Who knows me better? Challenge.. SISTER VS SISTER - NEW INTRO

Pubblicato il 31 lug 2019
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Go and watch our mukbang with @nikitadragun


  • Imma unsubscribe to nikkita this b* is hella rude >:((

  • Everyone is saying that they were disappointed in bretman for not sticking up for his sister but I think he would've felt awkward or uncomfortable telling her to chill idk that's just me

  • Nikita “I’m just thinking...times 2 divide by 2 times 1!” BITCH WHAT?!

  • I love you Princess ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Me as a filipina I'll act like princess also me being roasted and I'll just laugh also even though I'm hurt 🙍🏽‍♀️ NIKITA YOU CAN NEVER HAVE REAL VAGINA WITH THAT ATTITUDE 😪

  • Its SO annoying that nikita just compares herself so much with bretman like ... sis just Stop

  • When Nikita was all over him at the end. Weirdo

  • At least princess is " ORGANIC"

  • I watched this and was trying to figure out why everyone was upset and then I saw the original “unedited” version. To anyone watching now the video has been edited to cut out all of Nikita’s shady comments to Princess. 🤣

  • He need his ass whooped for letting that hoe talk to his sister like that

  • Ewwwww ugliest specimens

  • nikita is nice though

  • What does Nikita have a guy voice

  • Wow Princess is really beautiful

  • Silicon

  • Shitty Nikita

  • August does have 31 days 😂😂 08/31 is my birthday

  • i would have fought nikita for real

  • It would be a shame if Princess was pregnant in this video and she had to deal with Nikita’s negativity.

  • How can there family be so pretty! And my family look so ugly.

  • Me: *Gets one like* Everybody else: OMG THIS IS THE MOST LIKES I HAVE EVER GOTTEN

  • nikita gotta go .

  • But lets be real... Princess is better and cuter... Nikita your personality is ugly

  • Take a shot every time Nikita says- “ that’s not fair!!” 🥺😭😂🤦‍♀️

  • body count is 11

  • “WHAT? MoSt oF tHeM DiED!!!!!” lmaooooo

  • My teacher: how much is 2+2 Me: 6:21

  • 11:27 so you made 2 million dollars last year?🤭🤭

  • “Most of them died”

  • Nikita needs to get a reality check.

  • 7:00 Nakita literally just stood up for Princess so stfu

  • The fact the Nikita was shook when Bretmen said the amount in 11:26 that says a lot 💀💀

  • His body count is about 12-13 cause when princess was turning her board you could see that it said 12 and he said it’s 1 off sooo

  • She said she over here clocking herself just to win 😂💀💀💀

  • Nikita is very extra and princess is so simple and doesn’t like drama

  • When she song the lion king I was dead 😭😭

  • Bretman, you need to drop Nikita. I wouldn’t trust anyone that thinks they’re going to talk to my siblings the way Nikita talked to Princess.

  • its their first time meeting and Nikkita acts like she knows Princess life story. Like meeting a stranger and that stranger just start saying things about you like girl hmmmm... we ain't close

  • Y’all so fucking sensitive 🤣🤣🤣 Nikita didn’t even say shit to princess to have y’all crying like this and if princess was mad about anything she would have left

  • 6:27 “I’m just gonna times 2 then divide it by two” Then wtf was the point of multiplying it in the first place??

  • If Nikita got a extra point for the blue shade, shouldn’t princess get a extra point for the Leo thing ♌️

  • I LOVEEEE THIS 💗💗💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️

  • omg someone pls slap nikita shes annoying af

  • Oh he have same birthday as me iM oKaY


  • So many negative comments on Nikita roasting princess its like you mfs don't have friends who roast you and your siblings.. This shit is normal in my family.. and when I mean family I mean friends who are like family, we dont ever take it personally and cry over it..

  • Nikita seems like she she wants to be Princess

  • I love princesses nails!! *^* lmao I actually thought Nikita won ...

  • You “lost the count” of course you did. You wanted Nikita to win *cough* I mean the snake 🐍

  • Nikita has man abs lol


  • Nikita is beautiful in her face bu her attitude is very dirty

  • yeah okay nikitas rude but why are they screaming so much 😭

  • Why Nikita’s body built like that? :( Hint: plastic,money

  • Lol Nikita is tooo much. Yikes

  • I stan nikita because- She puts plastic in her body and not in the oceans.

  • I'm a Leo to

  • What the fuck why is she being so rude

  • I don’t know it’s a lion 🦁 - princess Mae

  • sis needs a personality transplant