Why Has Sri Lanka Had So Many Names?

Pubblicato il 27 set 2019
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License: CC BY (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


  • Hello all! It's good to be back from my travels around Sri Lanka, I hope you haven't all forgotten about me!

    • Thanks for covering Sri Lanka... Hope you had a great time... Shout out all the way from Sri Lanka

    • In Portuguese is "Ceilão", the "i" stays close to the "e". Wikipedia can help you: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Ceylon

    • My parents being from Sri Lanka, I can say there are two more names for the island that were not discussed. In Sri Lankan Tamil the most common name for the island is Elankai, and a more ancient name for the island is Eelam.

    • Hi

    • I’m on the Big Island of Hawaii right now. You need to cover Hawaiian names. You will find them fascinating.

  • So Sri Lanka Basically means Beautiful Island.

  • My mother was born in Sri Lanka.

  • Proud to see my country!

  • God bless. Nice to see people talking about my country

  • Ramayana is estimated to be around 5000 years old, story written about 2500 years ago

  • Who thought tambapani was an island next to Sri Lanka lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 now I look like a fool dumy me 😂😂

  • People nowadays correcting pronunciation lmao, Just appreciate this guys effort . I've never seen even Sri lankan trying make a video like this -_-. DUMB ASS TYPICAL SL PEOPLE >.

  • I didn't know this LOL

  • Stop lying there's almost no public WiFi in Sri Lanka. Source: I LIVE THERE

  • I am from sri lanka 🇱🇰 ...It's good to see this kind of content and love it...❤

  • useless!

  • Just saying , (Related to the thumbnail tho) Mahasamarakkodi Archchige Chathura Yasasvi Fernando. Yeah that's my name.!!! 😅😅

  • bruhh how the heck did he pronounce PRINCE VIJAYA as VIYALA? 1:13 😂😂 It's literally pronounced like Vi - Ja- Ya

  • As a Sinhalese i wished they kept it as ceylon

  • Hi Name Explain, thanks for the background on the name but there is one part you didn't quite get right - Ceylon was a Portuguese colony for about 100 years, In portuguese Poetry it is referred to as Taprobana, but eventually we started referring to it as Ceilão, not CELIAO (I think you mispelled there). We say Ceilão - the hat transforming the word into what you would pronounce as "Say-lan" or "Say-lom" depending on pronounciation, hence Ceylon - the dutch took after the Portuguese and the British after them then :)) But yes the word we use probably comes from the Arabic - I didn't know that thanks for researching! - but it makes sense taking into account the attacks on Moorish ports and using Moorish guides in the Indian Sea

  • I haven't heard some of those names you mentioned untill i saw it on your video. And I am from Sri Lanka! 🇱🇰 😁

  • ලංකාවෙ කවුරුවත් ‌ඉන්නවද?

  • The only important name is Tamil Eelam 🐅

  • පච කෙලින්න එපා බල්ලෝ

  • Ramayana isn't a poem 😂😂😂😂 It's a epic battle symbolizing the victory of good over evil

    • Sharma ji ka launda Uhhh, you do know that an “epic” is a type of long poem right? And since when can a poem not symbolize moral victory?

  • any srilankan watching this? me paththata

  • I'm Sri Lankan!!!!!!!!

  • Omg.. How the narrator butchered the name.. Ramayana.. Vijaya.. 😂

  • HAHA VPN SPONCERING YOU??? Sri lanka use vpn lot

  • I'm a Sri Lankan and still watching this.

  • Never mind about how you butchered the pronunciation or the facts. The mere fact that you took interest in my country makes me happy! 😁

  • Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

  • My country is beautiful, but politician turned in to piece of shit.

  • ලංකාවේ කට්ටිය like එකක් දාන්න..

  • I’m Sri Lankan and VPN is the mostly used app type here 😂✌️

  • You may definetly refer Sri Lankan main history book called Mahawanshaya. Sri Lanka has strong written history since 2500 years. That is very old written history. So you may concern about that. you can get so many informations from that. And it should be Singhaladeepa. Not Simhaladeepa. It meant the majority of the people were Sinhalese. Thank you.

  • Respect for doing your research in depth! Awesome vid! Hope you had fun in Sri Lanka!

  • Funny how the sponsor ad was for a vpn, we use it very frequently as our president blocks all social media from time to time 😂.

  • As a SrI Lankan, I thank you for talkin about Sri Lanka

  • There are so many island villages in the Krishna river with the name Lanka like Krishna Lanka etc. Sri means something like respectable.

    • @Lakshan Wasalage In Krishna,East Godavari,West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh state in India. Some villages are bobbarkanka,Nagaya Lanka etc there are many villages with the name Lanka.

    • 😂 where?? Not have a clue..

  • Foreigners may have spelled it different according to the way it is easy for him,but literary we had only two names before we adopted this so called Indian mythology inspired name "Lanka"..and those are Thambapanni and 'SinhalaDvipa' or 'Sinhale' (abode of Sinhalese people) .. all above names which you mentioned has been derived from either of those two

  • I’m Sri Lankan 🇱🇰, i really appreciate what you have done, but most of the sinhalese word pronunciations are wrong.

  • Nice lecture!

  • My beautiful homeland ❤️

  • Can u do one on Sri Lankan war history. There are some amazing points in history where some Tamil kings had defeated the British who “had guns” with swords and spears.

  • Am Sri Lankan and I loved this video ❤ (you got everything nice and accurate. Except for that one little typo in the Portuguese name and all the pronunciations 😅)

  • I am a Srilankan

  • The king is a Sonali person and the Sonali symbol is use lion symbol present themselves the first Sonali King had killed lion free hand Li and that is the reason the Lion symbol is represent first Sonali king

  • haha... the way you introduced NORD

  • Sinhala Land = ceylon

  • The free WiFi is limited to daily 100MB bandwidth and tagged/authenticated with National ID number - so the Govt can correlate the activity with the person using the free service. When the free provider is Mobitel, they try to break open SSL packets.

  • The thing about the Lion is not about the animal have been lived in the country. Just like Romulus and Remus being nursed by a she-wolf, Sinhalese people believe that we come from a forefather who was a lion and a human mother. There is also a classical drama about this.

  • Our country sucks

  • I am simple girl. I saw Sri lanka and I clicked it. Becoz I am Sri Lanka.

    • Sri Lankan* ජාත්යන්තරයට

  • Dope flag though

  • It called "Hela", "Siv hela" and "Sinhaley" by the People who lived in the country for most of the history. People who lived in the country were called Sinhala people. "Lanka" was just a stupid name given by the hindu Mythical story author Valmiki who wrote a myth called "Ramayanaya". Lanka = island in Sanskrit. So the myth fulfilled some geo political purposes of ancient Bharat, now known as India. However Our political leaders in 70's went with that name "Lanka" and added a little "Sri" infront of it. (I'm pretty sure they didn't have any understanding about the importance of the history of the country and any good vision about the future of our country! They just picked whatever the most popular name at that time) In late 70's a minority terrorist group started attacking the citizens of the country which eventually evolved to a war. In late 80's India intervened by agreeing to solve the problem at the same time trying to stretch their military power over the island. But that failed and their prime minister was assassinated by the terrorist group. However the war lasted for almost 30 years, the government had to use full military power to destroy the terrorist group in 2009.

    • Ravindu Mirihana Actually the Sinhala people are not the first people living there. History says these people came with the banished king vijaya from India, are Sinhalese. The indigenous people are another group of people. In our Ramayana, it explains the king of Lanka, whose name was Ravana. By the way, PM Rajeev Gandhi actually was helping bridge the peace between the Sinhalese and Tamils. But a Tamil extremist killed Rajeev. Your talking without facts brother.

  • sinhaladveepa = land of sinhalese

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  • ah that's where i live

  • It's original name was 'Eelanka' (Eezhakam - like tamil eelam) means 'Land' in Tamil a south Indian dravidian language. Another ancient name was 'Kullikollam' or 'Kaladikollam' means 'Islands' in ancient Malayalam another south indian dravidian language. Ceylon a name was used by Greco-romans derived from ancient malayalam word 'Kollam' (Kullikollam or Kaladikollam). It was an english-aryan propaganda to change 'eelanka' to 'srilanka'. Word kaladi means footage, which denotes an ancient myth of creation of Adam. Sri Lanka was considered as the creation place of Adam the first man in ancient world. 'Peak of Adam' was considered as one of most famous pilgrims of ancient world which was visited by thousands of merchants and pilgrims from arab, greece, ethiopia and persian-babylonian regions. There is a giant foot depicted on a rock considered as the footmark of Adam. After 5th century this mountain was captured by Shivite beleivers (Kashmiri migrants) and converted it to a shivite-jain abode. Jains/Shivites consider that footmark as of their first guru (Rishabha/Rudra/Adinadha etc). Infact, for ancient semitic world, Sri Lanka was Havilah and Malabar coast/SouthIndia was Ophir named after two ancient semitic groups. In coptic language they still use word 'Sopher' for southindia. Lord Rama was actually a prince of raghuvansa dynasty near ganga river, he received monastic order and became a jain/shivite monk. His real story has been written in Salaka Purusa, a jain text. He has no connection with 'Eezhakam' aka Sri Lanka.

  • I am a Sri Lankan and watching this from Sri Lanka.. :)

  • This was so interesting!! Thank you very much and highly appreciate the effort put in!! Love from

  • It's good, let me add a little bit of information to that too. Before it called Sri Lanka, at some point it was call 'Sinhale' too. That's where Sinhalese people (people who speak Sinhala) come from. Like Japaneses speak by people in Japan, Spanish speak by people from Spain, Sinhale people spoke Sinhala (the language use in the country). Even today that name can found in some famous songs about the country sang by famous singers. 'Sinha' mean lion in Sinhala language, so that's where lions come from too. (Thambapanni, Sinhale, Lanka and Sri Lanka are the names that we all came up with, all other names was given to us by other countries in the world because they found difficulty to pronounce those names)