Why Apple Failed To Deliver AirPower

Pubblicato il 26 apr 2019
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On September 12, 2017 Apple introduced the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X, the first generation of iPhones to feature wireless charging. So it was fitting that Apple also introduced an accessory called AirPower that same day, which was Apple’s take on the wireless charging mat. And in order to differentiate AirPower from its competition, Apple included some incredible features, like the ability to place your apple watch, iPhone, and AirPods anywhere on the mat to charge. AirPower also allowed the iPhone to display the charging level of other devices on the mat. Features that had never been possible before with previous wireless charging products, and this caused many people to wonder whether that kind of technology was possible at all. But Phil Schiller assured us Apple knew how to do it. And all of this technology was housed in a slim, compact design unlike anything else on the market. But there was a catch, AirPower never actually made it to market. The initial release date of early 2018 came and went, and in March 2019 Apple announced the AirPower project was cancelled, saying, "After much effort, we’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards.”
So in this video, we’re going to explore what gave Apple the confidence to announce an unfinished product, and discuss the insurmountable problems they faced that ultimately led to AirPower being cancelled.


  • Anyone know this song from Atlas Pro?

  • Why are people so butt hurt about a single product being canceled, like just use you fat and greasy fingers to plug in your phone

  • What dumb ass bought the apple speaker, rather than a good better speaker, like the pill, and band wagons will always defend it

  • Why did the airpower need to send the charging data to the iPhone? Both airpods and the apple watch are devices that connect to the iPhone and could send the charging data through Bluetooth or NFC.

  • Samsung would have released it, waited until a few home went on fire, then would apologize and pull the product

  • Apple failed at everything.

  • Because the people that "sold" them the idea failed to deliver. They over-promised and couldn't make their tech dissipate enough heat while charging.

  • Apple is great, however the greedy it will end them

  • Maybe they can design the new Apple Watches to work with regular wireless chargers.

  • I am confident that the APPLE-engineers can solve and deal with so called problems. Further into the future of APPLE with confidence, thanks for showing and kind regards.

  • There s no way this youtuber can know why apple made this decision. Its just fake. I m gonna report as fake I dont wanna see this channel again in my list.its a fake source of news for protect apple

  • basically what happened was what happens at every company that has produced anything ever. at some point some higher up said "hey wouldn't it be cool if we did x?" and another higher up said "hell yeah, lets do it, tell everyone we're doing it" and then they actually went to their engineering department where they were told on no uncertain terms that what they're asking for is not possible.

  • If they make Air power they are gonna lose sells for those charging cables that break every week....

  • "wasnt possible with other wireless solutions" thats utter bull, wireless charging is just a coil that transmits "electricity" to a very nearby coil. The only reason this doesn't exist is because most devices dont have said "coil". I wouldnt even be sure if apple watch and airpods have a coil if im wrong then i owe an apology but then i dont because airpower was "made" after third party wireless charging solutions were a common thing but then those could only charge one at a time while airpower "can" charge 3 devices, neat. But then you could by three wireless chargers and have them glued together and route the cables to a single cable. You know what thats a good diy project. To end this on a hopefull note, being able to see charge procentage on one device while its being charged is super neat

  • I can actually view my mac’s charge level from my iPhone now, I don’t think that was a challenge. But the coil placement was. And it probably will be for many years to come. BTW I think everyone agrees that Apple should be focusing on the Macs(especially MacBooks), instead of a yearly updated phone. They’re losing their credibility with this policy, year by year. People might just give up someday. It happened back then, so it can happen at any time. It all looks up to smart, actual user profile, not stupid & rich user profile. They’re gonna follow the smart guys anyways, just like 20 years ago.

  • A Shame for a Trillion Dollar Company, but Vetter than pushing it unfinish to the market.

  • Airpower would be so nice.. sad thing.

  • I’ll say I like Android when AirPower comes out

  • Maybe for 2020 or 2021

  • 1 like = Nicola Tesla is the greatest scientist of all time.

  • But how does other companies make chargers like this? Like i see on the internet and i will order one There is space for 1 iPhone x, airpods and watch

  • Wireless charging is not useful for users like me. I have a habit of using my iPhone and other Apples while charging, that means I need to pick them up. With a charging pad, I need to pick up the charging pad with my iPhone. A cable does not really disrupt my using experience, but a bloody big charging pad does. Plus charging pad may overheat my iPhone, or stop charging if I misplace it. That’s why when I went to buy a pair of AirPods 2, I went straight to the ones with regular charging cases, no reason for me to pay extra money for a function I won’t use (even I have one charging pad bought for testing the wireless charging function on my iPhone 8plus).

  • I wonder if they hadn't made the apple watch with a proprietary charger AirPower would have worked. Or if they used existing tech like handoff or similar to display the charge.

  • What if they made the airpower mat a lil thicker and added a macbook air fan into it? Make it shaped like the macbook air, thicker in the back and slimmer in the front, sure that they could the improve the communications site of things . . .

  • Apple should’ve made an Apple Watch for kids but they thought it was weird

  • I always wonder what the hell ever happened to AirPower now I know why

  • They can just use magnets for the devices

  • I know we need to move on but when did Steve Jobs give a preview of a product that didn't come to fruition let alone not even explain why it was dropped ?

  • Because it sucks

  • 7:55 everybody uses that photo

  • They’ll release it some years later with a more convenient mark up. Screw that!

  • I mean stuff like this is pretty hard to make. And this is one of them. Still possible but pretty hard.

  • Tim is NOT doing a phenomenal job.

  • Less coils, a fan and Bluetooth would've made a good enough 1st generation design, as well as transitioning the Apple watch to Qi charging.

  • 2019: Why Apple Failed To Deliver AirPower : They found a better way to make more money instead thanks to Apple TV + and Apple Arcade

  • Get a new model of a galaxy. Problem solved and now you have a better phone

  • ROG phone = every other phone

  • What about a instead of 24 coils use 3 motorized moving coils?

  • That’s not it. Apple had gotten around the technical limitations and had the press kits and advertising ready to go. I know, I was there. AirPower was halted as a strategic move, last minute as they had another technology in the wings that was above and beyond Airpower’s abilities (read: true wireless non-contact charging) This is currently in development.

  • I gotta admit that Tim cook should just leave he has no leadership skills in leading apple

  • And now the 11 Pro has an 3rd cam. that's all! :D

  • What about make it thicker and had a fan and had a better chip

  • Too hot

  • Is a $100+ charger really worth the two extra seconds it takes to plug your phone in? This is a luxury product and I don't see wireless charging taking off until these companies make it the standard.

  • Apple: Cancels unfinished product Samsung: Releases unfinished product Obviously you know where Samsung went.....

    • yea exploding phones and The whole galaxy fold situation lol

  • 8:19 good joke man

  • Tim Crook is not a good CEO for Apple. Steve Jobs rolling over in his grave in retrospect would be So disappointed he would have fired Timmy by now. “Your fired”

  • R.I.P. AirPower.

  • Apple way over engineered AirPower. They could have used one coil like every other inductive charging device on the market and had each device monitor its own power intake. Multiple coils will fight each other, inducing power in each other, hence the heat. Communicate it through Bluetooth rather than try to communicate upstream.

  • The only company in the world that cant make a wireless charger. Such a joke

    • Avinash Singh not just any wireless charger

  • I think the vast majority of Apple fans would have been happy with a 3 coil design rather than a 30 coil design. It wasn’t big enough for tons of placement options to begin with.

  • They probably couldn't make it expensive enough

  • Yeah chargning your phone via a second phone is just a year or so old, maby 2022 apple will use it, first in a smartphone of course

  • I think people would’ve taken a thicker pad if it offered that functionality. The obsession with thinness wasn’t needed in that particular project

  • Then... can they put the function in AirPower into and MacBook?

  • The thing probably would have costed a fortune anyhow

  • I miss the old music.

  • If this came out I would wanted to buy this