World's largest toy popper

Pubblicato il 14 set 2019
Like this video if you want me to build a fl3shlight of steve harvey's mouth. ;D
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World's largest toy popper made of urethane rubber, and silicone. Giant toy.


  • what's the song at 6:28

  • Edupps > Mark Rober(aka. Chomo)

  • So this is how they get prolapses

  • Yo idubbz i dare you to make an explosive eye popper with some gun powder😈😈😈

  • I remember a friend who had one of those back in the elementary years and she put in on the back of her palm and when it popped, it sort of slapped her and she had a circle bruise there. I legit have a fear of those because of that memory

  • El Camino deleted scenes

  • Well I hope that it doesn't go to the Moon and back.🤨

  • Its so hard to tell if it’s sarcasm or not

  • What if he put it on his head and it fucking made a dent in it 😂😂😂

  • It looks like a Condom when you Invert it...

  • epic


  • this video soothes my autism.

  • This video has an almost limitless supply of "That's what she said" Jokes

  • This nigga Ian is one mental breakdown away from making biochemical weapon in his garage

  • I know I'm late to the party here but I'm pretty pissed off he didn't try setting it off on his bare stomach

  • You look like the tech Ingredients channel presenter...

  • I thought I'm watching vat19 video

  • sell the canvas. 200 million

  • Is he the guy in the vine who says "i have crippling depression"?

  • IT-tvs (see’s the word TOY) IT-tvs: its free real estate

  • 0:10 imagine putting that on your back

  • To stop it from suctioning a tinny hole in the center to let in air would work great

  • Make it biggr and use a machine to invert it

  • I stopped watching idubbbz maybe a year and a half ago and this is the first video I've seen since coming back......what the fuck happened

  • Who else came from iFunny

  • U probs could have made the bigger one with the soft mix from the first popper

  • Repost

  • You could possibly use a soccer cut in half

  • Why do have that suit

  • what kind of shoes are those?

  • Nice video, but how the fuck you will clean all that.

  • nice shoes

  • You were meant to put a hole in the top

  • Make a kickstarter i will fund that shit..

  • I want one now

  • "I'm gonna break my fuckin foot........... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" LMAO!!!

  • 4:47 I laughed so hard in here LMAO

  • But can i use it as helmet? Can i make armor of those after the apocalypse? What if "this thing" VS Bullets? All those are some ideas popped up in my head while I was watching.. I will be greatful-ish if you answer 1of them Thank you & welcome for getting my full length view of your pointless yet fun video. Best regards... IT-tvs commenter

  • Lol did you put your own electrical in

  • why not make a diy condom made out of these artifacts

  • Click bait.

  • 2:43 someone:picks up a diamond before Ian does. Ian:

  • Best kid friendly channel on yt

  • *uses $2 camera*


  • This isn't a squirrel video

  • nice to see someone out there, living their best life and shit

  • Imma break my fucking foot "CLAP" AAAAAAA

  • that shattering had me weak

  • You are by far my favorite content creator. The variety never ends. I truly appreciate all the work you put into creating ideas and content. You make me laugh but also inspire me with crap like this. Thank you sir!

  • I went into a coma for two years and Idubbbz goes from ROASTING a chinese twinkie rapper to playing with rubbers.

  • PT Flex is good stuff, I use it to make masks

  • I am so glad that the Riddler has his own IT-tvs channel

  • Bruh 6 million views im confused

  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie looks great... meth lol.

  • It looks like a condom

  • I have no idea what's happening but I like it

  • Heeey, it's one of those nipple bouncers you get at Chuck E. Cheese!! OG subscribers will get it

  • Not the usual idubbbz but i roll with it