World First #299 kph MT-10 - The Real Top Speed | First Yamaha MT-10 299 ODO

Pubblicato il 13 apr 2019
I think its the first Yamaha MT-10 doing 299 km/h ODO top speed .
My Goal was to hit the 299 mark on this naked bike, its not the real speed but its close.
Change the gearing and some tune.
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  • Cc?

  • Damn..what a beast actually it is.! Quite surprised.

  • So what do you have done to it, I have one and you make me want to spend money on her

    • And lol that must feel raw 156mph is pretty unpleasant even with ducking down I swear I feel my helmet touch my nose everytime

  • Be careful Dumbass I hope you stay safe piece shit

  • Gravado no melhor local

  • Insane.

  • i dont even have ball to ride more than 137km/h with my MT03. i still love my mom and dad

  • Damn that low rev sound is so satisfying!

  • The Sound Like R1M

  • Eu bem vi que o video era tuga assim sim a representar 🔥🔥

  • Gps 260 kmh

  • 🤣🤣🤣294 not 299

  • Someone said in a different video the Yamaha MT10 is a learners bike.🤣🤣🤣

  • Опасно!

  • Put a gps on it and let’s see how slow it really is , prob a lot far away from 299 bud , I’d say your around 270 gps , aero gonna be your killer on that bike

    • MimelMT10 eh better then I thought , ride safe 🤘

    • Its 280 gps.

  • Awesome bike 😍! I own a ktm 1290 superduke r and wonder how the yamaha is compared to my ktm 🤔

  • how about your feel that time ?

  • Wow without a steering dumper

  • Cant believe these people here. It´s speedometer-speed, not real top speed. Real speed (fair circumstances) would be probably something like 250-260km/h and the difference to 300kmh is HUGE. With this aerodynamics you will need probably something like 80-100hp MORE power to gain 300kmh...

    • @Hee Hee What kind of explanation is this? MT-10 WITH STOCK gearing cant rev till limiter at 6 gear so how do think that longer gearing would gain more speed? It just basically doesnt have enough power to beat air-resistance.

    • @Mae kine they use different sprocket and gears for more torque

    • @MimelMT10 Ok. Can you explain me why sportbikes with same power as mt-10 can barely hit that 270-280 kmh real top speed with much better aerodynamics? Very confusing when physics tells different story than you :O

    • Not.. gps speed is 280kmh

  • Hey Man do you have a list of mods you have done?

  • This is Yamaha

  • It's too dangerous. Shoot video and be safe👍👏

  • cuando afloja va a 190 como el que va a 80 XD

  • Um salve para os amigos da terrinha do além-mar.

  • que belleza que lindo que es andar a 300 km/h

  • Here in philippines 150cc underboned can reach 180kph and that bike can't run 1000kph hehehehe just joking😂😂😂

  • M10 vs Z1000 on the highway speed who will win?

  • What is Better Bike? Z1000 or Mt 10 or gsxs 1000?😁

  • Can't believe there are so many parked cars on expressway

  • Hitting 299 is easy, just change the gear ratio and not use a speedohealer...

  • Súper mt10

  • OMG

  • WTF !!??

  • Hats down pal 👌

  • The sound is absolutely beautiful.

    • @MimelMT10 Yes, paired with your recording equipments, its beautiful mate.

    • Crossplane ❤

  • Portuguese blood 🇵🇹 💪

  • I'm brazilian short your channel

  • Stock bike? Any mods ?

    • All info in the description

  • is ur speed sensor on point??

    • You can read the discription

  • Beautiful