Who Remembers These LEGENDARY Easter Eggs..?

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
Who Remembers These LEGENDARY Easter Eggs..?
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  • YT keeps removing my own comment *very nice* hope it works this time.. let me know what u think about P.O box pls

  • I doooo

  • Do you have a rival 500?

  • Love your videos man

  • Hahahaha the 2nd easter egg was great

  • What was that monster?

  • Good stuff man.

  • from what fiction is the creature from pls ?!

  • Godzilla roar?

  • You should do a part two for the Easter eggs and have Benny help u, that would be sexy 🙂

  • Whats the name of the easter egg of the passchendaele monster please ?

  • At 8:41 !!!! Are you serious! that's just a cheap compositing man

  • Why u dont have more subs??

  • ClIKbAiT!1!1

  • Which song is it at 00:43?

  • The last one is BS right....

  • I was just looking at your Player Stats for BF1 and found out that you are top 2% for scout class score. Also, is BF1 the first FPS game you invested a good bit of time into? The skill gap between your first videos and now is monumental so I was just curious.

  • Can I sub 300 times ?

  • Maybe just set up a new PO box so people dont know where u live

  • Wooow

  • wow there are so many people playing BF1 on EU servers... Never seen 30+ votes on a map on North America server...

  • I’m from the US ;-;

  • r u gey

  • Me yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  • Ready to get the 100k Subscriber achievement. I've been your fan since you played battlefield 1 in june 2017

  • Is the a$$>t|t|3s one real?

  • You did not destroyed benny I'm very disappointed

  • I love your videos so hard bruh

  • P.o Box sounds good

  • You asking people not to send dildos makes people want to send dildos 😂

  • I’m going to keep commenting until you take a bite out of Benny ❤️

  • Get a PO box fabian

  • Can't you open a PO Box that's not related t your house? like they store it in a post office, and you get it whenever you want it.

  • Pls do the fuckin PO box bro

  • Fabianchills more like fabiandrills(no homo)


  • 8:29 no fucking way that's fake Imagine dice actually making an Easter egg with ass>titties lmao

  • @Fabeina play streched battlefield please :) try #3

  • eat 1 part of benny every video

  • U 2 are fckin LEGENDS ❤❤

  • Don't be a fitta and get the PO box bro

  • If you shoot the moon in GTA liberty city stories with a sniper it gets bigger

  • Is it bad that I can't remember if I commented on this and it got deleted, or if I didn't comment 🤔

  • That monster on pashendale is Real?

  • Telling everyone Bennys bald Day 2

  • NiCe

  • po box = yes

  • Do the peacekepper easteregg that will take like 2 days but its worth it

  • Lord Benny 👨‍🦲🙏

  • 9:20 italian😍


  • I wouldn't do a PO box. One of those angry nerds from your salt videos might send you a nail bomb

  • It would be funny if you played dark souls. You should play it sometime

  • *That moment when you have unlocked the peacekeeper and solved all the puzzles and morse codes* Im such a no life

  • Gaymemers

  • fabian if you open a PO box i will send you something from Singapore

  • took me a full week of decoding and solving codes to get the goddamn peacekeeper but it was worth it

  • Who remembers the first vid you saw of fabian mine was bf1 highlights #54 lemme know in comments

  • I just want to point out that the sword is a OHK sword :) Have fun on the Battlefield.