Who is Marvel's Ragnarok? Thor's "Terminator" Clone.

Pubblicato il 2 ago 2017
This video explores the abilities, powers, and origin of the Marvel Comics character "Ragnarok." From Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Reed Richards cloning him from a strand of Thor's hair, his cyborg mind being able to control his adamantium and vibranium alloy hammer, his brutalizing the "Secret Avengers" and unexpectedly taking out Goliath during his first battle in Marvel's Civil War Event, first being destroyed by Hercules, being rebuilt several times, battling multiple superheroes and Thor for the honor of Asgard, to joining the Dark Avengers and being reprogrammed for membership in Luke Cage's Thunderbolts team; Let's take a look at this Marvel superhero / anti-hero, and powerful cyborg clone of Thor Odinson. This includes a short, canon character biography and my own opinionated "Sage Rating," which I use to give ratings of comic books and science fiction characters.


  • Adimantium and vibranium?! Holy shit!!!!

  • Thorminator???

  • Just like Cyborg-Superman from DC Comics.

  • ebony maw rating is 7 too.

  • 2: 14 who is the girl?

  • So is he a clone or a robot?

  • Umm now I can ask why wasn't he in "Thor Ragnarok"?

  • 1:30 lol looks like Thor is Tony Stark's Gwen Stacy to Miles Warren lol Jackal/Iron Man are similar here. I'm glad the movie didn't pull this bs, same with the super villains. I liked seeing Punisher own iron man and stand down to Rhodes as a fellow soldier, and give up the war machine armor after his attacks didn't work. As opposed to Captain America beating him when he wouldn't fight. Civil war was stupid in the comics, but War Journal was pretty cool lol punisher poison every villain at a funeral, evil but he'd do it.

  • WHAT'S THE OLD SAGE LIKE BRUH...LOL Love ya work dude. Big fan. Subbed & ALSO PART OF THE notification gang gang....keep doing wot ya do. It's AN amazing CHANNEL.!!!

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  • got that one

  • i guess 7 before the show

  • This guy votes every guy with not good power he rates low

  • I thought ragnorok was some prince of the dammed character or something, not a cyborg version of Thor wtf

  • Could you do one on Spectral or Prime of Malibu Comics

  • Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Below****** Maybe thats why Dr Strange traded the time stone for Iron Man.. If Ragnarok is a Cyborg Thor, maybe Iron Man ends up building him like he did with Ultron &they send bad against bad &Thanos reign ends.

  • thor girl, ragnarok, bill ,.. wtf. one thor is enough

  • If you ask me, Tony Stark deserved the beating Thor gave him for creating Ragnarok.

  • Ragnarok turned out to be a big middle finger to ultimate thor .......where is he now ?

    • ragnarok ended in an alternate universe where he found New mjolnir

  • do it wasn't just tony being a dick

  • I didn't kno there was an actual ragnarock character I just thought it was an event from the comics

  • πŸ‘

  • Do gen13

  • Do H'EL!!! A clone of superman

    • +Birre Dahlgren - Already done, bro! 😎 He's down in the channel somewhere! πŸ˜…

  • Yo!? you neglected to mention that Ragnarok took on the name Ragnarok to distance himself from Thor and establish himself as his own man. He's come to accept that he is a clone and set out to carve his own path. Hence the radical new look and shaving of his head. You also neglected to mention that while on a mission with the Thunderbolts he came across a dead Thor's hammer of an alternate dimension and picked it up and found that he is worthy! Ragnarok is now in possession of his true power of Thor!!! you're welcome!

    • Larry Fenderson and stated that he is no longer a cyborg. But human

  • back in the day when marvel was bad ass with the plots and characters.....

    • marvel dont have many good plots anymore.

    • givmespace what do you mean back in the day!? lol this is recent! SMH marvel runs shit.


  • I agree with that rating.

  • Ragnarok VS Hank Henshaw??

  • Ragnarok was just a very advance machine. i would like to see a full dna clone of thor in a fight.

    • Yeah... Just a little bit of skin thrown on him! It doesn't even serve a real purpose! Terminators have need of blending in... He's flying around with a red cape on, while posing as a "Thunder god!" LOL!

  • What a melee.

    • I know right! An all out "Free-for-all!" Next should be a cage match! LOL!

  • lol a robot that is able to have those abilities. why does it even bother to wear its skin still?

  • Can you do video on Blue Marvel next?

  • New Sage, this is the character's name but I almost thought the video was about the demon one here is the link to it: www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjYn-768bjVAhXCRyYKHQ_FBAcQFggtMAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarvel.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FRagnar%25C3%25B6k&usg=AFQjCNHtaQ9ut1Ssihh5B1S1kYXnubwA_A

  • So we're just going to ignore the fact that Tony Starks keep messing up making these cyborgs that turn on everyone? Lol

    • that is another reason the movies are flawed

    • ACE ZANDERS in the movie he made Ultron.

    • he didnt make ultron that was hank pym

    • ACE ZANDERS ultron

    • what other did he make ?

  • Thanks for this video. I only found out about Ragnarok a few weeks ago. I collect Marvel comics now and then but I missed all the ones with Ragnarok. I might look for a Trade Paperback.

  • i am betting that the blue glowing thor from the trailer is based on this character, but instead of tony created him, it is hela

  • I enjoyed it

  • Just stumbled on you're channel.........LOVE IT!

  • This shit is confusing I thought Ragnarok was a chain of Events where Asgard was wiped out and redeveloped to be made greater or some shit am I right?


    • toptenadidas Mitch You are right enough. This dude just happens to have the same name

  • Do martian manhunter next. P.S. love ur vids

  • I appreciate your work. I been looking at your channel for some time now and it's been great every single character you explain. I really doubt that can be done any better. Thank you.

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  • That's a lot of incorrect information.

  • All I keep seeing is DC cry babies saying "Cyborg Superman." Do any of you actually know who/what cyborg superman is? Definitely not a clone. Cybernetic or otherwise. If you read about him you would find out that he tries to take superman's place some time after sups death. I don't even know where you dumb asses get the idea to equate anything of superman to thor in this particular instant. If you really want to cry cyborg superman than put that with Sentry if he ever gets a cybernetic version himself. Or better yet: a cyborg Hyperion. There. Now you can cry.

  • I'm getting better at guessing your rating before the end of the videoπŸ€“

  • I miss maa.

  • Master rating.

  • *ragnakok

  • "Get to the bifrost!"

  • 7 are you serious. 4 no more

  • Cyborg superman

  • Send in the clones?

    • +Blackton Obvious! - πŸ˜… Yet again, sir! And yes... Send them in with extreme prejudice. 😲

  • It would have been cool if his hammer had a fingerprint code that only lets Ragnorok pick it up simulating the enchantment.

    • i thought so too

    • +*LyPer YT* Clones are delayed identical twins. Twins don't share the same fingerprints. Rag's prints and Thor's wouldn't be the same.

    • sure why not.

    • Dookie Shoes if he did, the Thor could carry it

    • New Sage will do.

  • Bro your videos are great but the whole mispronouncing strenGth thing drives me nuts. Strenth is not a word

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    • New Sage. My bad dude i just have super ocd other than that your videos are great man keep up the great work!

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  • I'd like to see this guy fight Hank Henshaw.

  • Extremely overrated this one I believe

  • New sage, I am honored to really watch your vids. I get a sum of knowledge like I've been reading about these characters in years. Just from watching your videos. Again that intro beat tight, it pumps me up every time.

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  • Cyborg superman much???????marvel motherfuckrers,get the fuck outta here!!!!!!!

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    • protocole 52 bruh

    • protocole 52 even Batman had perfect clones made by dark seid. They killed themselves

    • most superheroes these days have cyborg clones or just regular clones bruh.

    • givingheadtothedead is it me or every famous superhero has their own clone