Why Megamind is a Subversive Masterpiece

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
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  • Honestly megamind was always a favourite of mine for all these reasons, just felt so lively compared to so many other animations. Glad people are coming round to appreciating this mastahpeece

  • And erection

  • Dude played ironman’s death music

  • I heard a splaton song take my like

  • Wow. I disliked his childhood backstory before, but i never thought of it this way. Its better than i thought.

  • at 1:39 i felt like i was missing something, then i realised that the time the video spent frozen was perfect for a follow up saying "A FILM THEORY... thanks for watching"... and then i realised that wouldn't be the joke and i'm just paranoid... and then i changed my mind,.... and then i started commenting this to see if more people got that too...

  • things are about to get *GRU* some

  • Very good video!🙂

  • Is metroman Ernie Ball now?

  • Shrek and Mega mind is my religion

  • I see and agree with all your points. Perhaps I could use this movie in my future class in some way. Teaching emotional intelligence in school is critical I believe.

  • Still want megamind 2 soooo bad

  • Vengo de orson

  • Treasure Planet, make a video, please

  • 3:07 Pikmin Mission Mode Theme

  • I’m still pissed about the Monsters Vs. Aliens diss, BTW.

  • What you hear: "And I love you, random citizen!" What I, an intellectual, hears: "No, you're breathtaking! You're all breathtaking!" Edit: I didn't watch the full video before making this joke, and I apologize for my atrocious behavior

  • 1:40 A game theory

  • The difference between Hal and Syndrome is that Syndrome at least got the girl.

  • I alwas liked the movie, so when I talked about it in primary school... People would look at me like "What are you talking about?"


  • I like how he plays the Zelda music while he talks about the emotional bits of movies

  • Yeah sure I’ll watch it

  • God, watching this movie again I completely agree with you on hal, but when I was a kid...oh god. TO BE CLEAR: I never felt that Roxanne owed him a relationship or anything, instead, when I was a kid I saw him in a more sympathetic light. I saw him more as a hopeless romantic who had terrible people/social skills. But now, oh GOD-

  • Mine diamonds in the background.

  • 17:34 is that persona 5 music I hear?!

  • "Tamatoa should have risen from the depths and entered a kaiju battle which would have gone down as the greatest third act in cinematic history" this is when I new I was listening to an expert on screen writing.

  • I need such an analysis video for Flushed Away

  • 30 minutes before sleep and This is what youtube recommends me. *Thank you*

  • "Flan" is a spanish word that means a kind of milk dessert alike creme caramel or creme brulee. Btw, I loved Megamind since first time and always surprised me the way Despicable Me took over the audience. I mean, is funny, but against plot, development, MUSIC DAMMIT! Megamind is just superior. Great analysis!

  • am i the only one who thought that was kinda racist? metro man threw a black baby and he showed some guy being hit with some kind of brown Juice 7:21

  • I love this movie since it came out. Maybe Im more of a romance kinda guy. But i always thought it was better than some that came in the same time, the only thing that i thought on par is how to train your dragon

  • Megamind 2 should be a parody of every movie that came after the first one. In an subtle way of course

  • He played iron mans funeral song on the climax

  • *Nice Guys Finish Last*

  • The joke at the end where he freaks out and pulls a gun on the crowd when they're running in to congratulate him is so great because 1) it's funny, 2) it makes sense given how he's spent most of his life and 3) it's actually pretty sad when you think about it because this is quite possibly the first time the public has _ever_ greeted him with anything other than intense hatred. I guess you could say, the jokes in this movie, have.... *layers.*

  • Why do you play Iron Man's funeral song at 22:17 Thought we didn't notice, but we did...

  • Hal literally looks like Jonah Hill.

  • idk about what other people think, im truly in love with that movie!!

  • i love how all the comments and the video are so recent it shows that everyone grew to appreciate megamind

  • I don't know if anyone noticed this, but the way megamind pronounces "metro city" kinda rhymes with the word "atrocity" kinda reflects on how megamind might see the town as initally

  • Thank you for that perfect Next to Normal reference at 11:56

  • the background music is from l’orchestrique cinematique

  • I mean joker is the good guy

  • I remember loving MegaMind but watching this I don't recall any of it. lol

  • I watched this movie thanks to you, and i truly think that Mastermind was way ahead of his time, i really enjoyed it

  • I absolutely loved this film when it came out. Felt like no one else cared and just forgot about it.

  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEH Syndrome is WAY more sympathetic than Hal by fucking miles. Syndrome almost has a point, really. Mr. Incredible is also set up to be a stereotypical 'hero', sure, but it's in a way more direct way. Just because they have parallels does not mean that Syndrome exists to present the same sort of entitlement concept you can very easily see in Hal

  • One visual touch that I've yet to see pointed out on IT-tvs reviews like this is the color of Roxanne's dress, and how it changes through the movie. If you look, at the beginning, when Roxanne was still antagonistic to Megamind, her dress is red. During the middle, where Megamind is turning good, her dress is purple. Finally, at the ending sequence, where she fully accepts Megamind as a good guy, her dress is purple. I think the dress is one of the more subtle, but no less important details in the movie.

  • 1:40 that really hurt me 😰

  • Introspection Reflection Connection Misdirection Inspection Erection.

  • The thing is that Megamind wasn't targeted for the correct audience. Most kids at the age the movie was targeting (from 7-12) are not able to understand these advanced themes. Kids would ask their parents to go see the newest, goofy movie about a wacky character, and the parents would come along and not even pay attention to the movie. The comedy would fly over the kids' head (because what kid knows what a warranty is?) and the movie would pale in comparison to Despicable Me which was targeted to younger audiences. This would also explain why, as time went on, the kids who grew up loving Despicable Me more than they did Megamind started to have a swap in opinion. As kids grew to about 16 and over (give or take a few years) they became the target demographic and gained a newfound appreciation for this forgotten movie from their childhood. Megamind just had the wrong target audience. Well, at least that was my take on it.

  • 4:55 got me

  • *How Shark Tales Got Religion Right*

  • Its been 2 weeks and this video will not stop being recommended to me. FINE I'll watch it

  • I see you like spicy calamari inkantation...

  • Calimari inktation started playing And I was so confused I looked around to see if my sister was on the switch

  • “But that’s just a theory.” A GAME THEORY!!!!!!

  • Any one else notice “mr. blue skies” playing in the back ground 😂 good little hint there man

  • Yessss!!! Megamind is one of my favorite movies! I rediscovered it a few years ago and have been in love with it ever since!

  • lol, I guess I was the only one who really liked Shrek the 3rd. Oh well. XD

  • I LOVED THIS. But dude sheiks song distracted me so much ha what

  • Its all good until they make a Megamind 2 or a Megamind TV show.

  • *Megamind is sad...*

  • Megamind is a hacker cuz he can use redstone

  • 10/10 memes

  • 10:43 is that, that arcade guy from monster house I see?

  • Hal sounds like Jimmy from GTA 5.

  • Megamind is the only Will Ferrell movie I like.

  • I was not ready for all those emotions at the end WHOA BUDDY


  • Holy crap, Megamind was like, my shit when I was 8 dude


  • FINALLY, somebody who appreciates this MOVIE. And here I thought it was forever to be relegated as a guilty pleasure. Shrek final chapter sucks ass, btw. Prove me wrong.

  • Off to redownload my fave movie from when I was a kid, next to Avatar. The good blue people one.


  • It was probably due to the fact that I was a more mature kid than most that I really liked Megamind and was really baffled that others didn't. It's still one of my favorite "superhero" movies!

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  • Good start with kingdom hearts olympus theme

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