Pubblicato il 1 dic 2016
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  • 2:31 That’s my birthday, lmao!

  • Shayne just lowkey making fun of his friends for several minutes

  • I cry because I'm alone

  • The moment you want to translate "unwoke" into german and google detects it as a word in the language "igbo" xD.... it means man btw.

  • keith: whats my favourite food? shane: grins like theres no tomorrow

  • I was also born on Valentines day

  • Olivia: Yeah his birthday wasn’t that long ago Date: 12/1/16

  • courtney's 5th sibling looks so much like joey graceffa that im kinda scared it is and someone's gonna call me dumb

  • OMG Olivia was such a cute baby!!

  • I cry cuz I'm depressed and this comment 4 years in the future

  • Courtney should have 6 points.. it didn’t count her point when she got Olivia age question right... should have been a tied smh

  • I have more sisters and brothers then you guys I have 11 :3

  • Guys have a chode girls have a taint

  • i cry because courtney and shayne aren’t together

  • Olivias birthday is two weeks before mine 😃

  • Not lying but my name is Shiloh 😧

  • 6:44 Olivia-

  • Pet's death😢

  • Courtney got six points tho

  • Where my Canton Ohio people at

  • Knowing I’ll never be on Smosh

  • I cry because I wish that I was on smosh

  • olivia and i have the same birthday

  • 0:11 I cry when Anthony left smosh

  • Noah: commit why you cry. Me: my life.☠️

  • ok to be honest I'm going to explain a situation that happened and your not allowed to judge me part of video: *shaynes board says "his arms" and noahs board says "emails" Noah and Shayne then proceed to share a glare that somehow causes me to spit my dr pepper all over my laptop I'm about to cry laughing even though my laptop is inevitably going to perish

  • I cry became my pizza rolls aren’t done

  • I cry because I might have depression No joke

  • My mom had 11 siblings...

  • They didn't put a point for Courtney knowing how old Olivia was when she came to America (still love you guys)

  • I cry because...... I sometimes feel like my friends don't understand me. Then I get home and my parents do not understand either so I just sit in my bed because I have no one to talk to. My heart becomes empty. But anyway great video👍🏽

  • I dont have emotions

  • I cry because of all the deaths in harry potter

  • Shayne: hey I listen...... I just don't give a shit about you and don't remember

  • I cry because I stubbed my toe

  • I cry because instead of studying for e exam I still binge watch squad vlogs and every blank ever

  • i cry because my mom slaps my ass with the belt

  • Did anybody see the one of her siblings looked like joey gracaffa

  • noah, its bc im sad inside xD

  • Shayne: you don’t mess with Jack Every jack watching: YES

  • I have 8 siblings...

  • Why do I cry? Oh yeah! My parent might... di...vorce... :|

  • What why does number five in Courtney’s family look like Joey graceffa


  • Life is why I cry

  • Courtney’s most embarrassing moment is getting embarrassed in front of Chris Pratt

  • I’m sad because my mom left me

  • sublime my fav too

  • Shayne: I think my listening is my greatest strength Me:*watches donut day jobs* Me:sure.......

  • I cry because my future grand children might not know about polar bears or the dodo

  • Keith and Courtney should have tied


  • I cry cuz i h8 my self😭😢

  • I cry when I watch sad movies when they lose their dad cause it happened to me never mind I do not want to talk about it

  • olivias birhday is a day before my sisters

  • You are not a squad you have 5 members not 4

  • I cry because something happen to me

  • Btw I'm 12

  • I cry because of life school and because depression is the biggest part of me and I cant Express it cause I have the most sensitive mother ever and I'll spend time in therapy

  • why do i cry? depression.