Why Netflix canceled your favorite show

Pubblicato il 12 set 2019
Netflix was never considered a traditional TV service. Canceling shows that aren’t performing well is an understood and necessary part of being a TV network, but Netflix has started canceling shows faster than ever before. Whereas older Netflix originals like House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grace and Frankie, and Orange is the New Black were given five or six seasons, beloved newcomers like The OA and Tuca and Bertie don’t have the same opportunities. The company is still invested in original series, but expect to see more international shows and titles from big showrunners.
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  • What show should Netflix bring back?

  • A supremely great video... thank you 😊

  • PHOOOOEY ! Netflix is dated as a dinosaur, and will be dead as a dodo if they don't pull up their socks. Why would any sensible person subscribe for the one or two decent shows they have ? Just grab them from TORRENTs !!

  • Fewer* licensed shows.

  • Piracy is the problem in India

  • Anyone making content similar to "The Boys" will be a winner

  • Disney+ winter is coming.

  • I’ll miss Daredevil

  • You only have to go to HBO Max to Friends in the American market. Not the international market where NETFLIX still has the licensing rights to stream Friends. Yes, in America, Netflix is facing more competition. On the international flip side only Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are NETFLIX's competition where the original streaming giant is currently the leader. While these videos are cool and all. It's to be pointed out that NETFLIX is still on the international side, and America is not the only market for online exclusive streaming content. There are tons of original international shows by NETFLIX worth watching that Americans never mention. Why? The dialogue is in different languages which mean reading subtitles or changing the audio language when the option is available. In the end, it's a global market, and there is no need to stay stuck in an American only silo.

  • Netflix is an uncurated mess

  • Yall need to give Shonda more money

  • Daredevil 😕😭

  • After they canceled the majority of my favorite shows, I decided that I would cancel my subscription. I will wait till October for the breaking bad movie and them I’m out.

  • A year ago, the Verge posted it's most famous video "how we built a $2000 gaming desktop"

  • clowns

  • Bring doctor who back.... problem solved!

  • What are D&D making for Netflix? Just so I know not to invest in the early seasons

  • “Greys Anatomy, my favorite show.” Wtt!? I thought only 50yo ladies watched that kinda nonsense soaps

  • If I have to get a bunch of services I'm just going to bootleg everything and cancel every service, smh they are fools.

  • ... better explain why the verge isnt canceled yet.

  • Altered carbon granted it sort of had an ending but I just enjoyed the universe and wanted to see the Walmart army planet

  • Designated survivor

  • well it should have canceled this youtube channel instead

  • Bring back house

  • Hype = algorithm…

  • The OA was my 💩 DAMN

  • 3:37 it was on my home page a lot and I just never clicked it why is she bullshiting

  • Wont forgive what they did to the OA.

  • I already canceled Netflix subscription. It’s overpriced for what they offer. ATM I have Prime Video and I’ll subscribe to Disney+ when it comes out

  • This is what forces ppl to go back to pirate sites... At least in those sites you can get everything in 1 place... Not from 10 different places, worse when you have to pay for it!

  • Dexter 😒

  • Soap operas??? The nerve....

  • What video should the verge bring back?

  • It’s been one while year since the verge made that terrible computer guide...

  • When will Verge close down? Finances must be tricky right now?

  • People are cancelling Netflix because they think people want quantity over quality. Stop mass producing low tier content and make something worth subscribing to.

  • D&D created game of thrones ? As far as I know they only destroyed it.

  • I feel like any TV series cancelled should get a few hours and a certain reserved budget to wrap up its storyline.

  • How can you go through this entire segment without mentioning Netflix's Marvel series and Disney+?

  • GREED...

  • $2000 computer

  • I’m glad Netflix cancelled the OA, terrible show imho.

    • Jwithglasses well this is subjective. I don’t have to convince you otherwise. I know a lot of people that didn’t like it. Of course it was going to be cancelled. I’m surprised they even made the 2nd season.

    • Rafael Graterol are you kidding

  • Can we cancel verge from youtube?

  • Netflix lived long enough to itself become the villain huh. You were the Chosen One! You were supposed to destroy Cable Networks, not join them. You were supposed to bring balance to the media, not leave it in darkness.

  • seriously who decides the content for netflix now

  • millions are cancelling their Netflix subscriptions and signing up for Pirate Bay

  • Pirate 🏴‍☠️

  • Netflix is not risking, is the real reason

  • just found out that Netflix’s in billion dollars in debt

  • I just torrent everything 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • There’s only 2 online streaming sites that matter. Crunchyroll/funamation and Netflix. I’ll pirate everything else....umm I meant to say watch 🤣

  • You know Netflix has been in the driver seats for content delivery for so long it might have forgotten the most fundamental truth about obtaining/creating original content, the past good creators of the a hit shows and series don't guarantee future hits. In fact, if one would look at the history of generating those hit shows, it is exactly the opposite. Netflix is making a mistake betting on past success.

    • I don't think they've forgotten, if anything they are more careful and know better than throwing money into pits like Sense8 and The Get Down. They have top talent not only on the creative side, but also producers, and business executives and top of the line technology that is making the company focusing their efforts and reorganizing their assets. They are ahead of the curve, against the competitors that will come out next year. They may not have the money that Disney has, but they are open to feedback and are aware what worked and what didn't with hit shows, even those that were not theirs to begin with.

  • It also shouldn't take 2 year for a new season of a show. That's the biggest reason I would cancel my subscription.

  • i love the OA

  • get woke go broke

  • This video is for people from 2119 when they don't know what's going on from 2014-2019

  • So, is The Verge finally moving to producing 4K videos?

  • This video is in 4K.

  • Being TV won't help them especially they are the ones murdering TV

  • watch out what you say people, because they think a 'bad' opinion is harassment, good opinion on the other hand can stay, what a bunch of losers over there at the verge