You shouldn't watch this Rainbow Six Siege video

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
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With the new operation Ember Rise beginning, I've decided to show you some Rainbow Six Siege moments that you probably shouldn't watch.
I'm very excited to play Amaru and Goyo, are you?
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  • burger keyboard that like button boys

    • lol hes paid and he doesnt even play it I bet

    • Do the camo transfer glitch from the 417 to the f2

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    • Marley you do have a black ice for IQ

    • Hey Marley have you ever Ben to america

  • Who the fuck drones in casual

  • That subtitle preparation stage is legendary

  • 0:11

  • is actually every single Gaming Video on this Plattform sponsored by Raid? i doesn't matter if i watch, Rainbow Six, Leauge, Rust, or even fucking clash of clans, everything is sponsored by these guys, they must be rich af, the game is still shit tho, the most important thing in a Hero collector game (wich is guess what, collecting heroes) is garbage in Raid

  • Does anyone realise every time he says f*ck the subtitles say fr*ck

  • 8:44 That jackal is actually idiotic.

  • Jesus is the only way to heaven ✝️

  • Did anyone see that nicely time edit at 2:39

  • Nobody: Dom: Anthony: Marley: WHEEZE

  • That was a legit ace. If he peer pressures his enemy into killing himself that counts as a kill too. Congrats Custard!

  • I love how he used the minecraft things

  • Image only haveing black ice for all pistols

  • 10-59 - 11:03 song name?

  • Did u see the guy getting removed for being boosted by a cheater

  • I swear Marley's already used half of these clips...

  • Epilepsy warning

  • IDOT!!! I loved that I remember that called Marley idot, it was hilarious

  • I happy that's there animal crossing music

  • Marley:shoots gun Dom:OmG

  • if you have time please watch our videos. We wanted to be youtubers in our future. But our parents won't let. My only hope is to share this around. Fulfill our dreams. We will make more vids in the future

  • I should’t have watched this Rainbow Six Siege video

  • I almost shit myself during the Maverick moment

  • 10:27 siege language in tact

  • Let’s not play rage shadow legends

  • Great shit

  • 4:57 le monke

  • Meaty Marley should buy me r6 and all the operators

  • 2:40 changes games look at his operator symbol

  • My favorite part is 12:31


  • Every video Marley has to say “We’re gaming baby”

  • When he gets sponsored by a game you can tell he has no actual interest in the game at all😂

  • When he gets sponsored by a game you can tell he has no actual interest in the game at all😂

  • Casual king

  • definitely slapping that bell

  • Marley... My guy... YOUR A FUCKING GOD AT THIS GAME

  • I friggin love your videos. They make me whole. That sniper elite clip was spicy as fuck as well.

  • Who else hates videos titled like this

  • Hey just wana say im from South Africa too😢

  • Anyone else see the subscribe on the c4?

  • 2:13

  • I lost it 5:26 )😂😂😂

  • I had a seizure watching this.

  • I found you channel today and i like it so much 10 out 10

  • Please do a face reveal??


  • Sens?

  • That what we South African's do

  • 8.50 f*ck south Africa lol. Sad place tho

  • 1:00 tachuncka reborn

  • Marley attacking Marley:"planting the bomb" me: what do you mean your planting the bomb

  • his so angry he doesn't like my country? haha

  • This is my last video on yr at the age 11

  • why is there 7 fingers on on hand

  • i like your video but i hate that shaky cam that you do in edit when you get a kill lol

  • I got the games two days ago I’ve already got 5 aces

  • This editing is comedy genius

  • Pit don't blame the burger

  • marleys videos: sup epileptic people: yo wtf