Women Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week • Ladylike

Pubblicato il 23 ott 2016
“People are looking at my butt!"
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Tiffany Reese


  • I 1000% have an aversion to bellybuttons - people touching or talking about their bellybuttons. Makes me want to barf. I don't mind showing my bellybutton, can't handle anyone talking about them.

  • My personal opinions on the girls outfits Kristan: looks soooo good in pants 👖 Safia: what’s wrong with body con dresses 👗 her butts good and why you wanna cover it Jen : you look sooooo good in overalls Freddie : cute but same opinion with belly buttons Chantelle : yo boobs are good why you gotta turtle neck them

  • Why is Safia Niagaard in this Does she work for buzzfeed

  • Overalls are only cute on short people

  • I’ve always wore high waisted pants so to wear anything less makes me insecure. Not because I don’t like belly button but I’m scared it will expose my body and I will look fat. I’m also scared of clothes that are tight because I don’t want people staring at me or commenting on my body. I don’t wear much colour other than black and occasionally red and denim blue

  • I’ve always wore high waisted pants so to wear anything less makes me insecure. Not because I don’t like belly button but I’m scared it will expose my body and I will look fat.

  • 1:52 did anyone notice???

  • I think every body looked good, on the first and last days

  • Before our eyes met their eyes met the Marshas

  • Kristin looks so good in pants

  • Yassss saf is in this video 😍😍😍

  • Not trying to downplay Chantel's personal fears but honestly, the way she described it is honestly a little bit over the top. Frankly, I think she's pretty well proportioned. It's not too big for her body or big enough for one to even notice. On the plus sized girls, those areas would be even more noticeable and obvious.


  • I just realized that Saf is extremely tall and wearing heels may be a hazard for her and it's hilarious

  • Step 1 is accepting pants for who they are ^^ That's how I feel about dresses ^^

  • Cool Edit: hi

  • 7:11 looks like devin

  • Is it weird that I thought Jen was trans for a long time? ( no offense!!!! Peez forgive me if I offend ju 😣🙏 I'm innocent!!! )

  • No one: Nobody: Saf: grrrrfffftttttttt

  • My fear is anything showing my thighs. I’m very traditional and my legs are really long so I only wear leggings or a really long 50s style skirt. Modern style makes me uncomfortable

  • 9:09 i-

  • Jen looked adorable in the second outfit. Fight me.

  • #safiyanygard

  • The onlz scary thing is 4:34 4:35 look behind two persons disappeared

  • Kristin... HOW? im fat, and I tought that I cant wear dreses... But I guess becuse most of my fat is in my thigs...? I dont know.

  • Kristen looks like a mom or teacher in pants

  • They all look so good

  • Kristen.... girl. Pants look awesome on you! You have great legs! I get that you’re trying to reshape your body with the dresses you wear, but all it’s doing is covering up your lovely legs!

  • 7:12 OMG devan with long hair😱😱😱

  • I see safia nygard I click

  • Girl that’s scared of pants....YOU LOOK SOFA KING CUTE IN PANTS!!!

  • I have a fear of wearing dresses, and what makes it worse is my only uniform at my school is a dress.

  • All the girls out there with their insecurities... They all look so amazing 😍❤️ Then... There's me...

  • Chantel: they have names... Also chantel: they are simply... THE MARSHAS

  • My fashion fear is dresses

  • I'd really like to have clothes that show some cleavage or boobs but... Can't show anything when you don't have a cleavage 😔 I don't even have small boobs, they're just so far apart that there's not even a hint of a cleavage there lol

  • Jen looks amazing in an overall dress!❤

  • I hate high waist jeans. The feeling of something around my belly, uggh! It hurts when I feel full, and I can't even sit down properly. :( Bodycon dresses - the same! I feel insecure about my belly, even though I'm skinny. I love overalls and onesies, but it's really a struggle when you wanna go to the bathroom. :D Pants? I love pants. In the meanwhile i hate short dresses. Cleveage? No thanks, I had nothing to show :D

  • my fashion fears 1. skirts 2. boobs 3. dresses 4. wearing a lot of colour 5.low jeans

  • I actually didnt know safiyah was part of ladylike

  • My fashion fear is skirts and dresses

  • tbh Kristin and Saf looked bomb in all of their outfits.

  • s a f ._. wow it's weird to see her

  • So basically Jen is just scared for pissing her pants let me just say mood

  • Kristen looks bomb. Like she’s so pretty!

  • Chantels boobs literally are not that big! Atleast for me. Try being a 12 year old in size 5 being a 36 DD.

  • Is it just me or does Jen look rly cute on day 2??

  • I have all of them like seriously 😭😭

  • Also saf and all y’all you look GREAT in everything that you wear!!!

  • Could you do a video on fair fashion?

  • is nobody ganna talk about jen in a skirt?

  • You guys should the style of a lady like member for a day Love you from Morgan

  • I’m SURE This means absolutely nothing to all of you, 😂 but you all look amazing in the things that you call your “fashion fears”... Imagine that?❤️

  • Saf “ here they are “

  • easy anything that shows off my rolls

  • Jen's 1st overalls are super cute on her

  • 4:35, the peeps in the background disappear as the car drives by, like actually.

  • Omg devins hair

  • I open the description and the first thing I see is “People are looking at my butt!” Best description I have ever seen.

  • I'm opposite of Freddie's.. I love low rise and hate high rise.. High rise makes me want to pee often and stops me from eating. Yeah and the fact that the booty will show more with high rise.