Pubblicato il 15 dic 2019
Sup dudes and dudettes,
I missed you guys. I’m gonna to do better.
hugs and kisses,
Jennelle and Alfredo
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  • Hey sweet omg what nail polish are you wearing its amazing!! Alfredo is so cute I have a corn snake called dipstick and a python called freddy lol

  • I used to live in Grass Valley💜

  • Sister: I've bought a new house with a backyard! Jennelle: _Moves into backyard_

  • Newsubscriber let's c what u got 🇿🇦

  • Ur on the google pixel ad

  • We watch you because you don’t record like the others.

  • Visit Georgia!!!!

  • Be careful of people. Even your own family. You have a lot of success on IT-tvs. Just be careful.

  • Why do you live in a van

  • Says shes a terrible youtuber Also gained 1 million subscribers in a month

  • 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕fucking bitch

  • :)

  • Am not crazy jennelle, but your sexiness is out of this world

  • Lived in the desert before, dust storms all the time. Waited them out or covered up and went about the day...

  • Where's the RV??????????????

  • Why do you live in a van?

  • Ur a great IT-tvsr 🖤😍

  • Where are your commercial Janelle. Your missing out on 💰 money girl.

  • Alfredo is getting so big!!!

  • I HAVE THE SAME CAMERAAA, dw it’s an amazing camera

  • you should try echinacea pills. Ever since I've taken it, I've never gotten sick.

  • Jennelle Will never pin this 🥺✊🏻

  • perhaps you need to drink more water.. plants need water.

  • Gorl you post already make such good videos

  • Aww you came here to vegas 😞

  • dude i got a freaking "turn your van into a tiny home" ad right before this

  • There’s a charm in your videos. Don’t change. It absolutely becomes tiring seeing the same ole typical thing. Luv yas. 🤟🏾

  • If you don't consume organic unrefined coconut oil everyday, start. You will not get sick,,, easily ☺️. I put it in my coffee with chocolate whey and honey, and cinnamon. Oh and vanilla. And cocoa powder. Sometimes Kerry Gold butter. Everyday.

  • A tip I heard from Yessi Walters don’t get external hard drives invest in solid state drives Sandisk sells some and they’re portable and can withstand movement

  • Alfredo is just a mood

  • I’ve been in a dust storm my roof flew off

  • I live in Arizona, and we get really bad dust storms in July/August! It's our season for them!

  • The main reason why I love watching your videos is because of the way you edit them so simply. It really matches your personality and I love it

  • You gotta be a Virgo lol

  • Most youtubers just use iMovie on MacBook or phone!

  • I hope you’ve monetized I don’t see any ads!!

  • Im inspired to buy an old van and convert it too!

  • Is that an engagement ring?

  • You're videos are getting pretty boring 🤐

  • Hun you ain't a horrible IT-tvsr your the best in my book your funny sweet kind and confident and you have accomplished so much 💖keep going be you and never EVER GIVE UP

  • Hey don’t feel bad I use a iPad and phone to film so you are better then me 😂😂😘☺️❤️ luv you 😭😁😭😁

  • I love you plz make more vids plz 😩😩😩😩😩😩👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • i think your videos are great

  • Ha convertido el coche en un hogar perfecto like 65435

  • I've been in a dust storm 😂

  • Lady you are very beautiful

  • Every stop hatting if you don't like her get off her page u came just to be. Mean

  • Love youuuu

  • If you love living by the beach then you should try to check out Jersey shore it’s at the end of New Jersey and it’s so beautiful there in the summer and everybody in the neighborhood is so nice and friendly

  • Where you from

  • I guess I couldn’t ever live the van life... constantly depending on others to park, or do laundry, or use the bathroom, or hideout when bad weather hits... not for me.

    • Many Van Life nomads use public bathrooms found at campgrounds,parks, highway rest stops,gas stations, truck stoops,stores open 24 hours, public libraries and restaurants . Nomads use laundry mats for washing laundry and they welcome everyone to use their businesses. There is so many places to park a van where it will blend in with other vehicles where people would not notice a van. Many nomads park in parks that welcome visitors 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Clearly your comment shows you know very little about how a nomad lives and travels in a van.

  • Jennelle, Alfredo is appears to have gotten BIG! I am happy you are feeling better. I love your old videos, they are great!!!😃 thank you.

  • Liza?

  • Please don‘t go the „better video“ route. I love how unprofessional and authentic your videos are. It reminds me of the old IT-tvs

  • Another IT-tvsr says she’s fake as f***! She don’t live in the van... 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Richie Richardson WHY YOU MAD? 🤔

    • @Chez Nashi Your own channel has 2 videos posted with 4 subscribers with 105 channel views . Guess that proves you lack the intelligence required to create videos that attract viewers that subscribe to your channel.

    • @Chez Nashi You did not mention the channel's name of the conspiracy video . Haters lack any legitimate proof that she doesn't live in her van. I noticed the haters that post conspiracy theory videos do not have popular IT-tvs channels. Haters will trash talk about anyone popular to attract subscribers with no knowledge of Van Life. Every Van Life channel creator on IT-tvs will different life experiences based on where they travel. When haters post conspiracy theory videos all it does is make more viewers aware of Jennelle's channel which attracts more subscribers to her channel. Haters forget she bought her van in July 2017 from an ad on Craig's list. She posted photos of her van on her Instagram account over a year before she posted her 1st video on IT-tvs. There is many reasons Jennelle gains subscribers every time she posts a video. Subscribers like her free spirit personality,her pet snake Alfredo and her baby blue van. She is an attractive young woman of mixed ethnicity being Ethiopian and Filipina. Attractive IT-tvsrs gain more subscribers that average looking people because sex appeal attracts subscribers . She can represent African American aka Black people and Asian people. Most Van Life channels are about average looking white people that can only represent white people. Why do you refuse to post a comment with the channel's name that posted the conspiracy theory video ?

    • Richie Richardson that means absolutely nothing. Of course she would want to seem legitimate; anyone would 🙄

    • @Chez Nashi Which other IT-tvsr ? I have watched conspiracy theory videos about Jennelle since July 2019 and none of those videos had any legitimate proof just accusations based on their own ignorance about Van Life living. I have followed over 200 Van Life channels for many years and her van setup is similar to many other Van Life setups when they first started posting videos about Van Life.

  • you shouldnt make videos like everyone else I like your unique video style its different from other peoples videos that everyone does the same.

  • You are like a goddess 🧚🏻‍♀️ you go girl

  • Most important are you 🆗 and feeling Fine today ♥

    • Do you like ☔

    • Have a beautiful day ☀ and your always in my thoughts and prayers ✨

    • I pray every day for you and your safe ✨

    • Have a great day ☀

  • i just love her vibe🥰💕

  • Teach me to be terrible! Teach me your ways...