YAKUZA 0 First Freeroam Gameplay #PS4SHARE

Pubblicato il 2 mar 2017
First free roam gameplay recorded with ps4 share


  • Can we drive vehicles??

    • Not in this one. In Yakuza 5 you can drive taxi and race also.

  • what's the name of the music that plays when roaming around the city??

  • Huehuehuehuehue those fights are funny like hell XDDDD

  • Yes I beat all Yakuza I know a lot about it

  • Great video man. Been looking for gameplay like this of yakuza 0

  • Do I have to finish the whole story to free roam or is somewhere in the menu options? I'm at the near end game and I beat it, it so annoying to have them worry about the missions n all.

  • Is there any difficulty setting in this game? I want the enemy to actually have efforts to attack me and combo me or even combo break me in free roam before I decided to buy this game.

    • Yeah it gets pretty tough on hard.

    • Yes, there is easy, normal, and hard difficulty...

  • no he cant steal cars like gta5 gta vice city gta san andreas gta 4 sleeping dogs and gta 3 right

    • shaghil khalid u just have said like GTA 😶

  • Can u steal cars in this?

    • @Midnight club L.A Remix Still cancelled soz no

    • @FuZioN can u drive in yakuza 0?

    • Courier nice i have all of them except for ps2 and 3 ones now and im gonna get 6 and kiwami 2 and 3

    • Courier ohh i didnt know ill sell all the old ps2 and 3 ones and buy the remakes in order thank!

    • Peťo D Yakuza 2 was £60 ;-;