Why the Lexus LFA Failed…Or Did It? | Bumper 2 Bumper

Pubblicato il 20 ago 2019
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The Lexus LFA is the super car that was meant to rule them all … powered by a v10 engine, an F1 exhaust note, carbon fiber everything … so what happened? We are going Bumper to Bumper on the Lexus LFA.
Watch! Lexus RCF Bumper 2 Bumper
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  • These transitions

  • I just adore that intro

  • He didn't mention this, but from what I understood it was a great handling car aswell, fisty and requiring skill. For car lovers this is a unicorn car which already is a classic. I don't agree this is a failure. Also not mentioned, Lexus never made money out of it.

  • Toyota should throw in a MKV badge and call it a day.

  • Why is the fla front engine

  • I didn't buy this car,just because I was 4 yo.And still didn't buy because i'm 12)

  • I subbed for the editing

  • This guy is a huge douchebag

  • they made 300 RC F track editions (or still making them if you order) and they made 500 LFA's, because its hard to find customers for the LFA, also its not designed to get sold like porsches, its special. *AND* it was build in 2008. you know what lamborghini had in 2008? the fucking gallardo with the ugly back, and the murcilago with the stupid wings. This Car was the Future in 2008.

  • Toyota takes their time to make something special, something they could not afford with the mkv supra

  • They didn't buy probably because they think don't deserve it

  • This should of been the influence of the new Supra, not a BMW.

  • This time it was wayyy too perverted

  • I prefer a Tesla :)

  • LFA=my full body is carbon fiber Lamborghini Sesto Elemento=Hold my Chassis and frame

  • My only issue with magnesium being used in the engine, is in an impact magnesium explodes into flames.

  • They could have made this exact car, with aluminum instead of carbon fiber, Developed it in 5 years instead of 10 years and they would have had a GTR level Sports car with an affordable pricetag and a ton of people would have bought it, but they went too hard with the LFA, its true, Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. So sad honestly, i think this car looks like a modern day supra if they would have did it right, Could you imagine? A Supra with the body like the LFA, and a newer stronger Straight 6 dubbed the 3JZ, These motherfuckers in these toyota board rooms cant think of simple shit like this. They created a BMW with a supra badge on it.

  • You should do an Up to Speed on Yamaha

  • SLS AMG.

  • Hands down its the best sounding production car ever built.

  • this dude is amazing he makes anything sound superb 🤙

  • Lexus didn't fall... if you were worried about cost of the LFA? You can't afford it . That's the whole point of owning a HALO vehicle. The owner of Yoshida's Teriyaki here in Portland owns an LFA and I'm able to see it from time to time when I'm having my Lexus serviced. It's an absolute thing of beauty. The exhaust notes makes every hair on your body stand with goose bumps. 🤩🤩

  • Nfs most wanted 🤩

  • i didnt know Lexus made a super car until i got Forza Horizon 3 where i saw it and fell in love with it!(sadly they made the mistake of taking it out of Forza Horizon 4) It is literally my dream and i want to strive to own it some day!

  • less than a v6 5:44

  • Yamaha helped tune the engine sound this car is known for. It is glorious. I hadn't gotten all the way through video before I posted this. Edit came thru tho

  • Don't look now but ya drugs are catching up and showing.

  • Overpriced.

  • The lfa and the ford gt will go down as the most overpriced cars in history

  • Where'd you get this soundtrack (seriously I want it)? Also, I've always loved the LFA. It's unfortunate it didn't sell well. I would've bought one if I had the money.

  • Is coming back watch mid engine

  • what the supra should of been

  • I feel like it should have been a Toyota but then people would have taken it even less seriously so it was a smart move. Sad we care so much about branding engineering than quality that this car didn't even sell it's limited production and more like it imo should have. Also, a halo car can mean a brand's main model. Like the GTR with Nissan and the 911 for Porsche etc. Good work as always though.

  • I melted when it screamed off at the start🤤

  • Best sounding car and if Jeremy Clarkson is to be believed best driving as well

  • Ohh Look. What the New Supra Should have been

  • Jdm blood

  • i love the rear. the headlights though. i dont like em

  • Never heard of the LFA until this video. Lexus really dropped the ball with this one. That engine is a thing of beauty tho.

  • A V10 with itbs' in a road car? Must be something special. ( laughs in BMW S85)

  • who is the host? hes funny as fuck

  • > *Spends 10 years making the best car they could possibly imagine* > *Only makes 500*

  • Lexus fast and furious

  • There’s an lfa at the Toyota dealership locally to me on the showroom floor. Avondale Toyota in az. Being that there only 500 explains why they have it roped off

  • Can’t get enough of this car! a true masterpiece 👍🏼

  • Donut do nut know anything about cars outside of a country that build utter shite

  • Retard no one hated it it just cost a fuckin fortune

  • They should rename it Supra and sell it

  • This car is like the definition of a Japanese passion project. An engine with almost direct formula 1 roots, chassis and materials made of the carbon composites and rare metal alloys with an exhust system tuned and perfected by a musical division. Every true petrol head will have a soft spot for the LFA for sure.

  • 8:03 - Donut does ASMR

  • Yamaha: somehow went from making church organs to car engines and jetskis. Wat

  • Damn.. Im sooooooo sorry i found your channel soooooo late -- best channel on YT - informative, fun, passion, great fx and best of all -- super funny host !!!

  • That editing tho i mean y'all are cool and doing great job but editing is on point boi good job

  • One reason, Paris Hilton had one and that was enough alone to kill any aspirations to buy one 😬

  • 0:00 *nut*

  • Was I the only one that thought the LFA looked like a jack o’ lantern in the front

  • Lexus Lexus fudgy (its spelled wrong ik) Apex (*inhale*) Its better shorter tbh

  • Nothing to shout about!!

  • The LFA didn’t even make Lexus money.

  • LFA is not expensive at all if u consider only 500 were made, i bet any euro super cars with same combination and package would cost u over 1 million easily and they r not even anyway reliable as a Lexus. Period.