Why the Lexus LFA Failed…Or Did It? | Bumper 2 Bumper

Pubblicato il 20 ago 2019
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The Lexus LFA is the super car that was meant to rule them all … powered by a v10 engine, an F1 exhaust note, carbon fiber everything … so what happened? We are going Bumper to Bumper on the Lexus LFA.
Watch! Lexus RCF Bumper 2 Bumper
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  • I always think LFA is a great car, I don’t understand why people calling it a failed car

  • 🙌🏻

  • The transitions are amazing

  • Cup logo on the car! Salomondrin

  • I don’t understand why they spent all this money on the lfa to only put a bmw engine in the Supra, I mean I love bmws and all but cmon Toyota, this in the Supra would of been insane 🤤

  • Your mother failed.

  • 5:45 you know V6 engine always give you some middle finger performance hahaha

  • I don't find the car's exhaust sound to be pleasant or nice. Give me a v8 any day.

  • 4:50 u could've went with "pop up Up &down spoiler!" Or " pop-up up-and-down wing bitch!" 🔊💯🤣😂🤣😂😭💀

  • 2JZ V10 version ....

  • This car will always remain my ultimate dream car

  • Gran Turismo really needs to put this in GT Sport..

  • You are the best presenter ever James I remember before 1 million and the only thing that has changed is the editing and quality of the videos stay you don’t let the fame change you cuz so far your still the same and I want it to stay this way forever

  • cupgang was stolen

  • You soooo should do a bumper 2 bumper on the warthog... Just saying haha

  • Paris Hilton have this car The second LFA which was sold was to Ms Paris Hilton She is the first female to get her hands on the LFA

  • I'm in a quiet coffee shop and I bursted out laughing at "He may or may not be my dad" (referring to Jeremy Clarkson) 😄😄😄

  • Better than new supra X D

  • Lfa is failed??? Jap car never fail according 2 d professional mechanics, foremans, technicians, engineers, drivers, racers, buyers, owners or DREAMERS reports in automotive history. Moreover honda/accura, nissan/infinity n toyota/lexus r built 4 last that may keeps u away from d service centre nor workshop eventhough warranty r given. Those brands, models or series also comes with high technology system, high grade components n world class craftsmanship too. D engines was so special, tough n way better than d other european, american, mediterranean, oceanian nor even d rest asian cars in d global market. Less probs. Less worries. Less tensions. BUT Good price. Good quality. Good value. U gotta love it! So, mind ur clip title fatso!

  • We need another LFA!!!

  • 11:27 wtf

  • 4:55 how's the title of this song?

  • FML......this video bored me....no wonder it didn't sell LOL

  • I remember racing this car in the street races in the first Forza Horizon

  • The only thing wrong with the LFA, is the price. still for sale here in Brisbane, Australia for $700K (AUD)+, as seen in the link below. www.carsales.com.au/cars/lexus/lfa/

  • 11:35 Murcielago? That car got released in early 2000's Maybe the Aventador

  • The LFA ...luxury + naturally aspirated F1 engineering packed into a coupe - it isn’t a car - it’s art. It’s not about cash - unless you’re poor like Jeremy Clarkson. The only people who criticised it were morons, like Jeremy Clarkson. And even he got smart!

  • I’ve seen one

  • Lmao carbon fiber Oprah nice touch I just notice it now

  • Js I'm getting really really REALLY fking sick of these plug ads... I pay for fucking premium redtube specifically to not have to put up with this sht just show me the sht I want to see and let the plebs watch your ads

  • 11:25 haha

  • I went to a car show, saw a carrola with this engine, its called FQC

  • The lexus is300/200/toyota altezza was better in my opinion

  • The best sounding road car of all time!!! 😱 🔝

  • LFA stands for Lexus's Failed Automobile

  • Its not the second largest car manufacturer!!! The Biggest one is Toyota

  • Fun fact When the LFA is reversing at 2200 RPM it sounds like a semi passing You can hear that in the musical road clip from topgear at the end

  • This should've been cheaper and been the toyota supra

  • _The LFA has many flaws. For example the seat belt is hard to do up, there are no cup holders and there's nowhere to put your phone in._ _But all those flaws become irrelevant..... when you put your foot down_ Jeremy Clarkson

  • _"The LFA is so good, not even the people who made it, know how to make it again"_ Jeremy Clarkson

  • It sounds great, but can it sound better than a Carrera GT? I think Not.

  • It was fine wine with a beer label.

  • 11:25 eww

  • you said zl1 instead of zr1 on the vette but its good :)

  • More V-10’s and more V-TEC!!!

  • That’s the true new Supra

  • Id drive it...if I had the money

  • Remember when, before its market debut, the rumors had the LFA as toyotas successor to the Supra?

  • Man Yamaha also makes the best sounding motorcycles. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Theres one here in Bakersfield California and its modded

  • I still think it's an incredible work of art and let's be honest.. that engine sound is just pure ear sex!

  • It look like a 86 and lexus mixture

  • No wonder why it didn't sell too .. Who buys a luxury car that doesn't have a push start button ??? That's whack as hell that Lexus did that... *In 2009 even Ferarri and Nissan did the whole Push To Start Button*

  • I guess the prerequisite for being a car guy on IT-tvs is wearing tight ass girls jeans 🙄

  • I own 5 of them

  • Super jdm

  • Brings a year to my eye

  • I have heard one WOT. it sounded like a F1 car.

  • have yamaha tuner and oboe, and my wallet is crying hearing lfa's sound

  • Thats the real SUPRA right there