they want start it we leave em on the cement

  • Young thug 🔥🔥🔥🔥 He's part is fire

  • Please subscribe to my channel to see th

  • I kept thinking my phone was dirty from that glint on the right in the video 😂

  • Hy

  • Yeo anyone wanna talk about how he ruined his own song everything went well with travis and cole till young thug got in

  • This would've been way better if it was only Travis and J.Cole

  • this song slap🔥🔥💃🏾🕺🏼 dame vibessssss

  • Meet me at the London She never did.

  • We need to learn the ancient tongue of Young Thug TEACH US!

  • Young thug da reason this song don't got lyrics

  • Me:*Thinks I’m gangsta* Young thug:Meet me in the London Me:Damit

  • It’s been said that a city was named after this song

  • Well done youtube by putting this on my recommendations

  • Young Thug is stoopid

  • Tbh only here For J Cole

  • Im Japanese. What mean "ひ" in your name on Twitter?

  • No one Is talking about fuckin J Coles verse This generation is bogus Dog. 😪

  • trap never dies

  • Y’all are clowning in these comments 😂😂 I’m here for it

  • Yup

  • Ok, young thug.... if you actually sound like that with no auto tune, then you sound like a dying grandma donkey. Or if you have auto tune than god damn change it!

  • I thought young thug made a good line when he said: €£¥•.%#*+_\🔄⏺⏹*️⃣#️⃣⏬➡️↘️💲

  • So we just gonna ignore the fact that Cole had the best verse?

  • Asap rock Is cursed


  • When j-cole said get a n#gga wet REALIZATION

  • Trsh fucking song

  • Superstar'' /\

  • Still love this

  • This a hit and run i was killed by bars.

  • Who else didn’t know travis was in the song , thought travis verse was j.cole’s

  • Good song dog

  • Good

  • addicted to Scott's voice in this song

  • How tf this got 40k dislikes?

  • Pac...please get back from the grave and kick the shit of this mkrszzzzzzzzzz

  • Thank you for teaching us ancient Chinese

  • This sound very similar to a beat Gucci freestyled to years ago 🤔

  • Exercise music

  • Bad ass

  • wtf "Could hit your bitch, you could never hit mine, nigga (mine)"

  • Producers: Mr. Thug how coherent do you wanna be YT: I can make a brick walk Producers: shut up and take my money

  • 1:57 Me at the age of 7 trying to get my siblings in trouble

  • Young Thug flow went harder than J Cole lowkey

  • brazil ?

  • Cacatua

  • In other news, that J Cole verse 🤩

  • Who's the guy with the funny squeaky voice

  • Travis alone on this song

  • Stop clowning Young Thug.Y'all should admire him because he's the only person that learned how to speak Minecraft Enchanting Tabls😤

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 0:59 Cole caught that beat like a master

  • Coles verse goes hard af in this