Pubblicato il 10 lug 2019
Come see the revived brz this Saturday at stancewars seattle!
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Poway, CA
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  • Guys remember this car? I miss it. 🙃

  • Is his tubing stainless steel or titanium?

  • What year is the BRZ

  • Is there a list of all the mods for this or can someone send me a good place online to get parts thag work with this car im looking to get in to modding

  • Are those stock LCAs?

  • So, somebody gave Teej $20K for the BRZ?!

  • does the brz has the lambo doors

  • マフラー欲しいなー✨

  • Build a wrx or evo to battle Adam on the track, building cars to stare at is boring as hell.

  • Yo check our Instagram

  • We need an American full send... would love to see yall work on a Hellcat or Viper

  • fullsend.... deffo a r34 Gtr

  • Rally build coming soon?

  • I believe the angled pipes will shorten the distance that the sound wave will propagate at street level, not an expert but I believe that's kinda how it works.

  • 7:50 steps out like it’s on the ground and realizes it’s in air

  • Ls1 in my brz bro wish me luck

  • So i know it's not a big deal but both stance wars and fd take place at evergreen speedway in monroe washington not seattle granted yes they both say seattle but as a peior worker at that track and i resident of monroe i know they are held there

  • How does that monster can look Spanish, did it come from Spain?

  • Everyone: Wow! Nice exhaust bro! *People in California* Wait that’s illegal

  • What size tips are those? I NEED EM

  • Nobody does it, but it always looks cool. 🤦‍♀️

  • The new owner will love this.

  • Good thing this isn't an OSHA certified video. 8:30 is a big no no!

  • “Flapping vagina noise” Good on ya Teej

  • Get an sti bra

  • Calvins been fucking up with his mods lately, when did he lose his Doctorate and TJ became the real DOCTORRRR? THAT ROLE REVERSAL.

  • Kyle my guy just buy a logo off fiver

  • Summer time in Cali and dudes wearing a beenie and a hoodie.

  • It's not straight under the car lol

  • Car so loud you aint even here him hit the ground when he jumped😂

  • Ferrari motor is going in the brz

  • Ya tj you are the first one to angle there tips up

  • I'm sure the new owner will appreciate all the work you're doing on the BRZ Hopefully the new owner if the BRZ and the new owner of the RX7 race them one day

  • Another great video !

  • No revs no like

  • I think the full send project, is too wide body to RX7 🤔

  • you need some LCA's

  • If it's too loud? Why not put two nice mufflers? The right mufflers won't slow you down. Plus it will add a nice tone to your car. TJ I'm starting to question your ability to properly upgrade a car.

  • You should now make "fajita leak?" Stickers hahaha

  • Our boy teej is treating the new owner like royalty making him a new exhaust

  • The full send is sheepy race twin turbo in the 458. I'm calling it.

  • You need to put another resonator in the middle or put mufflers on the end.

  • Tj: I miss when all I would do is vlog random shit Also Tj: I went to dinner with my family and put the camera down and didnt film

  • When’s kelvin selling his Brz

  • Bro you literally have bags... how do you scrape

  • Tell niño to calm down!!

  • Full send is the new Supra

  • I'm the new owner of the rx7. I'm having tj Prius swap it.

  • Shoulda gave Kyle a monster for the memes

  • Veilside Body kit the rx7 for the New Owner😎

  • Teej we need egg cooking lessons🔥😂😂

  • Yep, nothing better than a spicy Vegeta


  • Hes gonna buy a supra

  • Get some rest bro.

  • Awesome video great content

  • It sounds like a helicopter 😂

  • Rx7 finna get tht widebody kit. Trust.

  • When are you gonna remove that livery? cuz im sure that the new owner would love to enjoy the lambo paint☺

  • Is that Jacob from Trailer park boys?