Why Are There So Many Movie Theater Formats? | Movies Insider

Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
Between Dolby Cinemas, IMAX, RealD 3D, and Regal RPX there are a lot of ways to watch a movie. And some movies like The Lion King are released in all of them. But which of these premium formats is better? Well, it depends on you and on the movie. If you want the biggest screen size you can get, you want IMAX. But if you're an audiophile you'll love Dolby Atmos. And different genres lend themselves to different formats. A comedy is probably fine in standard/digital. But if you're seeing a big blockbuster you might want a format like IMAX or Dolby Cinema.
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Why Are There So Many Movie Theater Formats? | Movies Insider


  • But I like my active 3D experience... not at the theaters though.... 3D home cinema projectors, now that is a fun movie night. I don't go to movie theaters any more honestly (unless its free) because the cost of tickets is outrageous and I could buy the movie once for the cost for the family to go to one movie.(another perk is Volume control at home... I value my hearing) also I hate Dead pixels.... cleaning dust filters and dead bulbs I can replace, pixels I cannot. my epson 3D home cinema projector is also pretty comparable to TVs these days in price, Even more so cheaper if you compare size though. They even make 4k 3D projectors now too... those can be pricey, but so are 90 and 100 inch TV's in general.... If size is what you want choose a projector, save yourself a lot of money. But that's just my opinion... Feel free to disagree.

  • Imagine Apple buying iMax and selling it with their logo. Starting from 69999999$

  • Fun fact. Yes Dolby projectors are 4K capable but most content is only 2K and dual projectors does not mean twice the resolution. It’s used for contrast and light.

  • Sooo..... dolby stocks anyone?

  • So bigger is better

  • His voice makes me wanna stop watching till the end lol why all the unnecessary whispering?

  • THX

  • I just want a 60 fps to be an option at theaters

  • movie tickets cheap where i live is 50-100$ per ticket

  • I don't even think my cinema is 720p and has a mono speaker

  • i go where there's less people..

  • Not a fan of the voice

  • I never knew that watching a movie would get so complicated.

  • dislike ONLY because of the terrible voice on this. Good stuff tho!

  • what about laser ultra in kinepolis?

  • i watched batman v superman in 3D, the whole movie was black/dark couldn't see shit.

  • Too much dynamic on your voice.

  • I've seen Shazam, Captain Marvel and IT 2 on 4dx. Pretty dope ngl

  • Such a shit video

  • If movie theater tickets would cost only 10 dollars here in switzerland, I would go to the cinema every day. Here, the cheapest tickets cost at least 15 dollars, but most tickets cost around 17 to 20. If you go to a imax or dolby cinema or watch the movie in 3D, prices gan go up to 23dollars. Sure, that isn't that much when you don't visit the cinema too often. But when you want to have a snack, some popcorn and a soda, you will leave the cinema at the end of the evening with 30 to 35 dollars less.

  • All Digital IMAX is LieMAX. Digital or Lazer projections are still not as good as real 70mm IMAX footage.

  • So annoying narrative

  • I have my cinema at home. and I will say it's way better than real cinemas. the best thing is that you can bring your own food. but to get really good quality you will spend a lot of money and time setting it up to be just perfect. I have 1080p laser projector and 7 Dolby atmos speakers + bass speaker. also I have really comfortable chairs. so I invite my family, neighbors and friends and we watch a movie (of course they pay for movie rent).

  • 70mm format 6 times bigger than 35mm?! It's just twice as much of it

  • I watch my movies in dolby or imax with lasers. No standard

  • I saw Dr sleep in dolby cinema best movie experience in a while 😊

  • The lack of dolby and HDR in most cinemas(if not all of them here in Israel) is the reason why I just watch most movies on my HDR phone or 3000:1 VA monitor. It's funny but the best way to watch an HDR movie in my home is My Oneplus 6 phone. Oh well I'm mildly near sighted so it's fine ^^ big and far = small and close for me...

  • *one more like for the narrator*

  • and the most cost-effective: Home Theatre.

  • 3 dollars 3D

  • Hipsters use THX.

  • I saw the re release of Schindler's list in dolby and it was incredible!

  • Just buy a 65" 4KHDR Dolby Vision Oled a decent Dolby Atmos 7.1 audio system, put em in a dark quiet room and forget theaters...There's plenty of content in Netflix and amazon prime. And wait a couple of months and these 'blockbusters' will be on the list too.

  • Any professional would quickly notice that Dolby Cinema is superior to any other format. They have the highest quality image (4K projectors, highest color reproduction accuracy and a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio). The most expensive TVs and phones literally use Dolby.

  • All i noticed from dolby atmos theater is just louder version from the regular surround 7.1

  • I cant do it. I cant finish the video. His whispering is like nails on a chalkboard

  • I’m gonna watch a horror movie in Dolby, k bye noww!

  • THX is Still better

  • I watch new movies in pdvd or tsrip.

  • why he talking like that tho

  • Still didn't answer the question "Why does it cost $18 to see a fricking movie" the "because it's better" does not answer why.

  • A solid presentation about viewing experience. The only part you have wrong is aspect ratio being "black bars." With the exception of Christopher Nolan, aspect ratios for cinema are usually a 2.35:1 that is exported for public viewing. The industry doesn't just throw some black bars on their footage and call it a day. You even have examples in your video showing that they are not throwing bars on and that between standard 4K and Imax is just showing more of the frame

  • Or you could just watch movies on your phone.

  • For a video talking about sound, why is he whispering at the end of every sentence? Is this some weird ASMR crap?

  • I like IMAX because it's a huge screen and see everything

  • I live in a medium french city (Toulouse), and I have the chance to have a dolby and a imax theater !

  • I live in Chicago I see the Logan theater every two weeks when I ride by Logan Square.

  • I want more 3D movies shot in 3D. Also more 70mm. Heck just make more 3D 70mm films.

  • Why are there so many formats?? *WhY, mOnEy Of CoUrSe!!*

  • I like Dolby Cinema but I prefer IMAX

  • I HAVE AMC A-LIST so price is NOT a problem!

  • 18 bucks? That's standard in my country.

  • I make commercials for theaters and the conversion for a 30s reel can cost as much as $500.

  • And this is why my family and I waste no expense when it comes to a Star Wars midnight premiere I am the first one in the theater and the last to leave I want to get my money's worth

  • next question- when we are getting 60fps in movies?

  • 5:02 how's this 6x bigger?

  • god damn this video essay accent, cadence, pronunciation, etcetera etcetera. makes me want to vomit

  • I know this is late, but there are also other theater formats. There is Cinemark or Century XD, which has 11.1 surround sound and maybe a bigger and better screen. But not near where Dolby or IMAX go. There is also high Frame rate, or hfr. Films made in HFR come every once in a while. Since 2010, HFR films with theatrical releases were The Hobbit Trilogy (all 48fps), Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and Gemini Man. The latter two being 120fps (and directed by Ang Lee) There are also luxury theaters like Showplace Icon or Cinépolis (pronounced "sin ay PO liss").

  • Why not imax screen with Dolby Atmos?😐

  • Dolby is the format to go with. Seriously it’s worth every penny!