Who Hates Mardi Gras? - Fakin' It

Pubblicato il 11 dic 2019
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The gang lies its way through this Jackbox Fakin' It gameplay.
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  • 33:47 For the record, Fredo's one is just straight up Pinoy. Literally majority if not everyone says that towards each other. Friends, family, co workers and other Filipinos 😂

  • Man it’s annoying when just one person doesn’t vote with the others and nothing is solved

  • We need this in the achievement room and moonballs should be flying everywhere

  • Someone needs to make a Jeremy compilation of all his ridiculous moments from Jackbox and GMod

  • It's annoying when the game makes the faker the same person multiple times in a row.

  • Pinoy Ako, Alfredo pride

  • Please play more of this lol

  • i got so frustrated when they didn't guess that Michael was the faker in that one round considering he acted like he "misunderstood" the prompts after they were revealed TWICE. and just played it off casually and nobody even QUESTIONED IT HHHHHH

  • when alfredo put hoy, and they thought he was lying, my filipino ass was like NOOO HES TELLING THE TRUTH 😂

  • What is the "Oh God" and "Theyre covered in there own blood" referenced too???

  • Why is Michael acting like he's never played this game before? He's played at least two times prior.

  • It would be nice if they could play the rules of the game instead of splitting the vote every time

  • Anyone else notice Trevor only acts like a lunatic when he's not the faker

  • I have like 8 cups of coffee a day

  • The vastly better version of that terrible Push the Button game

  • Jeremy please, dont say that. Package. You're already attractive

  • I only have a single pair of shoes

  • Meundies! Meundies! No more sweaty balls (Do do do doo) Meundies! Meundies! Wear em in a bathroom stall Pull em down to your fuckin ankles Next thing you know a gay senator blows ya! Meundies! Meundies! No more sweaty balls (Oh yeah yeah!)

  • Not liking Harrison Ford isn't rare. He isn't exactly the friendliest and he can't talk very well without a script.

  • Doo dee do-do dodo dee Number pressure!

  • If I was on this I'd get outed for teing the faker because I usually drink 7 weak cups of coffee X3

  • by listening to fakin' it, i got a 8 or 9 streak in modern warfare with the knife

  • I feel offended, I watched the shit out of Big Bang Theory

  • "Were going off gut feeling" proceeds to discuss the answer so much they forget to vote lol

  • I have 1 pair of shoes, but it's fine because I don't trash them. My feet grew really fast, but I could still do over a year with every pair.

  • Where'd that 50 seconds of content go at 30:56?

  • The round when they kept revoting for alfredo when they had the two previous rounds was aggravating

  • Hearing Fredo speak tagalog was really cute hahaha

  • A few times they played, it showed what it told the faker. Is that a setting they aren't turning on now, or was it patched and taken out or something?

  • Love when you guys play fakin it always makes for good let’s plays 👏🏻👏🏻

  • I think Ryan's the liar and trevor is weird

  • It’s super cute how disappointed Michael got that Jeremy didn’t pick him for the desert island question

  • answer to the title most people lmao dabbed on

  • I am an on and off watcher of Achievement Hunter, but are Alfrerdo and Trevor brothers? they look almost alike

  • There is song from Pearl Jam called Jeremy, that would have been funny for Trevor to pick

  • Jeremy: I don’t like Trump. Boomers: *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

  • Hehe. Trev shows his phone to the audience.

  • Jack is right, go to the damn dentist. 😂

    • Trevor is gonna end up with root canals because he won't go to the dentist to check for cavities when they're still small and only need simple fillings.

  • If I was Trevor, I would have just said "Well Barbara would be there with me so I would have to make that face" for the Mardi Gras one.

  • love seeing jackbox uploads; fills me with the same glee as seeing mario party

  • Hell yeah on Ryan's book he hates

  • Ryan "You could die!" Trevor "Good"

  • The song is "My hero" and it's by Foo fithers

  • "One's a liar, and one's just weird"

  • Sausage

  • What was he was covered in their blood from?

  • So random question, anyone know if AH is available for voice's? Like just a small set like 20 sentances, really want some rvb sarge or caboose to be my announcer in games. Edit: for a fee of course

    • rrk297 You can get some decent impersonators through voice acting community pages, though.

    • Wait, as in are they available for hire? These guys are insanely busy all the time. It would have to be some pretty high profile and well paying work.

  • OMG I am right there with Trevor, Undaunted Courage is the worst thing ever. I stopped reading after two or three chapters and just bullshitted a book report from other available information. I was very happy with my C as it saved me from hours or mental trauma. That author should be taken out back and old yeller'd

  • I wish Gavin was in this.

  • No offense but I never seen Ryan playing football 😂

  • Ryan the "Lie Detector" Guy!

  • 34:06 hearing Alfredo speak Tagalog made me hella happy for some reason 🤩

  • Lol "Undaunted Courage"

  • Longest dart ever secs.... Sorry I dont have over 200 fingers


  • I don't get the "Oh God" and the "He was covered in their blood" answers.

  • I'm with Ryan on 1 finger

  • 19:35 Michael accidentally inverted his vote without noticing it and nobody noticed for the entire conversation.

  • *0:33** Jeremy how to tell a convincing lie... i gotta read that* 31:45 CHECK THOSE SONGS! 13:06 for title *14:55** text round for round 1* 15:52 HP well fuck... read at spacecamp 17:10 "R where do you get your news/ F whats your most watched tv network" Netflix 22:50 ryan got fucked... 84% knew it too 25:35 12% knew.... THATS ALOT... really jeremy? granted you were fixing your mic for the 84% but still... maybe misread it idk 27:20 thats an AMAZING prompt , ryan looking at the monitor kinda skewed it *30:50** Text round for round 2* 32:40 so where do you buy your underwear?!??! 33:40 *Something your grandparents might say* , showcasing faker answers also 35:25 AdRead... yey jeremys doing the hand motions again!!! 42:30 desert island 45:00 ryan... idk ANYONE!?!?! 48:40 imagine if i suddenly had the mask on 50:40 theyve HAD this conversation before 53:40 *Text round for round 3* 54:20 vote wrong JUST to see the other answers intro brought by chump, changed my name to a clever lie 2:00 WE MISSED PICKING SOMEONE 4:58 Guessing they mean the Mandalorian Off Topic 6:50 ones a liar ones a fool 8:28 cuz he didnt look around 10:18 nailed me but it was wrong... oh i remember that 29:20 cant speak, can spell... not even, had tweet flubs 39:35 ryan was for A round 41:10 last second convince... it was smooth 48:19 authentic to a fuck..... 52:05 but judge judy Who hates Mardi Gras Fakin it (Good bits at 6:45 , 15:50 (RTCS?) , 31:45 , 33:40 (Definitely) , 56:19 ) 1:30 (i dont count that..... almost noone voted!) * RTCS ** 3:00 (trevors reasoning... i got you!) * *RTCS * 4:19 (old jones... whosedisguy?) * *RTCS * 6:45 (ones a liar ones a fool) ** * RTCS * * 8:25 (didnt look around , got it) * RTCS * 11:26 (faker blend in....) * RTCS * 12:50 (try to blend even more... idiot, who doesnt like mardigras) * * *RTCS * 15:52 (... well fck) * * RTCS ** * 17:53 (Fake laugh... hes fakin it!) * ** RTCS * * 19:00 (got away THAT time... treh dont read outloud) * * * RTCS * 28:47 (going smoothly, its jeremy) * ** RTCS * * 31:45 (those answers... ) * * ** RTCS * * * 32:42 (ME UNDIES!!!) * RTCS ** 33:40 (old men voices, hes clean!) * ** *RTCS * * 41:12 (smooth its jeremy... it was me) * RTCS ** 44:47 (that i am... wait-) * RTCS ** 52:02 (no judge judy BS!) * RTCS ** 55:50 (didnt want to get Lollipopped..) * **RTCS * 56:19 (Who cares...) * RTCS * * K back to normal 5:00 (you dont know ANYTHING about star wars) * *RTCS * 13:56 (milk SPRAYS) * RTCS ** 22:16 (very easy for me NOT to raise) * RTCS ** 22:50 (ryans outed welp...) RTCS * 49:40 (he was yammering..>) * * RTCS * 54:20 (Harry pottered me again) * RTCS **

  • Love when they play this