Whiskey Basics | Being With Babish Double Feature

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
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This episode of Being, I headed to Kentucky to take on the Bourbon Trail. I got to visit many distilleries and most importantly, toast my fan Greg and celebrate his recent recovery.
Whiskey Basics starts at 11:06
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  • Get your balls checked by a doctor, fellas. Sawyer is my attorney, which it turns out, does not qualify him.

    • Well Docs and Lawyers both practice, so close enough?

    • Binging with Babish I dunno bout this one

    • Could you just get a vasectomy

    • How much bourbon was involved to get your attorney to check your balls? The 😂😂😂

  • Greg is the G.O.A.T.

  • You are the F$&@€£# Tits BaBish

  • Fun fact: Islay is pronounced Isle-ah

  • That was incredibly wholesome

  • I work at a Canadian Whisky Distillery so this was especially awesome to watch! Good on you Babish, what a cool thing to do for Greg. Cheers!

  • Congratulations on being cancer free!!!!

  • Are the guys in the olive shirt and the white shirt w/ green leaves the same person?

  • I like my whisky with a couple drops of water, mellows the alcohol and opens the bouquet =)

  • Dammit, where are these cut onions coming from?

  • Charisma on command should do one on Babish. Man exudes charm.

  • Drunken babbling with Babish. LOL

  • Drinking With Babish approved 😁

  • Wait, Lagavulin 16 is more expensive than the 8 in the US? 'Round here they're within €10 of one another, with the 16 typically being the cheaper one as it's not naturally coloured.

  • i feel like that moonshine was so damn strong I could Hear it

  • Whiskey Tribe trip in the future?

  • Fun fact. Irish Whiskey is spelled with the 'e' indicating it is Irish. Most other Whiskeys (bar some in the US) omit the e and spell it as Whisky. Legally you can not call something Scotch whiskey, only Scotch whisky.

  • man, babish... you are a beautiful soul.

  • When checking your balls what do you feel for? Just a bump like brests.. Because we aren't women nobody taught us how to check for cancer.

  • The best whiskey is whiskey you like to drink. And the best way to drink whiskey, is the way to drink whiskey, is the way you like to drink it.

  • I've just started drinking whisky a few weeks ago. Watching the latest episode of Being With Babish (Turning meat into money) I came across with this video again (I've already watched it). So I opened my almost new bottle of Monkey Shoulder, poured myself a couple of ounces and enjoyed this gem again... I wish I could give it more likes! Keep the good work, love your videos.

  • I hope your planning on cooking any meals that can be eaten with tears because your vids make me cry god dam you, you beautiful bastard!

  • LOL. Nice, light comedy finish on some very heavy subject matter. Top Drawer ;^)

  • No Laphroig? The king of reasonable Islays? Fer shame man

  • I love it!!!!!

  • Any Whiskey Girls out there watching this?

  • I would like to ask what hospital he went to. I want to say thank you to the nursing staff.

  • best line from this video. Oh...wow....

  • Babish is just shitfaced, we all see it a little bit.

  • 15:35 this is so awesome! My daughter is 4 and has spina bifida. I'm pretty sure that's what this girl has. Very cool that you're reaching out to your fans like this. I just subscribed not too long ago but I find myself watching more of your videos than just about anyone else. Keep it up!!!

  • I woulda cried

  • this feels so wholesome

  • This was such a touching and awesome video, thanks Andrew

  • Oh cmon man, whos cutting onions

  • Lag 8 200th 😋

  • This video was inspiring and great as usual! IT-tvs needs to fix it's algorithm and put more of this out to the world

  • a tire fire in a bottle. sounds Delicious.

  • Ha, there are no right answers. I love it, that tour guide basically said they are full of shit. I still dig whiskey.

  • I´m sorry but who was the guy with cap on?

  • Adam is an awesome human! He used to be one of my mates (managers) and Trader Joe’s! So glad he could show you around Rabbit Hole. His bourbon knowledge is A1.

  • Drunk mike shinoda up in this babitch!

  • Im not crying, my eyes are sweating!

  • Congratulations on Staying With Us Brother!

  • I love you man

  • Oh man. As a fellow Louisvillian I would have loved bourbon with Babish.

  • "Whisky for the gentleman that like it, and for the gentleman that don't like it...Whisky. " Jock Sinclair

  • What d-hole gives a thumbs down to this?

  • Babs… this was so so sweet! P.S be good to ol Vinny

  • This episode is very touching and heartfelt, especially with my wife who is battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Way to go Babish.. Very good on you to do such for your fan.

  • The quality of your videos just keeps getting better, if you were to put together a Basics, a Binging and a Being episode it feels like a professional tv show.

  • Congrats to Greg for getting through his rough time. Excellent video man. As a fellow whisk(e)y lover, this was very fun to watch! And very cool you were able to spend a day with Greg sharing the passion!

  • For more Whisk(e)y basics, I recommend "Understanding Whisk(e)y" from The Modern Rogue guys. ;)

  • 6:41 why did he sound like eugene lee yang

  • You are a good human.

  • Balling with babbish

  • 4:36...that was exactly what I was expecting.

  • Nice - just to let you know though, Islay is not pronounced I-Lay, it's I-La. This public service announcement is brought to you direct from the Highlands ;)

  • Try woodford reserve. Good whiskey for a decent price. 40 for a 5th

  • What Greg said about chemo and his advice in the end, reminded me of what another IT-tvsr on about his battle against cancer. Get yourself checked out, there is nothing to be shy about especially when it comes to cancer.

  • He smelled the high wine like it was a popper 🤣🤣