Who knows me better? Challenge.. SISTER VS SISTER - NEW INTRO

Pubblicato il 31 lug 2019
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  • All i heard is BITCH! 🤣🤣

  • I see plasic then bretman then a beautiful lady😁

  • How can a human lije he she can be such a bitch to a human like princess

  • i feel so bad for princess :(

  • my birthday also be in july 31 :>

  • SMH bretman didnt defend princess

  • Dude litterally I can't stand bretman bullying princess

  • Yay my bday is july too and zodiac sigh is leo ♌️ 😱🥰♥️

  • nikita is so annoying

  • Princess your not alone😢

  • Princess is truly my favorite bc she is an angle and P.S you are not a dumbass ❤️

  • I am a big fan of Bret man,but this is kinda his fault.He never told Nikita to stop and was not defending princess.Thus was rude.Opinion!Dont hate,I am saying what I think. Love you bretman.

  • Ah, the video the way ended Nikita's career

  • Nikita: okay I’m just gonna x2 divide 2 x1 Me: isn’t that the same thing?

  • let’s just be honest, princess is better than nikita.

  • Nikita is so annoying. She talks too much.

  • She's going to do the math times 2 divided by 2 then times 1? Wtf? LOL

  • Nikita low-key looks like the fake version of moana


  • Why is this on YT??? Why??? I really love the REAL siblings (u know who I’m talking about♡) not this FAKE sista (u know - yes s/o to “kween” NIKITA) aka who made this video gone bad.

  • are they really both his sisters?

    • baby shark it was like this joke that she looked more like him than princess did. And some website was talking about him and princess and post her picture instead. Imo it would’ve been better if they brought their other brother on and did it that way instead of Nikita

    • Tomholland Isbae the wtf is nikita doing there?

    • baby shark no, princess is his real sister

  • I remember Nikita being rude to princess for ((not)) having her phone ring BUT NIKITA'S DAMN ALARM RANG MID VIDEO

  • I don't know whether to judge Nikita for being rude or Bretman for not standing up for his own sister.

  • Thank God Nikita is pretty otherwise I don’t think anyone would give her the time of day

  • Kind a disrespectful

  • nikita is always annoying no wonder she was cancelled in annoying way

  • That girl nikita is so stupid

  • I love ur Bretman, but u rlly need to see that Nikita is *not* being nice to princess.

  • Nakita was kind of being nice when she said that's your sister don't talk to her like that to bretman

  • I hate nikita ewww

  • Why nikita hate princess that much

  • soooooooooo baddddddddddddddddddd omg

  • this is very sad

  • BIRTHDAY TWINS😍😍😍 07/31💕

  • so glad that princess isn't that disappointment 😢 although nikkita was abusing or like harassing princess and that makes me fell bad for her

  • nikkita is like harassing princess. its like too much aand nikkita talk tok much

  • ♌️

  • Look at nikkita dumb fuck looking over at princess answers lmfao

  • Dang whenever princess gets a point she be minding her own business and Nikita over here tryna get an extra point and whenever Nikita gets a point she be bragging and telling princess off .

  • 11 if you know you know ;) lol

  • starting from 3:16 nikita arguing about how many points she has gave me the fucking coronavirus just trying to understand how stupid she is

  • Who illegally breeds guinea pigs in freakin 5th grade thooooo

  • I really love the both of you

  • I just think Bret is not being fair here. If anyone disrespected my sister like that, I would pull your mf wig off and beat the shit out of you. No joke.


  • His body count is 11 look at princess

  • Math times 2 then divide by 2 then times 1 !! You’re dumb that’s gonna be the same answer 😂

  • Ok but jet black is a real thing and you can get different shades of black , and Nikitas about to see pitch black if she doesn’t shut up

  • If I was there I would have smacked Nikita in the face with the f*cking whiteboard

  • I like princess more than Nikita

  • Imagine if bret was family friendly

  • Tbh I don’t rlly like nikkita

  • I wish I could just snatch nikita’s wig right off

  • This is a Leo: ♌️

  • Wait I know that princess is female but the other Male or female?

  • Roses are red violets are blue nikita has to go now be gone boo

  • Nikita be like "bitches hating on her cuz she getting the bag or is prettier or whatever" no sweetie we dont like you because you are so ignorant and stupid. Honey you transitioned from man to woman and I fully support that but you have a completely different attitude towards women in general , that is not how women treat other women . You're so insensitive and idiotic.

  • i just noticed how plastic and ugly nikita is next to princess. princess is all natural💜💜

  • Ok so I happy :> that at 6:57 Nikita defended Princess:>>>

  • What's a body count?