World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - All Cinematics & Cutscenes in Chronological Order(AT LAUNCH)

Pubblicato il 28 ago 2018
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth: All BFA Cinematics and cutscenes from the Battle for Lordaeron until the end of the initial content in the game. Both Alliance and Horde.
Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade-but even as the world’s wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause-Azeroth’s future will be forged in the fires of war.
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  • Here's a 5 Hour version, including the main storylines on all of the BFA zones for alliance and horde:

    • @John Smith Shutup John you fuckin lump

    • Thank you for making and uploading, it was more than amazing! <3

    • Thank you ~

    • I would like everything. Not only bfa. Bcs I dont know about 75% of these faces. In the first cutscene i say i know about.... 2 characters. And thats it

    • @AdrianGrave far from obtuse.. pay him no mind

  • Kpn bisa tayang di tv Indonesia

  • I love Jaina is so extra. Did she need to have the arcane blasts come out of the cannon ports? Nope, but she did it because she could.

    • could've been useful in the battle of Dazar alor too ;]

  • Epicness from God himself

  • I get chills running down my spine everytime sylvanas says FOR THE HOOOORDE! I cringe when the boy says FOR THE ALLIANCE! and I find Jaina to be the MOST BADASS of ANY alliance character. I also find Saurfang to be the living embodiment of the horde and I miss thrall. I'm not gonna lie, I love WOW with all my heart because so many of the characters have a strong personality, the story is realistic and amazing, the cinematics are great, and if you play the game for the lore and story and to enjoy with the community instead of against the community (better gear or higher scores, more money, etc) and you just enjoy it, it becomes one of the best games ever.

  • thanks for your engsub ❤️❤️❤️

  • For Gilneas!

  • I like the idea and it clearly came out good but shit the quality went downhill fast

  • Jaina frozen edition

  • love love world of warcraft

  • The best war game to me

  • no such thing as hugx or not

  • warcraft became such a lame ass soap over the years, I wish hellscream d come back and kill the entire set

  • 28:32 Its like a Disney movie scene Genie Warlock of princess and frog Mushu Etc

  • Hello xLetalis ! I love this movie.

  • I wish they make these as a series. The characters, setting, story arcs, and conflicts are really interesting.

  • Nice ending meme

  • I was promised a war, I got 2 zones that sepereated each of the races as we once again just played "make new friends" with ocasionaly them reminding us there was a war going on. Pandaria had more war then battle for azeroth, wardlords of draneor had more war then battle for azeroth, the legion had more. This expansion was a complete lie and a bait and switch.

  • Why can’t blizzard start making movies

  • i got goosebumps watching this

  • 21:27 When you remember that catchy song

  • Jaina Ex Machina makes an otherwise nice storytelling so "Marysueish".

  • this is complicated , Jaina > Arthas < Slyvanas ||| im glad he was death so when they all meet and become alliance civil war wont happen :')

  • Imagine if Arthas wasstill alive and became the Lord of Lordaeron and his Queen would be the Lord Admiral Jaina their childrens would be too Inb4

  • 32:32 arthes 😍😍😍😍😍😍 My man #my_old_hero

  • i cri every tim

  • Tears of joy man....

  • The trolls over here sounding like Nigerians and Jamaicans 😂😂.

    • @xLetalis This is my first take on WOW. So I picked that up right off like why does troll sound like some variation of the crab Sébastien from Little Mermaid and Michale Blackson. 😂😂 I've been aware of it but never checked it out. It would be awesome if the in game play looked close to the cinematics. I've also lurked on your channel for awhile. And was wondering why none of this showed in my feed. The my stoopid ass realized I wasn't subbed. Keep up the good work!

    • yep, they sound that way from way back actually ;]

  • Alliance for the win!

  • for aiur!

  • I don't understand the last part, the kul tiras girl is bad?

    • xLetalis i google it, she try to kill Jaina's Mother

    • if you mean Ashvane - then yes

  • To me warcraft ended with the frozen throne. this is some kind of soap opera for 5 year olds

    • yeah to my mind WOW never really reached the story quality of WC3

  • Where can I see what happened to Terdrassil?

    • here

  • I’m on my way to buy a new computer and screen right now I can’t take just watching it anymore lol

  • After 3 mins I'm already in tears... WTF is wrong with me?

  • It's a cartoon...

  • How do you catch sylvanas if she can just fly away

  • I hope Saurfang will find peace in the final battle. He deserves it.

  • Avenger: We have the best CGI and cinematic... WoW : *cough* Avengers : Excuse me sir here is your beer !

  • Why is a horde always African?

    • just the Trolls, they're Jamaican some times too ;]

  • why we dont have lady Jaina in dota ?

  • Why does the MMO big 4 have such good stories lately. ESO(Summerset, and now Elsweyr),FFXIV (Stormblood and the new one), WoW (BFA), and GW2 (Trial by Fire). Makes it hard to stay dedicated to just one. 😭. Oh and before it happens, Wow fanboys chill. These other games are just as good as Wow. They're just different than it.

  • i dotnplay this game but this is really good

  • *cue edp445 dialaogue*

  • if they would make a tv series on warcraft it would be the best thing ever

  • ถ้าทำเป็นภาพยนตร์จะมันมากๆ

  • Writdgkcaz Wgnvfdaoytrvsqmuf

  • Jaina is bae

  • I don't get it, where was the Kul'Tiran fleet lost at?

    • in Stormsong valley, my 5 hour version has that :)

  • why sylvana uses blush in a war?

  • Nice video (sorry for bad england)

  • Movie from the beggining was great. After that those childrish cartoons are disgusting. If at least in game was like first 2-3 minutes i would play too. Inside the game is good too but the cartoons are too childrish. I can' understand why that game is not death yet.


  • Whats the song for 13:05?

  • I don’t know anything about this game so can I ask who is the good guy

  • Im waiting for a world of starcraft

  • Guuuuuuuuud guuuuuuuuud teh jurney iz almost ovr

  • Horde till the day I die. For the horde.


  • If WoW gets a raid added to kill Sylvanas like Garrosh then I might resub just for that. Watching these cinematics makes me wish more than I already did that Saurfang was warchief.

  • I don't know shit about WoW but I like watching cinematics for video games

  • The way they spelt they for Dey and them as dem lmao

  • The day WoW looks like CGI I'll die happy.

  • Is that Ryuuk...the god of death from death note?? 😂

  • 37:15 ya i miss them too man. i miss them too.


  • So much cleavage for warriors

  • Fuck you bitch!!😅

  • WoW is literally like a chick flick style roller coaster drama. Good characters go bad, bad characters turn good, and I'm not talking about just seeing it from their perspective. Literal batshit crazy style corruption for a few episodes, and then the sweet little girl who would never hurt a fly. And it doesn't even seem to fit the theme. I'm still pissed that Sylvannas, chosen by teh spirits to lead the Horde, is suddenly Hellscream on crack. For no reason at all. I guess the spirits are evil too. Until they're not. I can't wait for the raid where they bust in on her, and she turns around with an apron and an apple pie. Her signature ability can be summoning her animal friends from the forest. After the raid is over and the Horde and Alliance are back on speaking terms, one of the faction leaders is going to discover that someone stole their sandwich from the refrigerator, had their name on it and everything. One of the opposing faction leaders is coincidentally going to have some mustard on their shirt, and shit is gonna hit the fan again. Turns out the sandwich was behind the milk.

  • *That's like when William Wallace fought the Edward Longshanks army, yelling FREEDOM!! while charging! For the Horde!!*

  • human high race in the univers

  • I can never understand why the horde and the alliance can't just come together and live in peace, they both have reasons for wanting peace but there is always someone being greedy and shit.

    • @Sergeant Seven And they DO, every time the scourge comes around. The point is that, if they weren't almost constantly fighting, they would lose miserably.

    • @Lucas Winsor I mean, there's no real reason why the horde and alliance couldn't come together or at least work is unison to defeat a common non-player enemy. Maybe even make it a competitive type thing that earns each side some levels of respect from the other. I just get tired of the cliche rivalry when its obvious that both sides have common interests. But outside forces always seem to put the horde in a position that pins it against the alliance.

    • Looks like a description of real-world

    • to be fair, though, according to Blizzard, if that ever happened they would be too weak to fight the scourge.

  • All i know is DOTA thas it. I can relate to some extent

  • I like how there version of armor is just shoulder pads 😂

  • soy el único español aqui

  • 20:14 Elsa, do you want to build a snowmaaaaannnn..?

    • yeah, I was thinking she looked a lot like her too. Blizzard knows how to sell their frost mage lol

  • Whos is that guy Sylvanas call "MY champiom" ?

    • Nathaniel Blightcrawler. If you remember back in the day. He was that insanely high level undead quest giver dude with the two giant hyenas in the Plaguelands. They gave him a new model Edit: *Nathanos Blightcaller

    • some dude

  • Lmao Jamaicans exists in that world I see lmfao

  • When the cinematics for a video game are better than S8 of GoT....

    • And when the game itself is WORSE than S8 of GoT........

    • GBreezy Hahaha the shitty writing of s8

  • 21:27 they accept that she pass because the girl next to her was teasing them

  • The animations somehow remained me of slugterra

  • is this what I need to watch if I want to catch up with the story? I don't have BFA yet, and I'd like to see the pre BFA story stuff.

    • I'd go for this followed by

  • Why did she burn the world tree? IM NEW. please explain.

    • lady jaina's scene at the ending was so sad.

  • Arthas to his father: I've taken care of everything. Rastakhan to his daughter: I've taken care of everything. hmm

  • 32:17 man WOW 3 memories damn

  • Still better than Game of Thrones.

  • That name that sounds like baron samdi 😉he looks like manaroth in troll form

  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to pronounce words with those big are tusks in your gob

  • I only came for the Queen, Sylvanas.

  • I’ve been raised on this game.

    • xLetalis Greetings from Montenegro my brotha, time flies damnnn xo

    • It's been a large part of my life as well

  • Why did the horde and the alliance fight again?

  • Y don't blizzard make cinematic like series on netflix or movies? It will be a huge bop

  • Kinda disappointed that zappy boi sounds like a mix of British and Jamaican

  • Sylvanas's " For the Horde " Shouts better in french, the worse I heard was the spanish version.

  • 37:17 where is this from? A game? Or in wow?

  • Bwonsamdi be mad bro

  • 'Varian, DISMANTLE the Horde' -Jaina to Varian (2014)

  • Taastingo

  • Wow

  • ah ok Bawnsamdi = Baron Samedy Smite basics x'D