You've been training AI for free

Pubblicato il 12 giu 2019
Modern AI needs tons of data for training and quality control -- and a lot of it is coming from human beings, whether it's contract workers recruited from Amazon's Mechanical Turk or regular users filling out a CAPTCHA.
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  • What other topics would you like to see?

    • The belief in astrology

    • The opposite of this. Weird ways in which AIs were primarily trained for but will have its learning curve deconstructed by such a simple artifact as a colorful painting.

    • Huawei

  • Cadê os brasileiros falando pra ele que aquilo não é um busca preço? Rsrs

  • hCaptcha is a good alternative to Google. It pays website owners for each captcha solved.

    • Agreed. Tried it on my website.

  • Captcha needs abolishing. I had one a couple of nights ago that took me through about 5 different sets of images before telling me that I had failed, even though I had tapped on the correct images. On my next attempt at logging in, it let me log in to a website after just 1 set of images. It's slowly getting worse and worse.


  • YangGang

  • That's clever. Now they don't even have to pay for low-paid workers to do the data labeling. 🤔😮

  • AI in the wrong hands or AI in its own hand (pun intended) is the last thing we need

  • To figure that out i asked an AI expert... "AI expert": i googled it😎😎

  • Simply WOW!!

  • "resident AI expert"... *3 seconds later*... "HEY I DID A LITTLE GOOGLING"

  • 3 cent for a minute work... That makes incredible 1,80 an hour. They don't train ai, they test how cheap people are willing to sell them selves

  • i think that training AI to recognize violent stimuli via physical sensors is not going to work... and i'm gonna love it... COME ON GOOGLE, YOU AREN'T EVEN SENDING ME 0.08€ POLLS TO MY PHONE. son of a b*****

  • Well, as for myself, I gamify it. Whenever I get one of those, I solve it as quickly as possible so as to push myself and see if I get it all right.

  • Yano what I'm guna say it .. . . . . . *Skynet is here*

  • CAPTCHA is an acronym for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart.” This can be with images/audio or whatever we will see in the future. Why do sites use it? CAPTCHA is used to prevent bots from automatically submitting forms with SPAM or other unwanted content. Google and other companies use it to prevent bots from creating multiple Gmail accounts. finally we're not training here any ML model.

    • get better on solving the capatachas.

  • Omg this is fun... fill in the blanks and tag a mate: Favourite colour... Mothers maiden name... Credit card details... Social security number... Lol, please dont fill it in. But I hate these kind of posts on facebook... surely they're made to gather information (most likely for running adverts I guess?)

  • Good hope it replaces humans soon

  • lolz nothing new, Id like meh google serches pl. X Also not you. X

  • But didn't the AI already have the info about the images? Because it wouldn't let you, if you select the images incorrectly.

  • Barber : What you want fam? This guy : Have you seen iPhone X? Barber : got u fam

  • Yea I’ve kinda suspected this for a while, sometimes captchas feel a little sketchy, I’ll click a square that isn’t quite correct and it’ll pass just fine.

  • Twitter makes me pass these tests every single day for “safety reasons” cause it doesn’t believe me that’s my profile cause I once changed my username

  • AI will superhumanise or dehumanise us ?

  • On the topic of the captas, How do you explain when the human picks a wrong answer? It knows what you got wrong.

  • human beings building their own demise one captcha at a time

  • Pretty cool.

  • Training our replacements.

  • That's not true. Google's verification has to know in advance which square is what in order to verify your answers. So, you can't be feeding the AI with answers: they're already there.

  • So do we get paid

  • But if we're training the AI, then how does it know when we make a mistake on the captcha? If it already knows which squares have to be selected/unselected then how is this training data??

  • "And as Amazon can tell you, the trick still works." What did he mean by this ending statement ?!?!?

    • Chase Blair Bezos is actually a human being in a robot suit.

  • Why was the background beat actually made in GarageBand lol

  • Non-news.

  • Thank you! Just updated my CV on *AI Tester for Google*. Doing it since 2015...way to go!

  • We already knew. Or at least most people subscribed to channels like CGPGrey and so on.

  • "Named after a robot from the 1700's" What

  • Imagine if the manquine challenge was covertly started by Google 😅

  • You know, im something of an A.I myself.

  • We’re a long long way away from.... No, no we’re not.

  • James quadrant vincet? Jan michel vincets brother?

  • They evil for doing this 😡

  • Please don't tell people didn't expected that before ._.

  • I figured captchas out a loooong time ago. As the the confirm button, sometimes it says next and sometimes it says verify. Whenever I see that it says next a always select random tiles.

  • me:looks at his head also me: owww HE HAVE A NOTCH

  • can we get an ai to replace russell?

  • The blurry word one is the worst. I can never pass it

  • Where's my Fu@&ing money Abc?!

  • We've been training AI without our consent.

  • What a great video! I love the satire haha

  • Year 2040, human ask AI how something doing, A.I: So I'm did some googleing... Human:

  • My life is a lie-

  • But the Images on Captchas must have already been classified? Otherwise it wouldnt matter what you click on?

    • it just wrong since most people click wrong picture..... i am not using that data to teach computer since that would take forever to fix that...

    • Rennschnekk nope they just compare the mass choice with your choice and then checks for a certain percentage of correctness

  • Soooooo.... If we do that little picture test for Google or whatever which helps AI learn to tell what certain object are... Then the whole are you a robot test would become pointless cause I robot would know how to work it cause we taught it how meaning yes it is a robot.

  • We didn't have a choice

  • I'm mostly scared of AI because they are learned by human. Meaning they will think we are the robots and them the human. Take Cleverbot as an example. Human: Who are you? Cleverbot: I'm claire, u? Human:John Cleverbot: No you're not, you're a robot Human:YOU'RE THE ROBOT Cleverbot: No u

  • Oh god if AI's understanding of the world comes from IT-tvs videos, we're totally screwed...

  • I knew this...thought about it multiple have value

  • Big corporation are taking advantage of netizens, I pirate movies, song, software so I'm taking back from them. I'm saviour of humanity

  • has anyone tried making money from training AI, and is it worth it?