Why Shark Tale is a Cinematic Disaster

Pubblicato il 21 mar 2019
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  • How are y'all possibly interpreting my comment that the SpongeBob Movie and Polar Express came out in 2004 as a diss? Did I say a single negative thing about either of them? Please explain

    • What's that piano song at the beginning?

    • @MountainRain the fact that he doesn't get this and instead threw a little tantrum about it in the comments makes him annoying imo

    • I'm pretty sure you were literally praising them by saying they are better than Shark Tale (which isn't saying much but still)

    • May be a disaster for you but it’s n1 in my house

    • Schaffrillas Productions Well I’m interpreting me being born in 2004 as a diss! Seeing as I’m better than Shark Tale is.

  • 11:38 what will Smith saw to make a youtube channel

  • Am I the only one who cried laughing when he was explaining the brand names at 5:00?

  • This guy is either trolling, or totally overthinking this movie.

  • 0:25 did he just call that Asian kid China? 😂

  • 21:32 Does anyone know the name of that song ?

  • remamber when schaffrillas made ytps?yauy me nether.

  • 0:03 what’s that footage of the Godzilla looking thing from

  • I actually liked shark tale

  • They couldve just done Burger-Kingfish and it would have been better.

  • r/wooosh

  • This movie is great

  • You should actually check out Smallfoot, its weirdly deeply written for how dumb it seems on the surface.

  • 17:20 oscar's face what the hell is that it's so hilarious XD

  • Am I the only one who actually loved the movie ?

  • The irony is that I was looking at shark tale memes the other day

  • 22:57 13:11

  • Lol i feel kind of attacked, i loved that movie so much as a kid

  • Honestly I liked this movie as a kid ... and I still enjoy it as an adult . It’s puny and hilarious.

  • I always find it so weird when they do those “brand parodies” in movies with the names of the animals/creatures that live in that scenario, because it’s not like humans put “human”, “homo sapien”, “bipedes” or similar stuff in everything 😂

    • Exactly. "Kelp King" or "Plankton King" wouldn't made sense, but Fish King makes none.

  • idc about anyone else's opinion this is hands down my favorite animated movie from the 2000s. it's just so bad it's good, pure millennial culture, i'm obsessed

  • I absolutely LOVED this movie as a kid for the reason that the main character reminded me of my nonexistent dad, thats why I can't let it to. But it really is bad lmao.

  • Um excuse me but did you use the GAME THEORY MAN

  • 18:52 I felt that 😂

  • 23:01

  • I have a vivid memory of watching this movie on my red DS and then slipping on a rug


  • I loveeee this movie !

  • it was NAWT

  • Polar Express was a good movie.

  • Only good thing I remembered about this movie was Jack black shark, gonna say Larry, did the seat spinny thing and I just found it cute

  • 15:12 I see you with that seven seas of rhye

  • This is honestly the best movie ever There are good actors cause it's a good movie DUHH

  • My favorite part of the movie was when Sexy Fish justifiably beat Oscar against a window

  • The 8.4K dislikes are poeple who have nostalgic for this "film"

  • Give me crappy but charming over bland and boring any day.

  • you think way too much

  • Better than cats tbh

  • shark tale was my favorite movie as a kid -

  • All fish are dumb as hell

  • 1:20-30 I have the exact thoughts with The Missing Link winning 2019 best animated feature where it’s fellow nominees were FROZEN 2 & HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3!! Like WTF IS WRONG WITH THE CRITIQUES?!?

  • This movie is the BEST you’re TRIPPING

  • What do you think fish eat???? They eat other fish. Read the ingredients on your fish food. Its ground up fish.

  • should've been black fishtery month-

  • Bruh shut up shark tale was the shit

  • They are probably already dead fish so the dude selling sushi is gonna be fine as long he kills no one. Cannibalism isn't illegal.

  • 15:27 in the catalogue dump they have salmons vs calamari. This implies that the world of Shark Tales has some type of explicit racism for these creatures aren’t given names, it would be like saying White vs Black. The only one that I kinda liked was the science magazine for the jokes or world references made sense.

  • Every time I talk abt shark tale everyone I know says they loved the movie 😂😂

  • I remember when this movie came out my friends super religious mom played it for her slumber party and when the sexy fish made her intro the mom literally turned it off because it was too inappropriate

  • Hes so mad about the puns😂😂😭😭

  • Can you isn’t sayd thais

  • This was one of my favorite movies as a child

  • Shark tale SLAPPPPSSS!!

  • We didn’t like Shark Tale... but we loved it.

  • wait but i loved shark tale..

  • i think you’re taking this a little too literal, it’s a kids movie from the early 2000’s

    • @Morten Aanstad Yeah. To be fair, Shark Tale reminds me more of Seth Mcfarlane's shows, because of the amoubt of pop culture references and racial stereotypes it has.

    • @Viviana Bertello We still don't equate "Uncut Gems" and "Jack and Jill" for example just because they're both starring Adam Sandler

    • @Morten Aanstad They're both the same thing : Animated Adam Sandler movies.

    • So was Shrek 2 (which also was a DreamWorks film), and it's still shoulders above this

  • Seven seas of Rhye, we see you

  • I'm glad I came to the comments to see that most people liked this movie, because this is probably my favourite childhood movie


  • It’s nothing compared to the movies that were also made at that time but it’s still pretty good 🤷‍♀️