White Girls Vs. Brown Girls

Pubblicato il 15 mar 2018
White girls vs. Brown girls. Brown girls and white girls have a lot of differences here are just some.
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  • Do a video that Riya got a F-

  • at 3:57 she sounds lot like aggnes

  • I got black I got white

  • I love y’all 🤩🥳😝

  • Go Tizi

  • Seeing cinnamons dad and mom

  • I did not see your guys cloths

  • You guys got hoter

  • who is brown is like watching this and are dead ???????

  • Ria: I hope u laught and enjoying Me while watching:😒😒😣😒😒😒 I am not saying that I was not a good vid I just didn't laugt

  • can you make tootsie have a boyfriend

  • Hi dan and Riya I love all your characters

  • Riya your dresses are so awesome

  • I’m like riya because I’m brown or tan

  • Riya and Danle siting in a tree k-I-s-s-I-n-g

  • I like the indian music!

  • I'm da brown girl it is obvious tho

  • am a big fin

  • Do a video like different familys

  • Why do you have A restraining order against tootsie Daniel

  • i liked it and you sould another

  • You should do first day of school vs last day of school

  • Do types of people in a plane or airport

  • Ay ay dance for the india music 🇮🇳🎶 👍🏽 It’s better then American music 🇺🇸🎶🤣 YO WE NEED THIS MUSIC YO LITTERLEY

  • Idk if anyone has thought about this but is Cinnamon indian

  • And I want to see Leo's mom and dad and I want to see everyone's Dad and Mommy

  • And I want to see Chad's mom and and Daniel's mom

  • I want to see what's Rogers mom and new BBQ mom and gladys's Mom and Agnes mom and the twins mom

  • My mom is Mexican but she acts like the white mom nowadays lmao.

  • Real getting a boyfriend

  • I'm brown and not all black girls are like that it's kinda mean

  • I am Indian

  • I'm a brown girl


  • Isn’t this video a little rasist

  • So racist

  • whats the music Riya was playing?

  • riya's music was amazing!

  • Make real make a big Mac

  • Turkey has been e nough to the moon is well with you and the family are doing fine with me a picture

  • Do you video of the routine to TT😍💋 to see in Roger I want you to do that work

  • Cinnamon deserves everything

  • I want you guys see who is more better girls or boys

  • Are you bangal

  • Hello I have almost watched all your videos


  • My mom is just like riya mom even though my mom is Asian

  • 3:27

  • Girl vs boy

  • Is riya a Indian???

  • Is Riya India

  • that riya and tootsie get the hottest guy in school and dan gets jesles

  • 12th the most of 10 minutes later

  • love you guys so much

  • my parents would kill me if i make a youtube vid i love you guys so much i love riya's mom so much she is so funny omg tootsie is so cute do a part 2 maybe but i want to see one please dan and riya

  • i love 1.. cinnamon 2.. tootsie 3..riya 4..dan 5.. chad

  • i am a brown girl my parents are so cheap and strict.

  • I feel like tootsie has a better body than me😐

  • Both of you kissing

  • Dan is tootsie and the mom and daniel