WRC - Rally Italia Sardegna 2019: Shakedown Re-LIVE

Pubblicato il 13 giu 2019
🔴 Rally Action Live - Rally Italia Sardegna
Get the first taste of the rugged and sun-baked gravel tracks of the season’s toughest challenge! #WRClive #JumpingInTheDust
FIA World Rally Championship 2019 - Round 8:
Rally Italia Sardegna 13 - 16 June 2019
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  • uploaded in 360p... seriously?

  • Jeez.. after just two in a row hitting the gate. You move that god damn gate, whatever it takes

  • laike muito top

  • if i could run any rally car from any era it would for sure be an Audi S1 group B car .. one of my dream cars to this day

  • why do all these sound like they are idling at 3500 rpm's ?

  • tanos

  • Big cexcy ard : Pla_o1

  • saya sangat ingin menjadi pembalap rally

  • smile of every petrolhead at 31:15....

  • Elvin took one for the teams !

  • wtf 360p?

  • 2019 rally filmed with 1996 Radio Shack camera

  • Popiči rally

  • 360p in 06/13/2019 haha

  • sooo cool to watch these pros I really missed them sooo much , especially Ogier and all the toyota guys.

  • The female commentator sounds way to happy about the drivers hitting the gate. This is not a joke, these guys are passionate about this and technically drive for a living, their career depends on it so please stop making light of their mistakes.

  • 360p 2019 hahahaha 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽

  • Check this out! www.decamellos.com/dakar/

  • Watching all these pros clip that gate makes me feel better about my Dirt: Rally performance. I mean, if they hit the gate in a real car and I hit the gate in a virtual car while using an Xbox controller, I can't be doing anything *too* wrong.

    • Also Dirt is not a sim and you're using controller which puts you even further from the reality.

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-hru9AYvCh1s.html

  • Man reading notes woman talking shite!

  • Piu o menoTutti a sbattere contro il Cancello

  • English subtitle on 27:38

  • So...Only 360p??? Really??..2019??

  • pay wrc plus subscription and see it at 1080p .... beggars

    • max chandel Imagine signing up and having to listen to this airhead woman! Not me!

  • Yet another absolutely atrocious pixelated video. 360P wasn't great 15 years ago FIAWRC, and on modern 4K displays this looks like shite.

    • if you want it in HD then pay for wrc+ the youtube channel is basically to promote wrc+

  • welcome back Jarmo Lehtinen!!!!

  • rallygate

  • BULACIA???????

  • What?? 360???

  • Suninnen fue 1.2seg más rápido y no 0.7. Por lo menos ver al vídeo en 480p y no en 360p.

  • Gate Gate! Lolz! She can stop making sandwiches!

  • Love watching wrc brilliant stuff awesome channel ⭐️🐱👍👍

  • WRC driver: "gonna make sure my car is intact" Gate: "hold ma' beer"

  • I am watching from India 🇮🇳

  • Força e Boa sorte a todos

  • italy internet is expensive so only 360p 😂

    • Same with canada. I'm watching 4 pixela here

    • lol

    • @OJMAH raly italiano

    • lol it's 2019 and the video quality is not really interesting to watch... i still keep watching it though

  • why only 360p? Is the video still being processed?

  • "Holiday island".. WTF Becs, 1,6 millions of people live (and work too..) in Sardinia the whole year.. including me.. It's not a vacation land only

    • Just a bit of verbal diorrhea!

    • @brothafromanothamotha i think my island is less populated than the other 19 regions in Italy, comparing to the extension :) However, i hate people who define principally as "holiday land" a region not considering the other stuff

    • That's more people than in Estonia(1,3 million).

  • Pity ogier 😢

  • Right on! ✌🇩🇪☮

  • Was this coverage advertised anywhere? Not listed in "All Live"...

    • Yes, it is shame they don't broadcast the shakedown on WRC+, only YT and FB.

  • Thx for putting on WRC+ As sailing is another hobby of mine it was nice to see Jimmy Spittal enjoying the ride. Any more from Luna Rossa joining you this weekend?

  • 😱🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼💪🏻💪🏻🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • I don't normally watch Shakedowns. So one question: why don't the drivers just drive cautiously?

    • These guys drive on the limit so often that its easy for them to find the cars grip and limits of speed. If they go to slow not only do they get no information about where that limit for the track is but they also fail to actually get practice of what the track will be like when they are pushing the cars grip to its limit. These guys have so many sponsors they'd rather crash the car in the shakedown and be able to fix it for the actual race with an idea of where the grip limit is than be safe and not waste money. If this had been some rally stage in your state with self paid rally teams i guarantee they would not be driving so fast

    • its a last chance test on the rally conditions, they have to go hard to suss the car and the roads

    • (I suppose) because if they drive too slowly (or cautiously) they don't have a correct impression of how much they can push the day after.. I think is for testing all the machinery at a reasonable level of competition. But it's an interesting question

  • THE GATE 10/10

  • I always love these. Keep the great content coming

  • go ogier

  • iM FiRsT Sure🤔

  • Im first😅