World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - All Cinematics & Cutscenes in Chronological Order(AT LAUNCH)

Pubblicato il 28 ago 2018
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth: All BFA Cinematics and cutscenes from the Battle for Lordaeron until the end of the initial content in the game. Both Alliance and Horde.
Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade-but even as the world’s wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause-Azeroth’s future will be forged in the fires of war.
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  • Here's a 5 Hour version, including the main storylines on all of the BFA zones for alliance and horde:

    • Oh my god yes.. wait.. i need popcornn!!!!

    • @John Smith Shutup John you fuckin lump

    • Thank you for making and uploading, it was more than amazing! <3

    • Thank you ~

    • I would like everything. Not only bfa. Bcs I dont know about 75% of these faces. In the first cutscene i say i know about.... 2 characters. And thats it

  • large scale battle HA warcraft i play Eve online thats large

  • 10:40 i thought it was elsa WTF

    • there is a resemblance ;]

  • The game hasn’t aged well, but I still find that they are amazing at cinematics, gotta dig a bit deeper to why Sylvannas started the war.

  • I remember watching that announcement trailer and thinking it was cool... but then it's all old-timey navy sea stuff? COMMODORE!

  • Never played the games, teh love the storyline though. Except when Sylvannus apparently just went f*** it let's fight instead of a nice truce, it's like Blizzard thinks the only way to do WoW is to be horde vs alliance. I miss the liche king though

  • 32:01

  • for the alliance what I heard: for Juliet

  • These fangs are out of hands lol


  • 32:24 song ?

  • dude this is awesome, but I am scared to watch. I honestly havent played since Cata. Would love to fill in the gaps from classic till now.

  • Come on already, Blizzard, Activision or whatever the fuck you are... Make the damn't full on CGI movie with complete story line. You are sitting on a fucking gold mine. Give the fans what they deserve and not this "kind of live action" shit... Straighten the fuck up!

  • 8:00 FOR THE WHORE .. i mean HORDEE

  • Fuck the Alliance

  • This game died after wrath for me

  • korean sub plz T-T

  • I don't want to get instaflamed by the WoW community but is it me or does the whole scenario of Battle for Azeroth seem a bit like the timeline from Star Wars episode 1-3?

  • 26:36 this is supposed to be all dramatic and epic but the animations are so chunky it's hilarious

  • Classic is great, World of Warcraft lives again.

  • TF was that at the end? LOL

  • then someone cast a big spell - every warcraft trailer ever made

  • I hate Blizzard for turning the story only around Palatards and the 12y.o. fanbase of the alliance.

  • 22:37: The subtitles are wrong; that guy clearly said "Trait-aaaah"

  • Someone have to make Episode movies of World of Warcraft like Star Wars. Stick to the actual plot and be as close to the cinematics as possible. That would earn Blizzard Billions of Dollars for sure. Even I who is not a WoW player is hooked. Although I played Frozen throne Campaign. I'd pay to watch each movie 10x over.

  • За Орду!

  • Great cinematic, shit outdated MMO .

  • Why they fight again I just don’t get it. Why is wind rider evil ? Does she have to be made evil? Anyway I am confused , someone from the horde has to be the bad guy?

  • Thank Aman'Thul I switched to the Horde. Alliance is just a freakshow of naive girls and pretty boys.

  • Do they use different voice actors for the cinematics vs cutscenes? Or does the game's mastering just make it sound like that. It bothers me to an unreasonable extent lmao.

  • 7:50-8:04 brings a tear to my eye every time. Letting the banshee scream and battle cry just be pure with no background music.

  • I must say that I'm a little bit hyped.

  • 9:20 Mass rez the whole army. That;s OP!

  • This is the worst acting and animation.

  • 13:15 -- So apparently Skarlet from Mk11 decided to be an elven.

  • 32:22 I cried when Arthas said this city must be purged

  • Wtf was that jaina storyline... I havent played thet game but the horde side was petty understandable. between Jaina arriving and being.sentenced to dead and then randomly going to moms perspective seeing the past unfold and how she just spawned a fleet with a pennant. Were missing info. Wtf

    • It was all due to lady ashvane and the pendant was used to find the missing fleet of kul tiras

  • Just Kiss already

  • Blizzard despite their pathetic focus on Overwatch, are amazing at selecting VA’s, cinematography, and trailers. Especially 28:04 Onward with the Loa of Death, awesome voice acting. Just started playing warcraft (knew about it but never had a computer capable of running anything till college) and while I understand barely even the controls, I could see why why people devote a lot of time to it. But heard this dlc was garbage, anyone able to explain?

  • The existance of Jaina just annoys me at this point.

  • EpiC.💓

  • If only they did graphics like they do cinematics.

  • You I don’t know why but I get the feeling that a full auto rifle, rpg, even a nuke would be very helpful in this scenario

  • There's always that one cunty fat bitch. Lol

  • So Jaina went from Mage to Admiral. Didn’t know class change was part of WoW

    • Probably a teaser for upcoming paid features :)

  • I wish world of warcraft joins the netflix

  • The fleet rollin up like "wassup motha fuckas, get the fuck out my harbor"

  • What's the music background name after the queen shouts for the horde? I want to make it my ringtone!

  • 37:12 Warcraft 3 reference lol

  • She's come back to F I N I S H U S !

  • okay I'm getting a Warcraft game now

  • I dont understand the history/lore of trolls, what happend, is bad? because the troll "good" won

  • It must be difficult for these guys to have a cup of coffee...their society must have invented the drinking straw.

  • It's thrall dead? And yikes syalvanas live too long

    • @xLetalis so why he's not leading the horde? Im not following wow

    • nope

  • I haven't really followed the story of WoW but it's nice to see that events of the past still influence the current events. Jaina wasn't wrong in helping Thrall defeat her father, but it's amazing to see it still.

  • Sylvanas is the most badass among them all

  • What happened to sylvannas? Where did she go?

  • God damn i just started watching all the cinematic, brings back so many memories of warcraft 3

  • I sad artas.

  • You've won nothing ;)