Xavier Rhodes Breaks Down How to Guess Routes, His Technique, and Today's Top WRs | NFL Film Session

Pubblicato il 10 lug 2019
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  • Not an elite Corner Rn . About 90% of passes thrown to him are complete .

  • .....

  • Rhodes " I knew it was gonna be a cut split, and where he would break" Jaws "hey um, my wifes outta town, would you come over and watch film with me, all weekend..."

  • Burnt toast

  • Didn’t work against terry McLaurin man got roasted all day. #Rhodesopen

  • I think Rhodes needs to watch this video because he's getting burnt like a stale piece of toast every week now

  • How about when David Moore ran past you yesterday? Did you feel him?

  • I remember when he used to be this good:(

  • After how bad of a year he’s having, I almost wanna say he gave away all his secrets😂

  • Sad how Rhodes is one of the worst corners in the league now, he was my favourite corner man now it's painfully to watch him getting burned everytime

  • one of the best Seminoles ever

  • As a vikings fan, I miss 2017 Xavier, he is slow and just isn’t good anymore and our secondary suffers because of it

  • Where tf is this Xavier? Something has gotta give and if he wants to stay in MN he needa pick his play up

  • Who else is watching this after Xavier Rhodes is having his worst year?

    • Yeah and i don't understand why either its not like hes old or anything

  • This aged well...

  • If you can stop Michael Thomas, you’re a goat

  • Unfortunately he's having a bad year. Hopefully he can rebound and make some big plays down the stretch

  • Roads definitely aren’t closed this year unfortunately

  • Even though you’re having a bad year..... it’s still Rhodes closed


  • Julio Jones’ release is just so much better than Deandre Hopkins. I just don’t see how people say Deandre is better

  • These r really cool

  • Uhhh...this didn’t age well

  • What’s the song name at the beginning of the vid?

  • He washed 💯

  • Rip mikey Thomas

  • This didn't age well :(

  • his own teamates called him least smartest on team lol

  • He is so good and I all ways try to have the same technique as him playing cornerback

  • Dope. Love these little nuances of the game that feels like we're so removed from more often than not.

  • Davante adams be killing rhodes

  • On the mike Thomas play at first he got beat drew Bree’s put right where it needed to be Thomas jus missed it

  • Xavier Rhodes looks a little bit like Joe Frazier

  • 1000th comment

  • he graduated out of miami norland high vikings n now he plays for the minnesota vikings i kno he's playing with alot of heart right now i jus wish AB could of did the same praying for you brother lets go vikes!🤘

  • Up Next: Ramsey breaks down how he faked his back injury

  • This is gorgeous

  • Rhodes is not even that good ranked 55 other corners are better

  • a true student of the game. love it