Why Megamind is a Subversive Masterpiece

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
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  • So who remembers the ds game?

  • Even as a child I knew Megamind was a masterpiece. I personally think it's better than Shrek.

  • I just wanted to say, I appreciate KH's Olympus Coliseum music in the background

  • ... a fILM THEORY

  • 15:44 I know this song Now I feel like I should do some splatoon content :) I know the one at 27:05 aswell

  • Megamind is a top 5 dreamworks movie

  • *Sees title* "Oh I already know this, I don't need explaining!"

  • I am so happy to see megamind getting much more attention in recent years

  • I don’t care what you say, Megamind is the best movie in the history of the universe.

  • 7:06 isnt the Music "good old fashiond lover boy" by queen😂😂 i just love queen sory

  • Is that... Is that "take on me" in the background for the beginning? Because its honestly great

  • King crimson skipped hal's evilness

  • The conversation before this was made be like: "But that's just a theory" ------------------------------------ "A GAME THE-" "No, no we're removing that from the script" "Why?" "Really? Why?" "because its overus-" "BECAUSE IT'S OVERUSED"

  • im so happy to be a minimum of 6 of the views on this vid lmao It's great to look back and see this review, too bad megamind was taken off netflix ;-;

  • I honestly like the first d. ME. Not the others as much as the first one.

  • mega mind was my favorite movie at the end

  • I actually cried at the end

  • As a kid,im always thought if Megamind and Monster vs Alien is the same movie Untill i watch this.

  • Megamind is just... *beautyful* and *underrated*

  • Bro at the 15 mark when I started to hear Calamari Inkantation I was incredibly confused And then I realized it was playing in the background while you were speaking.

  • Ah yes, Tamatoa *my favorite Kaiju*

  • Megamind is the bad guy. Metroman is the good guy. *Titan is the nice guy.*

  • Nice guys? You mean simps?

  • I just loves the memes

  • *if naruto didn't want to be Hokage*

  • I love the editing "That was his steak" Mr.krabbs: "slaps mermaidman in the face" Mermaidman: E My 2 favorite parts

  • In the trailers for this movie, when the dad said you are destined for (inaudible) It did start with a gre-then the door shut

  • points to part 2 editor (too lazy to go back and check name)

  • ‘Destined for what?’ *s W o O S h*


  • hal was a simp

  • Bruh what about the lorax

  • My mom and I loved megamind and still watch the movie

  • There's "the lick" in the background piano music. Adam Neely is watching you

  • I haven't seen many of your videos cause I just found out about your channel, but I love the little inspiring messages you put at the end.

  • the lines “i love you metro man!” “and i love you, random citizen” has the EXACT same energy as “you’re breathtaking!” “no you’re breathtaking!” (edit after watching the rest of the video: oh)

  • Always loved this movie and it only gets better as you grow up and hear all the other joke it's just so funny and rich in character

  • I have always loved this movie, and always though I was the only one :v

  • Not only is Hal an incel, but he’s an e-boy on one aspect alone. His shirt. Bite me.

  • I would compare Megamind to parodies like Space Balls and Austin Powers. The humor and satire revolving around a villain that is a play on traditional supervillain tropes is very creative.

  • Inception And exceptional film with great reception about dream conception and deception Contraception

  • when I was younger my family had a van with a dvd player and we just never took this movie out it was so good I've probably seen it more times than I've seen individual movies.

  • I used to watch this OVER AND OVER again.

  • This movie was fun!!

  • Plus, I think Megamind did a better job at answering the prompt of “What if the villain wins?”

  • You think you could review DreamWorks' first film ANTz

  • 1:42. A GAME THEORY


  • Roxanne Roxanne! All she wanna do is party all night😂😂😂🤣 I'm sorry, I had to

  • *or he's the bouncy castle*

  • hal is a simp

  • Hades down is the best musical ever


  • My mom after I take my brother's steak 10:36

  • This was one of those random, non-popular movies that I had on disc for some reason as a kid, therefore watched it constantly, I always loved it and am glad it’s getting recognition

  • I actually loved Megamind as a kid. I got it on DVD & kept watching it over & over again.

  • Wow a pikmin 3 remix Just wow

  • Thank you for playing good old fashion lover boy by queen so underrated and great

  • Megamind does a lot of things right. Unfortunately it was a comedy that was not funny

  • I like how he used joker as a burglar and Caroline and Justine as cops even though joker saved the world and the twins helped that cause Funny