Why Volkswagen Is Betting On Electric Vehicles

Pubblicato il 19 set 2019
Every year, Volkswagen Group is a top contender for the title of the world's largest automaker. The company sell cars, commercial vehicles and even motorcycles. It operates 133 manufacturing plants around the world and sells cars in 153 countries. The company is now trying to forge a new future for itself by going electric.
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Why Volkswagen Is Betting On Electric Vehicles


  • VW = Nazi shitboxes that break down after 2 year warranty LOL

  • Folks wegun

  • Surprised CNBC didn’t try to throw in some fake Tesla is trash stuff.


  • Hey. America continues to bomb the planet. So I'm happy to forgive VW.

  • 8:30 What?? Thought it was over emissions not fuel economy!???! How'd you get this so wrong?

  • Ironically, VW had British management after WWII, didn't work for them though.

  • Yep... only concepts and no reality on electric cars for all german car manufacturers. They keep on with the Petrol and Diesel cars and people keep on buying them. Of course we are ready for Electric Cars. Stop lobbying against it and work towards a solution. Great example is Norway! (see: it-tvs.com/tv/video-hcXjVxaKzv4.html)


  • its not volk but fulk. germans pronounce V as F while W is V

  • Yes kick those Chinaman out

  • Apparently CNBC does't put a lot of stock in fact checking or even syncing the proper video images with the voice over. This piece is riddled with incorrect information.

  • For years Volkswagen has stubbornly refused to export their camper vans to the USA. So unless these new electric vans are camper vans, I'm not interested.

    • ID Buzz is announced to be released in US 2022

  • Why doesn't the map highlight the czech republic? Where do you think Skoda comes from?

    • Because no one cares about the Czech republic.

  • Every large automaker needs to make electric cars or they will fall behind

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion, Elon.

  • better late to a party than never?

  • Since I got my VW, I never drive it peace of mind instead giving me lot of trouble. Spent most the time in workshop. 1 words to describe VW FRAGILE! After sales service, is the nightmare parts

  • I hope they, or someone, brings out a large SUV in the Uk that I can get to use with my mobility vehicle. All the current ones, including electric and hybrid, are just not big enough. I currently drive a Seat Alhambra (made by Volkswagen), which is a good car, but when my scooter is inside, it doesn't leave a lot of room for luggage when going away for a road trip. Also, what's happening with battery technology? Where's Graphene, which we were told would be the next big battery technology? It's as if the large companies are holding back with Lithium, a relatively old technology. I hope something happens soon.

  • i never see vw on the road anymore

    • Prolific in Quintana Roo state of Mexico and East Coast US

  • electric vehicles are a part of the future maybe but I can see that hydrogen the future is because of the shortage of lit ion and you can make a normal engine run on it with some modifications. The problem with electric cars is that the battery is fragile, for example the battery is damaged during in a incident and there is metal pushing in the battery and its going to short out and explode. Thats a big problem for the environment. With hydrogen you can fill your tank up with it and there is basically by old cars water coming out of your exhaust pipe. The other plus side of it is is that we have too much water we basically can run entire generators on it and solve that problem also. And a university made a solar panel that can filter hydrogen out of the air and can fill your tank up with it. if you have counterarguments feel free too comment.

  • vw was once great but know tries to bleed its buyers just on its name. vw's are over engineered, expensive and badly made everything the original vw was not...

  • Wasn’t it cheating on pollutants?

  • German stereotype used to be stubborn and trustful...

  • Dieselgate was a delibrate op to demonise diesels.

  • There are a few inconsistencies that end up doing more harm than good to both CNBC's reputation and the less-versed viewers out there. Do please consider either adding corrections and relevant articles to support the claim, or avoid them outright in future videos. Grade: C-

  • VW they dont bet on electric vechicles, TESLA betted on electric vechcles. VW just fcked up the climate with theyre emisions.

  • In some European country combustion engine will be soon illegal, starting from 2024, in a decade will be mostly electric car by law, so there is no bet on electric car, they need to invest to be ready, that's all.

  • Haha and they’re pushing for California’s strict regulations. Makes sense! Drop the price and we’ll bite! Jackasses

  • If vw goes electric some amps will be on the options list

  • after 82 years they still couldnt make a reliable car lol so they are hoping to change that with electric car.

  • 🤮

  • So many mistakes in this video. The diesel cars met and exceeded their fuel economy ratings, they just exceeded NOx emissions. There’s a huge difference in fuel economy and emissions. They misused these terms several times in this video.

  • Diesel gate is why I purchased a GTI, it shows VW cares more about performance then some arbitrary emission standard.

  • By the end of the year, Electrify America will have about 80% of the US interstate covered with 150kW and 350 kW CCS charging stations. And this has happened in less than 2 years. Breathtaking! Many more to come in the next few years. It's why I'm waiting on the all-electric Volvo XC90, and not going the hybrid route.

  • Don't buy these cars - it-tvs.com/tv/video-k65Z-62hIr8.html says it all. LIES...LIES....LIES.

  • Hope VW goes hydrogen as well. Should learn from past mistakes and lies.

  • They’re moving to electric because Tesla has showed that it cans be done and that people want them. They can be early on electric and benefit or be late and lose market share and be a has been. Tesla put in all the hard work for the big car companies who refuse electric because the oil companies convinced (paid) them not to.

  • 💩 on VW!

  • The Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal is a shameful time in Volkswagen's history - hopefully they can now become one of many manufacturers competing to offer a broad range of EVs.

  • Simply hard to believe why...or how ANYONE would buy any VW product. Values of honesty and integrity have simply gone down the sewer in today's world, but yet supported by those with the same lack.

  • I bet chinese will domimate electric market in future 10 years.

  • LOL... a little late in the game... 3-5 years late that is.

  • 0:16 what's VW's Swiss brand? Did you mean to highlight Czechia and got Switzerland instead?

  • The lucky *people with the garage* do benefit from electric vehicles a lot. It's like having your own gas station, where the electricity at night is cheaper too :-) Plug-in, set the charging at night. Enjoy cheaper driving cost :-)

  • I believe VW can do better by joint venture with the Chinese eCar company. Huawei and Leica is one of the very successful Sino-German joint venture.

  • Deiselgate is the best thing that ever happened to the Fossils & auto industry, it finally woke legacy auto to the reality that ROI in ICE & its development is very poor.The Chinese aim to dominate in BEVs, " they are going to be ruthless" > Sandy Munros' words .

  • I would place my bet on a horse, a buggy and a bicycle.

  • Interesting video but with incorrect title.

  • MY PREDICTION: Kodak was a behemoth in it's category, too. The rise of digital cameras put Kodak out of business. The rise of electric cars, likely from the Chinese, who currently have 300 electric car builders, may well do the same to the VW Group. Incumbents always think they are invincible.

  • 4:00 thats where i live. Wolfsburg

  • Wasn’t the fine to VW remanded to the electric car injection

  • CNBC really seems to be pushing electric recently

  • I'm a VW guy for life, but until price parity of electric vs ICE becomes reality, I'm sticking with the gas models. I will never pay $40-$50K for a car when I can buy something like a Passat for half that. What people don't get is that upkeep on a gas car is about $2500 a year on average (fuel, oil, maintenance, and repairs) but when an EV costs $20,000 more, you're looking at 8 years to reach that break-even point.

  • most companies are betting on the electric vehicles, since china, india and eu(3 of the largest car markets) are actively phasing out and will eventually ban non-electric vehicles. They don't want to lose all the profit from the rapid car market growth of china and india. Only companies not betting on electric vehicles are US companies(with exception of new startup Tesla), as the federal government is unlikely to ban gasoline vehicles, and that they have a huge domestic market with little dependance on other countries(american cars don't sell well abroad apart from canada and latin america)

  • Prior to the name GOLF they were called "Rabbits" i.e. Volkswagen rabbit.,,, in the United States. The name was modified somewhere in the late eighties

  • EVs are the future and superior to ICE vehicles in every way.... VW knows this.... What better way to pay back an oil loving government that fined them out of 30 or so billion than by flooding their markets with a choice of excellent EVs!! Go VW!!!

  • Fossil fuel cars will be used mostly in remote areas and the dominance of oil is over.

  • Going all electric for the US will be a disaster until the supporting infrastructure is stronger. Volkswagen sells well on the coasts (@6.00), where many people live in apartments with no easy access to a charging point.

  • Tesla EVs >> VW EVs. The next 10 years will be exciting with the shift to EVs and green energy. With an EV almost no maintenance (saving $$$) and to "fuel" up costs 60-80% less.

  • Nice short documentary.