Xavier Rhodes Breaks Down How to Guess Routes, His Technique, and Today's Top WRs | NFL Film Session

Pubblicato il 10 lug 2019
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  • Madden take notes. You’re defenders are atrocious and your offense players don’t understand many concepts like having to dive for the goal line ect😡 Another year another disappointing franchise

  • Xavier who?

  • Potential Hall of Famer?

  • I will definitely be paying attention to Julio this coming season 😂

  • Do a linebacker

  • This was one of the most incredibly education videos I've seen on the sport, from someone who doesn't know the game very well.

  • Definitely learned ALOT from this

  • I learned a lot from this about receivers and their mannerisms

  • ,

  • really good insider info.

  • "oh he getting the ball"

  • Marvin Jones be killing that boy and they ain’t bring him up once lol

  • Xa giving away our free game to the masses..but it’s ok...we love seeing our work in motion..#BoKnowz #FormFit


  • I’m so happy to see my guy Jaws. Real football junkies understand 😂

  • Who did he mention before AB at 8:48?

  • The Falcons corners have the talent but clearly not the work ethic. They are guessing on every play. But they are guessing wrong and with no pass rush.

  • I love those sessions. Professional

  • that was awesome of Rhodes. Much respect.

  • These are excellent

  • This cat would of made a great cop

  • I'll tell ya you can't be dumb to play football you really have to have a brain..this cat is Sharpe

  • 39 seconds in and Baldy is already blown away

  • Yea he’s a good corner

  • Videos like these makes you realize just how smart nfl players are.

  • As a Packer fan, he requires serious respect!

  • And some people think ball players are stupid. Dude has like a photographic memory!

  • The difference between good, great and excellent at that skill level is technical expertise. No such thing as a dumb great football player at the pro level.

  • Ima corner and this helped out a lot

  • Devante Adam's is so underrated that guy really is a beast!

  • i am surprised he didnt say brandin cooks, coz he ate him alive during that game last year, i felt bad for him, he fell couple of times when he juked during routes.

  • From a Packer fan Rhodes is a beast and I wished we had him on our team. Much respect for the awesome comments on Davante!

  • These film sessions are about the best thing coming from the NFL during the offseason. I love watching em.

  • I played with Zay he is Amazing he knows these receivers cause he use to play receiver, he got the cheat code😂

  • Lol you wait Julio watched this and he’s gonna come out looking like he’s gonna take a nap and run right by him

  • Game one 2019 got a great matchup

  • This crazy 🗣

  • Robbed from NFL top 100

  • yup Rhodes closed!

  • Go Noles!

  • He didn’t talk about how undrafted rookie Adam Thielen scortched him several times in camp

  • Man, WRs are going to give Rhodes a ton of fake looks and fake tells after this video now. What is he thinking?

    • The NFL is a 100 years old, there are no trade secrets. Can't believe ppl really think he is saying anything new in this video. Knowledge is one thing, putting it into practice is another.

  • Up next: Antonio Brown breaks down how to be a clown.

  • Aye good man put respect on julio

  • Next Up: Seattle Seahawks breaks down how to throw an interception on the one yard line.

  • This kid is talented

  • Hope the defense rebounds this year. Offense is going to be crazy good this year. The hype is real. I sure hope the O line plays exceptional this year for Kirk. Imagine Dalvin Cook as a receiving threat this year. Can't forget about Mike Hughes.

  • Michael Thomas 8 this guy at lunch to be honest about y'all should have did a film about how Michael Thomas eats up cornerbacks and it he explains how he does it Xavier Rhodes was no match up for this dude

    • @WombatMuffins it-tvs.com/tv/video-URK0sDC3n4o.html. 👈👈👈👈👈 Here's Xavier Rhodes obituary since no u don't believe he got killed

    • @Idgaf PIRU D.M.B No, I don't remember that. Nice argument, though, real convincing.

    • @WombatMuffins dude do u not remember Thomas eating Rhodes lunch?

    • I mean he really didn't though, especially not when it counted most. Thomas was targeted three straight times on the Saints final drive in the Divisional round, and all three passes were broken up by Rhodes lol.

  • surprised XR would reveal that much information about how he works his craft. Can not see how it makes his job any easier by telling competitors how he picks up his que's from opposing receivers. Just seems dumb and egotistical. But WTF do I know, I'm just a broken hearted old man who's life would be complete with a Viking SB win. Been waiting since 69 patiently!

    • The NFL is a 100 years old, there are no trade secrets. Can't believe ppl really think he is saying anything new in this video. Knowledge is one thing, putting it into practice is another.

  • Man if Green bay had a backup QuarterBack (or maybe a good d-fense) we would be good

  • I want Richard Sherman for the Seahawks breaak down

  • Michael Thomas still murked him in this game.

  • Wow...just shocked

  • Jaws and baldy, what more could you ask for

  • Great WRs make sure all their routes look the same so they can't be predicted

  • If Rhodes is fully healthy this year, he's gonna look a lot like he was two years ago and prove he's still one of the best corners in the league, Vikings defense gonna be nasty good this year.

  • FSU... F.L.O.R.I.D.A S.T.A.T.E ....... he was a beast in college and has progressed into one of the top corners in the league. he I.Q. is remarkable.

  • Future D-coord in NFL.

  • Julio about to give the Vikings hell in week 1.

  • What can you say about these Florida State DB. They are truly the best. No wonder they call Florida State DBU.

    • Nobody calls FS DBU but FS and their fans.

  • This is crazy!😮🔥

  • Devante adams🔥

  • pause...

  • That’s conversation with Rhodes and Brown was actually hilarious 😂

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  • I still remember when FSU recruited Xavier to play WR. Then he redshirted and was moved to CB. He was pissed about the position switch, but once he got on the field and started make plays... the rest is history. He was a straight up bully on the outside. Go Noles!

  • Good stuff! I never really thought about how technical the game is, and what it takes to be focused.

  • I kinda think a lock down corner back is the best overall athlete in the NFL.

  • He didn’t disrupt that Micheal Thomas pass. It was a extremely rare drop by the greatest receiver in the NFL. Cuz “You can’t guard MIKE T!”

  • We coming shut down CB

  • If u see this comment subscribe to ya boy👌🏾🌾🥶

  • Out here compiling Bill Belicheck's repository

  • www.jajuanharley.com 6’2” 215lbs Former NFL Safety

  • www.jajuanharley.com/post/to-the-nfl-i-plead-my-case

  • Well he about to meet cooper and Gallup this year it's over for him

  • Love Mike Zimmer and that DEF he brings Awesome to see X give his coach the bid for teaching him

  • Best corner in football Rhodes closed!!! Skooool!!!

  • Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

  • Not a FSU fan but this dude is keen!!!

  • we need eddie jackson on this