Why are people mad at IISuperwomanII ? #DramaAlert PewDiePie Hackers DESTROY T-Series!

Pubblicato il 10 dic 2018
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  • Bruh

  • bullshit lilly signs

  • Good job keemstar you are a great person thank you for helping noah

  • Ok guys.... so due to the pewdiepie and T-series war. We all have a ton of alt accounts... so im just saying keep them ready for the 2020 rewind. Lets try to get 20mil dislikes if it sucks (which it probably will) 20mil dislikes for 2020

  • Even kemmstar dislike jake Paul lol

  • uh oh youtube 2019 is coming


  • I mean I don't like cod iw, but at least it didn't get as much dislikes as "its every day bro"

  • So, Forbes estimates how much money IT-tvsr's make based on view counts. Okay, so that means that more people watched fewer female IT-tvsrs and thus they got less ad revenue. In that case, the viewers/audience are to blame for not being as big as before. Yeah, Lilly, you missed that detail. But it's okay, your concern was genuine.

  • Lillysings

  • Fake bitch

  • IT-tvs rewind 2018 has 16 mil dislikes rn

  • AlL aRound ME aRe *FAMILLYOUR* fACes

  • I have never seen Jake Paul or any re wind

  • Why is this guy more annoying than he looks?

  • I mean, she’s getting a late night show. I wouldn’t really call that “going down.”

  • Yes people tryed to cheat and t series played fair

  • Wow she really tried to stretch that video out longer

  • Why is Keem never in rewind

  • i just happen to be watching this after lilly singh announced about her talk show..........and i am like: bitch what are u talking about lilly singh's career going down?? then i see this is before the NBC's Little late With Lilly Singh

  • At least vanoss was there

  • No joke your laugh makes me like the vid 😂

  • Pube face keemstar

  • aashole t series is not closed it's a usc label company i'v been watcching t series released songs since i was a baby asshole not like you sitting in stupid room on you tube go figure asshole

    • Dude fuck off you are late😂asshole motherfucker go and suck t series owner's dick asshole

  • Hm I wonder why Lilly Singh thinks we hate her. Hmmmmmmm. HMMMMM?!


  • Haha looks like Lily Singh gets the last laugh here Keemstar. She is now a late night show host. Much more then you can say for yourself. I guess you judged too soon.

  • Killer keemstar. Fuck that sounds like what a 10 years old boy called himself.

  • Lilly just needs a diaper change I'm pretty sure, she will be just fine after.

  • Lilly cringe is so irrelevant

  • I love lily Singh but she was actually stupid for making that comment. Everyone make mistakes

  • Lilly Singh your the BEST !!!

  • Her: I hate being labelled as an Indian, especially in conversation starters. Also her: I GAVE MY FRIEND AN INDIAN MAKEOVER!!!!

  • no sheet people hate you YOU WERE IN IT-tvs REWIND

  • Is it just me or does he say traler instead of trailer it’s pronounced tray-ler

  • JULY 15th issa history

  • fuck you ||superwoman||

  • Keem: lilly your career is in a decline Lilly: *new late night talk show on television* PROVE EM WRONG, GIRL!

    • HonestLiar took her awhile

  • lilly Singh's videos are way better than his videos

    • Pawan Kumar LOL, no

  • I thought it was because she may like t-series...

  • Superwoman is so fkin annoying i swear...

  • Lol. Lilly Singh is getting her own Late Night Show on NBC. So now its Jimmy Fallon, Lilly Singh and Seth Myers. Going down ya said. haha

    • Lol, your name is shit Condolences

  • gg

  • VanissGaming?

  • The second most trusted news source in the world!

  • Lilly Singh is awful.

  • It's not like Lilly has ever blamed sexism for anything before Or Homophobia Or RaCisM before

  • With what Lilly said about the thing with Forbes is true. She and Liza Koshy are the highest paid and watched female influencers. For example, how is Logan Paul still getting views when he's done so many terrible things that little kids have seen, same with Jake Paul, and they still get views and both still have Adsense. If any female influencer did anything close to what both of the Paul's did then they would have their adsense taken away from them and get ridiculed to an even farther extent of what the Paul's have had. We're supposed to be moving forward and supporting women, but instead, we are just going back to women being treated worse than men.

    • Views determine how much you get payed, not gender. Otherwise, why was the kid the most payed IT-tvsr in the world? (i forgot his name, it's a toy channel). You lily fans are as ignorant as that tweet she has made.

  • Give me the Lily's account lol....

  • Comes back after taking a break for "mental health" Hey guys buy my hustle merch

  • "One day I'm going to be irrelevant too". Bitch you ARE irrelevant

  • Lily Singh is right. Also about the angry men responses...

  • Oh silly thot, Lord Pewdiepie needs no hackers. Only people who truly want to resist complete bullshit like T-Series.

  • Suck a dick keem

  • She just the bitchiest drama whore.

  • *suscribed*

  • Unpopular opinion: I think superwoman is right to a certain extent. How are all the top 10 youtubers all male? I’m not saying that youtube is playing it in their favor, but there has to be some factors for it bc there’s tons of hardworking female creators too. Is it because males are just more funny? Are females’ humor not as appealing as males is in society? Do male youtubers put themselves out more, thus making more “exciting” content? Is there a higher number of male youtubers than female? In most industries, women are paid less than men, except in porn and modeling. There has to be a reason why and I think superwoman did raise a somewhat valid point about how it’s strange all top 10 paid youtubers r all men

    • Are viewing the same IT-tvs as we all are ?/I mean IT-tvs has been so sexist against men. And in recent times it has gone way too harsh, that any open opinion of men are getting taken down. I hope you either a lesbian or a soycuntfucked boi.

  • 2:27 Who else saw the Keemstar disliked it?

  • That's a dumb point people made... There's a big big difference between uploading 12 collabs of Christmas plus 2 weekly videos and just uploading 11 collabs that were probably almost finished by the time she took a little break. That's my view on her break. I was very happy to see she was still giving team super some Christmas videos. I liked them. About the rest, I don't think I'm on the same page as her on the Forbes list thing...but it only shows her competitiveness. Not always very flattering but a great trait to have when your a business owner. Congrats to the IT-tvsrs on the list.

    • Oh yes for sure right? She just happens to take a break to come back in December (where views are the highest) and bring her best content that she could along with a bunch of promotion of her new merch she made. Sarcasm aside she lined that up pretty well. To me it clearly seems she wanted to make a big project for her views to rise in December

  • Has Anyone Noticed That Keemstar Disliked The IT-tvs Rewind2018.