Wiz Khalifa Gets Smoked Out By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 26 lug 2018
Wiz Khalifa is a platinum-selling rapper with a new album, Rolling Papers II, out now and The Dazed and Blazed Tour coming to a city near you. But how is he with hot food? Find out as the O.G. smoker tries to avoid blowing his high on the wings of death. As he and Sean Evans crank up the heat, Wiz breaks down his weed Olympics with Snoop Dogg, discusses his love for the Diplomats, and explains why Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros. still holds the crown for most innovative sandwich in America.
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  • his laugh 🤣

  • “OH. That’s what you give somebody when you want em to snitch” *laughs away pain*

  • The way he started laughing at 11:00 minutes has me Ctfu the hotter the wings get the more he laughs... mind you his laugh is priceless awww poor baby eating them hot ass wings

  • Dude be cheating 😂

  • Tattoos are for those who smoke so much they forget the pain and the only way of remembering your past and what you experienced is by physically seeing it on your body

  • Why I didnt realize Wiz was so Fine.

  • Nando's is from South Africa Wiz 🇿🇦

  • they should make the Carolina reaper the last thing and make tradition to dab the last dab on it

  • h

  • Nandos? Fuck no.

  • Wiz flipped the last wing to the side with no sauce 😂

  • Who's watching this in 2222

  • His frickin laugh though

  • probablys the coolest man alive

  • got drunk as shit at 5 year old son's birthday sigh

  • I like how Wiz is evolving into a buff snoop dogg.

  • They gave 69 hell fire for sure 😂😂😂

  • So no one wants that- wiz x hot ones x Khalifa Kush hot sauce ????????

  • Dude clean the fucking bone!

  • This show needs Charles Barkley. Has he been on yet??

  • So annoying! He peels off all the sauce and we still have to listen to him complain. all those freaking fancy boy muscles and tattoos and he is just a pretender. At least be honest and don't fucking complain.

  • I think he thinks no one caught him doing it, but he was tearing off the skin of every wing so he didn't have to actually taste the sauce. But such a punk ass move

  • He totally rolled the wing around so he didn't have to eat the dab sauce lolol

  • His laugh is iconic

  • You can tell he's high with that laugh😂

  • Can this guy ever not say go-to in a sentence

  • “I developed a thing for the spicy” -Wiz Khalifa


  • We dem boys

  • “Ahh shit I just licked my finger wit that hot ass shit on em” Munchies?

  • Here nephew

  • Please have Da Baby on here!!!! It’ll be funny

  • YOOO!! y´all gotta get snoop dogg on this!

  • Get 2 chains on here!!!!!!🙏🏼😌

  • "Kush ups" that's the secret 😎😎

  • Does he have autism?


  • 20:42 Wiz realizes that Sean didn't see him turn the wing to avoid eating the dab then chucks that thing in the trash.

    • I was starting to wonder if i was the only one who saw that move

  • Wiz was like I’m grown now

  • this pussy dabbed the last with and then didnt eat it as if the camera didnt see him turn the dab away from his mouth clearly at 20:25

  • sean : chillin, how bout u ? wiz : big chillin Lol

  • His laugh will always make me feel better!

  • This man's personality is so beautiful 😄❤

  • Nice guy

  • He takes the wing. He pulls it apart. Then he bites the white meat, and throws the saucey part in the trash. Lmao. Smooth.

  • The only thing weed permanently changes is your laugh.

  • It's like he forgot how to laugh and had to learn it again

  • Bring snoop dogg

  • Gettttt snooooopppp on this bitchhh

  • Lmao on the last dab he spun the wing around so he didn't have the sauce as well xD

  • Had to b age districted

  • How come they ain't sweating from the hot sauce?

  • Lmao did he turn the chicken wing around to avoid the last dab?

  • These ppls comments sound srupid delicious mmn

  • he beat the no aji part turning the wing


  • Fly at 17:30 Wiz shoulder top right

  • when he poked his eye w his glasses i died😂😭😭🤧

  • Snoop should be next

  • WHY can I not go to the store right now and get my bitch a bottle of Wiz Khalifa's Sweet Fuck Sauce?!?!