Which Way Will the Water Go? (ft. Steve Mould)- Smarter Every Day 226

Pubblicato il 13 ott 2019
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Someone made an interactive model of this!
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  • Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent" **angry tea clink noises**

    • @CROWGAMING same honestly

    • *WhAt'S wRoNg WiTh a BrItIsH aCcEnT?*

    • That triggered me so much I’m English

    • Thats insulting

    • Just march in straight lines, standing straight up, with bright uniforms on, right into the enemy. Yea, that’s smart.

  • My brain hurts

  • This would be cool to try holding a water hose on a merry go round

  • 10:04 - 10:12 if everyone thought that way the world would be more peaceful

  • Why is it that most of his videos make my brain just turned to mush

  • The inboard Jets definitely not what I thought. Very cool!

  • Steve is a genius.. He need a Phantom to redo his gravitational wave video.. And then He found a perfect reason to make someone bring a Phantom to Him 😎

  • it was an important lesson.

  • I did not expect the water to shoot ahead of the rotation

  • It’s the opposite of the opposite of what you think

  • The sciencey water vector velocity stuff is great and all...but LIFE lesson at 9:06. Those 60-ish seconds are wisdom so worth hearing. You're talking about me and I pray my heart heard you and will remember. Keep it up.

  • Your explanation of being wrong was very inspiring. I will use that thought process to be more open minded when disagreeing with someone. Thank you.

  • Muito bom, sempre bom escutar, entender, aprender e assimilar o conhecimento.

  • 8:10. That music is ugh I can’t describe it

  • No Steve is right this was a simple problem. Any particle would move tangent to the arm

    • ninjafruitchilled the second one doesn’t because of that reason but the first was obvious imo

    • Well but it doesn't, because it exits the nozzle with non-zero radial velocity as well.

  • This was obvious. Centripetal force

  • *PLEASE* try out this experiment with a nozzle that points up & slightly inwards, I wonder what a video would look like if the nozzle was rotated up & then inward whilst the wheel is turning! :o EDIT: there should be a strange transition from the 'trailing' to the 'preceding' behavior . . . ?

  • You are wrong

  • Whaaaaat

  • It's a trap!

  • Destin, I very much admired you before I saw this video. Even so, I was amazed (and pleased) to see the emotional intelligence that you show regarding listening to another's opinion. Your friends and family are very lucky to have you! Thanks!

  • I actually knew what was going to happen since I'm doing it all the time in fluid dynamics, but seeing it made a huge difference into understanding how it works. Crunching numbers works, but understanding is way better

  • The moral lesson is as good as the physics's.

  • Best SED episode so far.

  • This is the exact reason the scientific, medical, academic, etc. communities use unified definitions and latin.

  • Understanding the illusion. The illusion isn't there and it's easier to understand why it appears if you view it from the perspective of where the jet comes from. Imagine you're on one of those spinning circles in the kids park with a water gun; if you and a friend are on opposite sides and facing outwards, shooting while spinning to your right the water will be trailing away to your left. Now, turn and face each other (spinning the same direction but now to your left) and shoot towards each other and the water will miss your friend on their right side; still spiralling in the same direction however you are now spinning towards the stream. Destin had it figured out at 6.15 but backwards; once your'e spinning fast enough you would have to shoot water, then spin to further than the other side faster than the water got there in a straight line.

  • Laminar flow is still stuck in my head from the last video 😂😂

  • If you are moving along the circumference facing the center it is the same as turning in the opposite direction standing still so it isnt really counter intuitive.

  • The simple version is basic physics. We learn this

  • Great message

  • Someone please contact Dustin and get him to hook up with the History Guy. Definitely some great episodes with both of you, make it happen.

  • I agree

  • Dr pimple popper needs a phantom cam

  • Quality analysis of the physics and philosophy. All around a simple sprinkler.

  • the only way to get smarter every day is by being wrong about stuff.

  • That second machine is definitively the weirdest thing I’ve seen on the Internet. Also Destin is precisely what the internet needs more of. He’s extremely intelligent, but also still learning and willing to be humble. *subscribe*

  • I really like your channel and I think it's great, but when you try to say British people think they're always right: 1. Please just don't say it 2. "When I get presented with a problem, often times I get pretty head strong, like, maybe even arrogant..." isn't a very good thing to say after it. Please American people stop trying to believe you're better than everyone else. Everyone has their good sides and their bad... 😪🙄

  • 7:52 coriolis forces in slo mo....

  • Very cool! Well done 👍 The science and morale and even the overall art is a venerable vignette! God bless & Viva la whirling waters!!!

  • my head is more bent than that tubing

  • We saw this at Riply’s Believe it or Not in Gatlinburg, TN last week and wondered why the water behaved in that manner and low and behold, my favorite IT-tvs channel had an explanation.

  • 0:34 that is racism

  • It’s not really an optical illusion, it’s just that the pipe that the drop came out of continues to move so that it looks like it’s in front of the drop

  • So would the water behave "normally" if you extended the loops all the way to the center?

  • If you used the same logic as for the first one, then the second one would've been clear. It's just such a strange result that your brain doesn't want to accept it until you see it for yourself.

  • Perspective is so important here. Imagine you are a gunner firing the water out of the nozzle. take that 'bullet' projection and turn it so its from top down.

  • You can find a device exactly like the one you built in the Barcelona science museum. It's been there since I've memory (meaning, more than 20 years there). And it has a strobe light so you can properly see how water is flowing. Watching you reinventing it was fun though.

  • I picked up on your 'arrogance' as well. Oft guilty myself. Thank you for being man enough to admit and clarify... and learn from your own 'mistakes'. Very much appreciated and excellent learning opportunity for all. Love you, Brother. Nothing but respect.

  • It's the Adobe Acrobat logo

  • Allergy to arrogance just made me unsuscribe to this channel. Ups

  • While taking a physics test a question came up about the direction of a ball launched from spinning wheel and my first thought was this video. Thanks for helping me with my physics class.

  • Hey Destin, couldnt you apply the same logic or principles to a bullet coming out of a gun barrel that is in rotation? Would the bullet travel sideways too?

  • Also, Steve's lawn got plenty of water this day.

  • That's so weird. Physics... who'd a thunk?

  • Your ahha moment is powerful.

  • I love your channel and love audible!! Keep it up!

  • Do more with Mould please.

  • What direction does it go in Australia?

  • I would subscribe to the Patreon just to hear that discussion tbh lol

  • Lagrangian vs Eulerian