Why Palpatine Was JEALOUS of Dooku - Star Wars Explained

Pubblicato il 14 gen 2020
Palpatine was the mighty Sith Lord pulling all the strings of the Clone Wars behind the scenes, cloaked in the dark side...but even with all of his power, he found himself somewhat jealous of Darth Tyrannus, Count Dooku himself. Why was this? Jealous of Qui-Gon Jinn? Being a Jedi? Being close to Yoda? His powers? What was it really?
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  • Emperor Vitiate was the greatest Sith LOord of all time you idiot. lol

  • Of course he was. Dooku was played by Christopher Lee, everyone was jealous of him

  • Amazing Video, Count Dooku so cool, my favourite jedi/sith. he would've remade the jedi i think and the galaxy wouldnt have been as tight nit as palpatine made to be. He always had suspicions of Palaptine and tried to get obi wan to join him. Just my thoughts, Dooku

  • Like the new intro.

  • Because he had better lightning style jutsu

  • Lovely video.

  • I wasn't jealous

  • Do a video about what would happen if Sidious were to be replaced with Dooku)

  • Cause Dooku had Jedi swag.

  • Anakin would have stayed a jedi.

  • Holy shit this is the first of the newer vids i seen. I like the motion graphics and branding you got going. Looks like the new typeface the films are using too. Sorry i get excited easy. I do graphic design for a living. Major props to see the channel grow!

  • Palpatine was jealous, because Count Dooku was played by Sir Christopher Lee.

  • I just realized that the rule of two carried out through episode 6 because vader killed palpatine, but vader never got an aprentice as he died, and thats how the sith order ended. Except episode nine kinda ruined that. (No hate on the sequals, just a small problem i have)

  • Do you collect LEGO Star Wars sets, because there are some really cool sets and you should collect them. I think that you would like to collect them.

  • 1:08 disliked because you say "we know" (your opinion) that palpatine is the "greatest" sith lord of all time. However, some people may thing darth vitiate is the "greatest" sith lord of all time because he could absorb the force out of a dwarf planet, Or darth bane is the "greatest" sith lord of all time because he created the rule of 2. Next time say "who i believe" instead of "we know to be".

  • It’s because Dooku is more powerful than him.

  • Lucas created Dooku from Jorus C'baoth.. I'm positive of this... In fact on the way home after episode 2 we discussed this in the car... *Palpatine intentionally signed off on C'baoth leading the Outbounfd Flight(amazing story) because he feared him....

  • I like how they put willy wonka's dad actor, in the star wars movie

  • Doodoo, sorry meant Dooku, was too egotistical and arrogant to have made it very far, but then again he kinda had the ability to back that up, nonetheless that is an interesting aspect

  • Dooku was pretty strong

  • Cuz Dooku had a balance betwen Light Side and Dark Side, and was powerful af

  • Wait a sec! How come Palpatine let the lightning go to his face while count dooku didnt get electrocuted when anakin blocked the lightning. 🤔 palpatine could have easily done what count dooku did and not get blasted with his own lightning 😂

  • Dew it this story as what-if and my question always bothered me with what-ifs what happens to clones if order 66 never happens

  • *Strokes Dooku’s beard*

  • Who wouldn’t

  • Cause of my pj’s and my slick haircut, and of course my epic voice

  • If Dooku had been chosen instead of Palpatine it still would have ended with feminism making the entire franchise into a massive joke.

  • Why are you TYPING like this?

  • You think dooku was too loyal and that led to his downfall? I don’t think he was strong enough to take on palps though

  • 1:09 slightly triggered but continue

  • I am epic don’t deny it

    • Of course you are your the fucking George Washington of space

  • because Count Dooku is Christopher fucking Lee⚔️

  • I hope he shows up in the Obi Wan show. They were pretty close friends, right?

  • because it is not the jedi way

  • What if doku told Anakin that palpatine was the Sith Lord. Before Anakin killed doku

  • 1:18 - Richard Dawkins is a Sith Lord: Confirmed.

  • Dooku was an ideal villain, Sidius was a mary sue.

  • You ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

  • Whi would win between dooku and sidious

  • If dooku took sidious’ place he would have just killed him and plaguis would die too

  • Palpatine was jealous of Dooku's better english accent

  • Because he's a cunt...I mean count

  • It's immensely obvious why old creamy Sheev would be jealous of Dooku; first, because he's a Count, and that's just a badass title for a dude to have. Second, and most importanty, is that Dooku could not only pull off a beard but he was bloody fine looking with one. Just imagine how completely retarded Palps would look with facial hair......that's the stuff jealous is made of folks!

  • Cause he had a bigger pp 😂

  • I, too, would be jealous if my apprentice was played by Christopher Lee

  • i dont think sidius could have defeated him in actuell combat

  • The most powerful force user is the voice behind all this.

  • Well I’m jealous of that perfect chin

  • Do more theories! Video idea: what if Mace windu DIDN'T go to arrest palpatine but sent other jedi

  • WhaT was Dookus first name ? I know Count was just his title

  • Palpatine could hide his identity from the Jedi, yes, but if I recall correctly, the arrogance of the Jedi caused them to put the Jedi temple right on top of a Sith Nexus.

  • In his younger years Christopher Lee could have beaten probably all of the others in a sword fight. For the three musketeers the dude fought on heeled shoes in period clothing with an eyepatch on a frozen lake.

  • Dooku couldn't become the chancellor, atleast not by legends standards. There was a law passed in the old republic that made it so jedi couldn't hold political positions of power

  • One question you never answered, what would’ve happened if Anakin and Obi-Wan gave up their lightsabers when Count Dooku said “your swords please” in Revenge of the Sith?

  • I see you decided to stop peddling sequel trilogy trash, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  • It’s because Dooku actually looks good

  • I think it would’ve differed very much. Dooku possibly might not have left the order and had stayed and manipulated it from the inside. Also he most likely wouldn’t have looked to Anakin as a with but rather Obiwan who he believed was far better while Palpatine clearly favored Anakin. Also the Jedi Order probably wouldn’t be destroyed like it was Dooku problably would’ve corrupted former Jedi and tried to create a sith order out of the ashes.

  • Sidious was jealous of his height ... At least until Anakin took a little bit off the top

  • The clone wars is cool and all, but it’s its own story line

  • Dooku is fucking awesome