Wholesome Toast💖

Pubblicato il 13 giu 2019
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🎵Intro Song: Axollo feat. MAJRO - Searching
🎵Outro Song: Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Xeuphoria Goodbye Version) [it-tvs.com/tv/video-mDXWN5bAtCs.html]
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  • "I Will have a great day, because of you." *My heart flutters*

  • fire

  • 3:29 now Janet wants to be the butter.

  • Me Liberty really be memeing

  • All aboard the Liberty train

  • Was anyone following twitch chat singing Country Road in Lily’s song

  • You gotta admit that jacket song was pretty lit

  • Tbh Lily need to try rapping, out of time to the beat, like you know how she waits for beats and streches the word to match the beat

  • Lily rules at being bad... people love two things, things that make them go "wow" and things that make them feel normal

  • Poki is inserting it.. xD

  • Everyone in the offline house wears poki merch or offline merch but lily where fed merch is that actually how good fed merch quality is that someone actually wears it MonkaS Fed is my fav member

  • Title: Wholesome Toast💖 Content: 90% Lily Dafuq?

    • Cuz Lily is the most active when it comes to clips

    • *C L I C K B A I T*

  • Wait, why the PC guy is here?

  • What is the intro song?

  • LilybuffChu.

  • 3:40

  • Sometimes I look at Pokis chat and just think what drugs do those kids take before watching to have the pride to type some of that shit, I get that its pride month but Yikessss

  • Does anyone know which song is playing at 3:54 on Yvonnes stream?

  • the song about the jacket has me emotional

  • 2:43 TOS no weapons on stream

  • 2:36 - Lily is 6'5 Black Man with Bulging Muscles 💪 3:20 - Makes sense for Toast to be playing 'I Am Bread' 7:52 - That rap deserves a Jacket

  • Poke needs to chill with the baby talk imo. If she ain’t doing that herself then lily should just ignore it. 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

  • lily rapping is honestly the best content on the internet


  • #LilyGYMChu

  • what is alber wallpaper pls

  • Poki is a complete MOOOD

  • I cant take lily's rap seriously with her voice that seems pikachu's voice.

  • Swolepichu

  • wow lily and Albie should rlly have a baby in this debate

  • Maybe link the vid in the description if it’s on twitch so we can hear the whole conversation instead of the fragmented parts plz

  • Omg lily rap to albie she want's a ring had me dying

  • Omg never realized how lily is good at singing and playing the piano

  • k

  • oh im early lol

  • Damn lily the rapping queen!

  • The thumbnail is the perfect representation of toast’s face if he read the title

  • Wow

  • AYA YA !!!!!

  • F lily

  • Toast is getting more and more emotion full

  • Aww

  • First everybody??.. No i dont care about being first

  • first to commit sudoku

  • 1st

  • First!

  • How nice