Why I Hate Family Vloggers *a rant*

Pubblicato il 25 gen 2019
Hi friends! So in today's video I just wanted to sit down and start a conversation about something I have been thinking about a lot! I feel like the topic of family vloggers is super touchy and I wanted to share my thoughts and get your opinions as well! I love you guys and I will see you tomorrow!
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  • Not sure what this moms blog is or if there are images/videos but sorry BOOHOO if this mother is sharing potty training stories potentially for other mothers to learn from. Sorry if I had a mommy blog and I’m talking about (no images/videos of course because that’s a different story) potty training my daughter and the problems I’m having and the tips I want to share, I don’t care if my daughter gets upset because she’s “embarrassed”. Uhm everybody gets potty trained. Seriously out of everything, she’s embarrassed that her mom shared potty training stories? Boo freaking hoo. If she shared photos of her being potty trained, sure I understand. But come on, the mom May have been making a living off of the blog and no offense, if this little girl wants toys and clothes- get over it. If she doesn’t want to be on the blog anymore, I get it. But like COME ON, embarrassed over potty training? Is it because she’s still not potty trained and a big baby? LMAO. Sorry I just find that ridiculous.

  • One should never get kids just to show them around as if they were a Gucci bag or a tiny dog.

  • I know a popular German vlogger showing her daily life and she is super careful about not showing her kids..

  • Oh my God. I kinda actually did something similar once. My 8 year old wanted a lava lamp for her birthday so we went to the mall. I can't remember if it was a Spencer's gifts or Hot Topic but same thing. Anyway we'r saw lava lamps in the window and so I went in with my 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son. I hadn't gone into one if those stores since I was like 15. (I'm in my 30's now) aaaand holly molly out was definitely NOT a store for kids lol. I had to block my son from going to certain corners of the store. I was running around like an idon't trying to shield them lol. We got our lava lamp and I ran dragged them out of there. So I get making that mistake but I would never actually buy them stuff like that because it's funny and DEF not put it online!

  • I know this is an old video, but I just hate parents who act like they own their children to the point of denying them any type of autonomy. It's disgusting.

  • The consent thing also brings a question to my mind, the Kardashians children are minors obviously, and disney stars are minors which is also obvious one question I have is why paparazzi have the right to take pictures of minors and put them on tabloids but do they not need the consent of the parents?? And I get that disney stars are public figures in a way but star or not they are still MINORS. Older guys who are paparazzi taking pictures of minors even if it isnt inappropriate is still really creepy does anyone else feel the same way?

  • I agree with you %100, another thing who cares what these people do!

  • Well, Coppa will take care of those channels that exploit their family's. They will be demonetized and it will be all over.

  • I understand ur rant but I kinda dislike some words! (No hate

  • I have seven children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. People CONSTANTLY tell me I SHOULD make a IT-tvs channel or a Blog about MY CHILDREN’S LIVES. First of all, I want to be able to ENJOY every moment I get with my kids, the pressure of picking up a camera every time my kid does something cute/new/funny INSTEAD OF ENJOYING IT AND LIVING IT is too much! Also, all the editing time and the bashing from people who hide behind a screen to be rude and mean... And most importantly, MY CHILDREN’S PRIVACY matters more to me! I just don’t understand all these people filming themselves when they are taking multiple pregnancy tests, they almost look like they are competing to see what family has the most children in the less amount of time! Filming your family grieving, your children having a rough day, every single place you go... I find it so immature and a very common practice for people with low-self-steam. Sorry.

  • 👏🏻bravo👏🏻

  • Imagine how hard it will be to explain to your employer one day why your entire childhood was extorted!

  • I also feel like some of these families have more children just to have new content

  • By the time most kids are 18 they already have an entire shadow profile of themselves online without every having the choice. It's wild to think about.

  • YES YES YES!!! 👏👏👏👏

  • I feel truly sorry for all the kids whose parents have used them and have taken away their privacy before they were able to even consent. It all reminds me of that Jim Carey movie The Truman Show which is about a guy whose entire life has been recorded and shared with the world without his knowledge and consent. It's a violation, plain and simple.

  • Food for thought how is family vlogger different from a parents who post non stop on Instagram Facebook of their kids or Reality TV shows that’s are about families??

  • you're always ask the . important questions. love your videos

  • This is terrible what they some of these parents are doing to their kids to make money. Also what happens when their kids become an adult, then what? They can't invade their adult child's life.

  • Since you voice your opinion here is mine. Lose some weight wow. Can't you see yourself? Morbid obesity has taken its final form. Not healthy at all. Your points have merit but the elephant in the room is your weight.

  • Unpopular or not I agree 100%. You are selling your kids childhood for a buck. I think the kids are always forced to be ‘on’.

  • My Hostkid (f,7y/o) loves watching those family vloggers and the thing that freaked me out most about this was the one day she watched one vlog where one of the younger kids was sick. Like really, really sick. Crying, whimpering, clearly in agony and the whole time her mother was showing her on camera, telling the audience what is wrong and how bad her daughter is feeling (duh) while "comforting" her. I will never understand how you can show your child in such a situation instead of really taking care of them.

  • I used to watch a youtuber, called Dina Tokyo who would cover her children's faces...

  • I personally love some mom vloggers because I’m a new mom and oftentimes find myself wanting to see how other moms do it and granted most of the vloggers that I watch seem quite boring to everyone since they just do a lot of cleaning and going to target but I enjoy watching other people do normal mom stuff like I do because it’s relatable. I can’t stand the ACE family because something just seems off with them and very obviously forced. I agree with all of the points you’ve made but not all mom vloggers post inappropriate content of their children Either way when the child is old enough to speak out they should most definitely have a say as to what they do or don’t want of themselves out on the internet.

    • Lina Magdalena The Ace Family has been exposed to many scandals. 1. People have seen Austin (The dad) hanging out with other woman who isn’t Cathrine 2. The two of them have cheated on each other at Coachella. And they brought their 1 year old baby. 3. Cathrine used to be an escort and dated Michale B Jordan. She left him for Austin, then accidentally got pregnant with her eldest Ellie. 4. Austin gave his 4 year old sister in law a dick shape lol from Spencer’s and filmed her licking it. 5. They flooded their neighbor’s back yard from jet skying in a pool in their 1 hour house tour video. 6. They get pregnant for views I can go on and on.

    • Lina Magdalena I don’t understand the hype with the Ace Family. The first video I watched of them was “Ellie’s second birthday” The monologue felt forced and Ellie looked sad to be there.

  • kids need privacy, i cant imagine how psychologically damaging it is to have to be constantly on camera from a young age...

  • it’s funny to me how i hear of american kids being not allowed to go to spencer’s while stores like that here are mostly visited by kids

  • Something about The Ace Family gives me the creeps

  • Vlogging has become the normal, Left's way of life. 'NORMAL' being the prime word. Yes they are earning their main income from vlogging. Two things. If they are that stupid displaying their family where they are the main theme of all videos, then truly, they aren't going to care what anyone thinks. Second, people don't need to watch them. Those choosing to watch literally are supporting that family. Like, I don't watch this channel, I don't know how it came up in my viewing list as I always search for News articles. While typing this comment after the sickening start of watching her put on makeup, while b*tching about other vloggers. Wake up, if you are watching these vloggers, then you are contributing to their income. The same as some people complain about pedophiles but continue to put their 'children' on camera. I admit to watching and supporting one family. However, their channel is more about where they live and the consequences of their life style. In short, it is educational and the children are knowledgeable in knowing what is going on. The children aren't the highlight or subject of their videos. They only make occassional appearances, they aren't shoved down viewers throats. In fact, they are a very religious family, committed to the welfare of others. They are raising their children the same way. In fact, now they have established their channel with the necessary equipment to provide quality footage, mist if their income from vlogging, goes to those in need and thanking those in their community fir their ongoing, selfless dedication to the welfare if the community. So suck it up princess, if you don't like those you are b*tching about, why are you watching/supporting them?

    • Lyn R You’re commented sounded bipolar. One paragraph sounds like you didn’t agree with Somkey glow. The next sounds like you do agree with her

    • @Jade West In a Wedding Dress You obviously didn't read my comments.

    • Lyn R People only watch theses vloggers for the poor children. And Smokey glow sounds concern for their wellbeing. If we innocent people stop watching, perverts will still continue

  • it's like child acting in early Hollywood. youTube needs to have the same regulations (don't know how that would work) or just not monetize them. It would be like having all you're home videos suddenly available for millions of people to see. I wonder what these parents who vlog would feel about ALL their home videos put online?

  • Family vlogging is icky and wrong and says horrible things about our society.

  • I think it’s dangerous and insane to put your kids online for countless weirdos and Pervs and make money on it as a “vlog”! Grosses me out and I do NOT understand this

  • Mom and family vloggers are creepy. It just isn't normal. The Cole and Savannah channel creeps me the hell out to. Not only do the parents look like siblings, they are way over the top with their acting. Like jesus christ the poor little fucks they are raising are going to one day be as narcissistic as their parents.

    • K M I thought they were siblings when I first saw them. Until they uploaded the wedding video. Everleigh seems smart for her age. Maybe in a few years she will realize her parents are using her for views and put an end to it.

    • K M Their poor children Everleeeigh and Posiee will be the next Honey Boo Boo. Cole always has Eve doing a heel stretch with duck lips as a thumbnail. And their videos get way more views than the other ones they post.

  • There was actually this former family vlogging channel that was a mom and her adopted kids. The mom got arrested and the channel, I'm pretty sure, got taken down. Turns out she literally only adopted the kids for the sake of making a name for herself on youtube. They were just props to her fame and she abused the shit out of them when they messed up a line or didn't do what she asked. She also put them all in a closet when she wasn't dealing with them or recording them. It's so disgusting how IT-tvs, being such an easy and free access to fame, really brings out the monster in people.

  • Rather than focus on labour laws, multiple member states in the European Union already have laws against this. France currently has laws protecting children from a privacy perspective, in that a parent can be fined up to 50 thousand pounds if they put personal data related to their children on a public forum like IT-tvs. Children cannot consent to the use of their data until they reach the "age of digital consent" which varies between 13-16 depending on where in the EU they are. It's much easier to target data than it is to change the labour initiatives. Data is more easy to track.

  • I strongly believe children should not be on IT-tvs . All these family bloggers should stop showing their kids on their videos .

  • Some people are sick . And social service bother good parents but never knock on the doors of these creeps .

  • I agree with you 100%!! There definitely needs to be legal guidelines for the children and legal rights to a percentage of profits

  • Unfortunately, the law has not caught up with technology and child labor laws. Children who are getting close to the age of 18 will begin showing us the results of vlogging from the day they were born. There will be tell-all books, lawsuits and lots of PTSD and emotional problems to deal with. I have very little respect for family vloggers, especially those who have become wealthy on the backs of their children. COPPA is a welcome example of what the future holds for family vloggers. It is time for them to get real jobs and face reality. Already, there is evidence of financial strain with these vloggers selling their homes and fancy cars to pay their bills. Many have scrambled to make second IT-tvs channels, podcasts, Instagram accounts, and brand deals to pay their expenses. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  • Came here to see if anyone else found family vlogs icky. That and child asmr just bothers me...

  • Tbh the fact that family vlogging is popular among kids makes me sad. Kids might compare their real families to these IT-tvs families like the Royalty Family and Ace Family which is not the norm at all. Like maybe kids might internalize the lives of these vloggers as what a family should be like.

  • I agree on all of your points regarding family vlog channels. Tbh I feel like they catter mostly to children and inadvertently, they catter to pe d0 s and that just makes me uncomfortable. The only thing I disagree on is Logan Paul not hurting anyone with his suicide vlog video: the person found dead had a family and his face was broadcasted without him or his family having a say or being acknowledged as a person in anyway.

  • I remember a year before people started talking about daddy o five I was watching their channel and was mortified. I literally tried to get people on IT-tvs to talk about it cause it reminded me of growing up with my dad. I literally don't see him anymore because of the trauma. The fact that they had been on here for so long and no one cared was terrifying.

  • What a jealous girl and by the way u are also mad because u don't have a family and they are so happy together. So everyone knows that u are a loner

    • Vanessa Reyes I know from your comment. No adult/teen would be jealous of their private life online for mommy to make money.

    • @Cat from Victorious You don't know if a little kid, so don't say stuff that u don't know if I'm a kid or not

    • @Cat from Victorious I don't know who u are but i don't care if my mom post embarrassing or cute stuff about me.☺☺

  • Just found your channel! Love it. New subbie. :)

  • So right

  • Logan Paul didn't just hurt himself. He hurt the family of the man they recorded and the entire culture of respect in Japan.

  • Ultimate revenge would be the daughter opening her own channel, naming it my Mother from hell, and spewing all her shit all over social media.

  • I really like this video and I think you bring up a lot of good points. One aspect/"genre" of family vlogging I think often gets left out of these types of discussions is "disability family vlogs", and by those I mean abled parents of disabled children with family vlogs. I do understand that it can be helpful for people to be able to share stories and advice on how best to help their child with disabilities, but I'm not convinced family vlogging is the healthiest way to do that. They'll often go into a lot of detail about their child's medical issues and disabilities, and share very personal details about them, and the whole vlog ends up revolving around their disabled child. A disabled child will grow into a disabled adult and they might not always feel comfortable with having such personal information about them very publicly online. I think the dehumanization of disabled people by society very much plays a role, and a lack of respect for the autonomy of disabled people. Especially when the child is autistic, has verbal communication problems and/or has intellectual disability, the issue gets compounded because they may not be able to communicate the fact that they are uncomfortable with those things being shared - and the assumption is often that that must mean that they cannot have independent opinions and feelings, but intellectually disabled, autistic and/or nonverbal adults AND children can and do have opinions and thoughts and feelings and they deserve to have their autonomy respected just as much as abled children and adults do. If my mom had filmed my childhood tantrums and publicly discussed me wetting the bed online, I would be okay with that and that would not have been okay for her to do. I don't think it should be any more okay for her to (hypothetically) do it if I were autistic and intellectually disabled.

  • I don't agree with the idea that what Logan Paul did in the Japanese forest only hurt him. You don't know what effect it had on the dead man's family. It really may have traumatised his children.

  • The sacconejolys are terrible for this, neither of them work, pop out kids for nanny’s to look after and just flaunt a luxury lifestyle. Their kids are there income

  • The kartrashians r a prime example of this due to Kris

  • Just wait. In the next several decades there is going to be new mental disorders being discovered which only vlogging family kids have. Mark my words it will happen!

  • I agree with all the points you brought up in this video. There are no regulations like how child actors are compensated and treated under child labor laws. IT-tvs is more of a free for all and while it is a good platform for freedom of expression, when people cross legal or moral lines, there are really no consequences other than losing followers

  • Agreed...Also, when the kids are too old to give a shit the family will replace them with a tiger or a new adopted baby from Russia or they'll become born again Christian and just be a boring "example" channel.

  • Feel the same way and i hate seeing Instagram pages for new born baby’s, toddlers, kids. It’s fucking cringe

  • What’s the best thing about Hannah?!? When you see a video caption you think to yourself .... ok, I have an opinion about this topic. And then you watch the video and she shows you the point of view that you didn’t even think about. Omg I love you Hannah ❤️ Thank you!

  • The dad was an athlete well known in basketball. He himself somewhere said he actually never wished to have a family urgh

  • Hi chica, why are they even on IT-tvs. Lol

  • I've seen vlogs of a family with 2 biological children and 6 adopted children. They giveaway sooo much information and footages of the adopting process and their children's life. Although the children look happy, but the performative side of it made me feel uneasy and question things.

    • @InfernoFire Not both. Wow, so there are many of them, huh. Some of the contents seem to exploiting the health condition of the children.

    • e utami crazy pieces or is it middles?

  • Do you have a video on that insane Ryan kid? His parents are sickos. and now I have to see him everywhere so all the message is is that if you use your kid to make money then it's just fine. He's everywhere, that kid.