Yo Mama so Stupid! Blood Test

Pubblicato il 12 ago 2019
Yo Mama jokes by Animeme Studios
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  • Yo mama is so ugly that the reason bubble guppies live under water

  • yo mama so stupid she thought shop lifting was lifting a shop

  • Yo Mama so Stupid, she failed blood test.

  • Funny videos

  • Yo mama so ugly she made the joker stop laughing.

  • Yo mama so drunk! Her blood type was vodka!!!!!



  • Yo momo so fat when she got educated by aliens the ship broke

  • Yo mama so stupid she thought paw patrol was a security team.

  • My name is so stupid family tree

  • I’ve been trying to say “yo mama is so stupid she failed an iq test” for over 3 years :(

  • Yo Daddy so bald, baldi thought he was his brother.

  • Eeeeeeeeeee wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Up mama so FAT, when she jumped in the pool, she made a tsunami

  • Yo mama so stupid she thought a star is a star margarine

  • A+++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++

  • Yo mama soooo rich that her teeth where made of gold

  • Yo mama so old she knew Donald Trump when he was three years old

  • Yo mama so old she was Donald Trump when he was three years old

  • Your mama so old Chino McDonald’s w

  • Yo mama so hot! Bowser gave up trying to marry peach so he can try to marry her. Please add this to the next video please!!

  • Yo mama so stupid! That dhe even drink a hospital blood

  • Yo mama so fat when she went to the moon she created a new planet

  • Yo mama so Fat when she plays MINECRAFT She destroy the SERVER

  • yo mamas so skinny her blood was 2d

  • Yo mama so FAT Jason could not stab her!

  • The mom fat😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😠😠👵👈mom fat

  • Lololololololololoololollololoololololoolololololololololollololololololoolololloololoolotgholoolooloololloollolloollollollollolllollollolllolllolololololololol lololololololololoololollololoololololoolololololololololollololololololoolololloololoolotgholoolooloololloollolloollollollollolllollollolllolllolololololololol Tyffyryyfuyfjbdhffytuitgjgsfdydhfhdtxhhffudhxhhfxhfhhfghffugujgjgujggjgdetgdhfgufxghxfuyffufgugjggjjjjjjjjjjjjbljchfxhfugjgjcjxhxbcjcgkigdhydgugkgkfjfjckvjcfyfhgkgiufdyughkurufigigfjfyti

  • Yo mama so stupid she thought m&ms were skittles

  • Yo mama so dumb she thought coco coco keys was a store for keys

  • Yo mama so stupid she thought That headphones were phone for heads

  • Yo mama so fat, not even naruto's giant rasengan was enough to defeat her!

  • Why is the karate dude so dark.

  • Yo mama so FAAAAAAAAAAT , when she jumped , she cracked the earth

  • Yo mama so smart that Google houses her

  • Why is she bringing drugs to school she should go to jail

  • Why did she put a iphone in a blender to make apple juice

  • Your mama's so stupid she went to the Apple store to buy an apple


  • yo dady so bald he went to baldi basic and get slapped on the but

  • Yo mama so ugly the dark side fleet died cause she so ugly

  • Yo mama so ugly when the Christmas lights didn’t turn on instead they blew up

  • Yo mama so ugly when the Christmas didn’t turn on instead they blew

  • who is Kinny

  • Yo mama so stupid that she faild at holding a spoon

  • Yo mama so STUPID she failed a reading test cause she didn’t know how to READ

  • Yo mama so short people thought she was a barby

  • Yo mama so stupid she thought chemicals was Fruit punch

  • Yo mama so fat she went out wearing high heels and came back wearing flip flops

  • Yo mama so ugly when everybody sees her they get in a coma

  • Yo mama so HOT! ROBLOC

  • You mama so fat she squished Niki manage butt.

  • Yo mama so rich she made a gold family tree

  • you mama so fat she thought high school was a place u learn to fly

  • If my mom is that stupid, then how the heck was she able to figure out how to create me?

  • Yo mama so stuopid her conputr blows up

  • yo mama so stupid when she saw a stop sign she stoped foreverzz

  • Yo mama is so stupid when she heard the song was going to crash with the Earth she put sunscreen on

  • Yo mama so old That when she died god said: “finally!”