Why Isn’t White Castle A Fast-Food Giant?

Pubblicato il 16 nov 2019
White Castle is widely considered to be the first hamburger fast-food chain in the United States. It's famous for small, cheap hamburger sliders and its role in the 2004 stoner comedy "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle." Despite its notoriety, the brand has a limited footprint in the Midwest and Northeast. So why is White Castle not nearly as big as rivals like McDonald's and Burger King?
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Why Isn’t White Castle A Fast-Food Giant?


  • White Castle is nasty don’t know how people like it

  • Buy them by the sack. For many years the price was 12 cents each, 8 for a buck with something left over. There were several different in Jersey, not all in the best if neighborhoods. In Texas I am only able to buy White Castle at our supermarket, good but not the same as hot off the grill.

  • There foods garbage, that’s why. Their burgers taste like some microwaved meat on a bun

  • Because you’ll see why after you use the restroom 5 minutes later. 🤣

  • Nastiest semblance of a hamburger ever. The last 1 I attempted to eat was a soggy mess. My dog even walked away from it.

  • i used to love white castle! i used to have near me but i think it closed or moved to another location. wish i could have some!!

  • Now at Disney soon

  • Tried White Castle for the first time, ordered 3 "burgers", ate one and gave the rest to the homeless dude hanging out in the store. Holy hell these burgers are god awful.

  • Mc Donalds and Burger King is not that great and not as good as they used to be. There need to be more White Castles and Jack in a Box

  • just when I thought I knew a good bit about American cuisine and fast food culture I come across this, never actually heard of White Castle before. will definitely like and try it as soon as I can once I make it back to America. greetings from germany.

  • *More importantly* Why is Burger King a fast food giant?

  • I remember eating at White Castle's in KL in the early nineties, square sliders were a revelation to me. I was really disappointed when they closed down their Malaysia restaurants.

  • Their in store burgers don't taste the same as fresh they are still very yummy it would take me a day and about $500 to drive to a store so I will keep buying the ones in the store it is much cheaper and still get the great burger.

  • Fast Food? You gotta be kidding, every White Castle restaurant is so slow to get your order. It shouldn't take so long to cook a small burger.

  • If you’re not going to expand in the United States then why would you expand overseas? 😂

  • Live near one, its meh

  • Because they don't franchise their restaurants out to mfs from India and Africa that's why!!

  • I drive over an hour to the Belleville location... please put one in Marion IL lmao

  • We’re about to have the worlds largest and the 1st in Florida White Castle down here in Orlando soon!!🤤🤤🤤

  • 1st off if they franchised the restaurant instead of keeping it family owned it would have been HUGE! Way bigger than Burger King and McDonald's

  • White Castles all over the midwest except for the Hawkeye state.

  • It's because they are nasty tasting burgers and thank god not on the west coast.

  • y

  • Cnbc is awesome with their company case study ! Why don't they make a store in California ?

  • I feel bad for people who haven't had white castle

  • There not that good

  • globe/??? lmao... they got you.....hehe

  • We need one in Seattle!

  • "famous for small cheap burgers'. Yea, in the 70's but they are not cheap today!

  • Please bring a white castle to San Diego please

  • he

  • Long time fan of the Brand and really loved your piece. It really explained a lot about the brand. We really need one to be opened in the Poconos.

  • Well, a few years ago they got the boned headed idea to divide the stores into half W/C and half BBQ. The BBQ side failed miserably.

  • White Castle near me is falling apart and when I see how clean and modern the one at the end looked, it makes me want to go there and try it out.

  • Cheap my ass

  • i could go for a "crave-case" ... oddest thing, i just watched harold n kumar go to white castle a couple days ago... is the algorithm monitoring me?

  • It's criminal that they aren't in LA. Why are they doing this to me!?

  • Have you ever been to a Krystal's we got them down here in Florida the sandwich looks just exactly the same, like they copied them?

    • J Dog they’re def not the same. I’m from the Midwest and Atlanta and outside of circumference their very different. However it’s rumored that the founder of Krystal was affiliated with White Castle early on in its existence but im unsure of how.

  • Introduce vegan or veg options for profit.

  • I tried White Castle for the first time ever in the Detroit area. Those burgers are terrible, I don't understand the hype over its burgers or any burgers from the other chains. Bleh!