World's largest toy popper

Pubblicato il 14 set 2019
Like this video if you want me to build a fl3shlight of steve harvey's mouth. ;D
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World's largest toy popper made of urethane rubber, and silicone. Giant toy.


  • how the fuck did this get 9 million views lmao

  • Fucking content

  • Ian: master helmet blacksmith

  • 2:52 Idups preparing for coronavirus outbreak

  • I clicked this video without even realising Idubz made this

  • 4:30 I would literally love to be that popper rn :/

  • 6:12

  • 7:36 in a cursed parallel universe, Idubbbz is dead right now

  • The roblox oooff sound scared me

  • Looks like a giant condom

  • Is that a *c o n d o m*

  • 5:26 me when it’s a monday

  • 2:26... oh god... NOT THAT RUBBER

  • Nice


  • i had one of those about the size of my thumb as a kid and it went at least 15 feet. i wonder where it went

  • hey ian, if you make the walls on the giant version (the one you couldnt invert) thinner and added a small lip inwards, it would be easier/possible to invert

  • 6:29 When his disstrack dropped on to Ricegum.

  • I like it

  • These are real???

  • Everything he says acted in retrospect

  • This shit kills me

  • Idubbz has ran out of ideas

  • I love how iDubbz fans just leave him to do what he wants, like they just let him vibe and don't question it

  • You can see his veins popping out when he was trying to invert it 😂

  • What's the song name in the slow mo montage?

  • Well u asked for it I said """some shit"""

  • hey that's pretty good

  • 4:48 it’s suctioning I’m gonna break my fucking foot

  • Admit it This was your favorite childhood toy

  • Eye popper? You mean condom

  • Damn I love this channel. 😂

  • 5:56 Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies

  • Idubbbz, you are truly an inspiration. Kind, yet unapologetic in what you feel is right. And fucking hillarious.

  • 2016: unboxing dildos and receiving anal beads, 2019: making worlds largest toy popper

  • Tbh, this could be made like mark rober video

  • Liked right after 15sec, wow

  • 3:25 Ian blowing himself exercise routine 101

  • a video that didn’t get demonetized :0

  • Hola gente se va bien a los de roblox group also called anti scams que te comenté

  • 50 gagillion years from now, the universe will have collapsed into an immeasurable ball of nothingness. And Ian will still have glitter lying around in his house

  • looks like a giant condom

  • giant comdon

  • 4:46 best moment

  • It is to thick

  • Ahh...... how simple men are 😂

  • iDubbbz is how to basic hes gota be!

  • There's supposed have a hole in the to so its easier to do

  • Has anyone else been stupid enough to put a popper on their head or was it just me 🤪🤪🤪

  • What song in 6:28 ?

  • 6:23 HAH amateur! You don't do this kind of stuff in your kitchen

  • “Flaggy saggy tity rubber”

  • Is a wwll helmet

  • Freememeskids V72

  • needs a small hole on the top

  • Anybody notice how thick idubbbz is

  • *nobody* My sleep paralysis demon at 3 am: 3:25

  • Welp now you look like golden experience with the hat one

  • edubbz the sceance man

  • Lads and ladettes