WINNING $75,000 TOURNAMENT! Twitch Rivals Finals Ft. Tyler1, Imaqtpie, Shiphtur - Pokimane

Pubblicato il 24 gen 2019
My team won the Twitch Rivals Tournament! 🎊 We beat Tyler1 and Voyboy's team to make it to the semi finals and then beat Shiphtur and Imaqtpie's team to make it to the Finals. We ended up winning $75,000 after beating LL Stylish's team! 😮
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  • Very proud of my teammates Janet, Wendy, Revenge & Chase! 😊 They all played so well ^_^

  • Petty af

  • So does this mean Poki is better than Stylish, now? 🤭

  • Man Jesus ll stylish 1v5 and get and a kill on 7:20

  • report poki

  • Ruuu rriuuu rruuuuuuu ahiavhaaij

  • Are you Boosted? Im not saying this in bad version i want too know only

  • Pokimane. I. Like. You

  • 5 trash this revenge guy is a sheep for girls he is even teaching them how to play smh , ll stylish won idgaf what u say

  • is this her latest league video? ,,, damn.

  • Sad that stylish'es teammates held him down while he made LCK plays. He really deserved to win the tournament.

  • I would like to get carried like her hahaha, Revenge and Chase were in a 2v8, unfortunately Stylish was on the wrong team, this team with him, probably would have won this tournament so easy...

  • Ll stylish so good but Irelia actually feed

  • Poki you suck you got hard carried LMAO

  • Does pokimane play mobile legends or Aov???

  • You've just been carried by your team you trash

  • 😡

  • My dad idiot

  • Wtf imane

  • I got hit

  • 👌🏻

  • This why I hate girls

  • No

  • Bruh why am I still here

  • You actually suck


  • "okay nice"

  • whats the battle music playing at 14:36? I swear i recognize it but I cant remember where its from and its kinda bugging me


  • woow you sou cute x)))

  • porque no jugas de soporte pokimane? si no matas a nadie

  • revenge carried u nice game poki xd

  • ur bad af and cringy

  • Revenge and chase carried so hard

  • Rappers is hereee

  • Ofc she carried in every game. She was useless in every game playd Liss, pressd r and her team did the sad.

  • Totally undeserved.

  • Revenge is so good

  • Wait, did Poki just keep the money? Like, didn't donate or do something good with the money?

  • 7:18 for dogshit play

  • Which server do you play on?

  • I prefer myth and you

  • Pleas contact me i love u♥️💗♥️💗💗♥️♥️💗💗♥️♥️💗♥️💗♥️💗♥️💗♥️💗♥️

  • so dog shit at league XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXD

  • 11:08 Don't think I've ever heard that in a cast XD

  • Can I be honest? For me Tyler1 is autism👌👌

  • Poki is good but she doesn’t deserve the title because she sold out the whole league of legends community to fortnite

  • The “we lost to girl gamers” in the thumbnail made me cringe my ballsack off

  • This vid Toasts my buns

  • You chet on myth

  • she barely plays league, that's why I don't really watch her anymore

  • i think styllish was the real challenge for poki mid xD

  • maybe she doesn't know the meaning of Ft. or Featuring

  • Ur intro is so relaxing

  • I love you even without makeup

  • Take away Poki's money and give it to LL Stylish. Pls

  • Well if poki played ori they will never win

  • sao không có box box

  • Tyler fkin 1

  • Hi i just watched the video where your friend had an overdose and I didn't remember when it was but I'm a bit sad for you and decided to say keep it up your the best