Which of These Monochromatic Looks Cost $2,060? | This Look Is Money | Harper's BAZAAR

Pubblicato il 8 nov 2019
Monochromatic trends are an easy way to elevate any look. Whether it's a bold purple, chic tan, or classic brown, putting together a monochromatic outfit is one way to stand out. In this episode of #ThisLookIsMoney, we asked these style gurus how they pull off one of 2019's hottest trends.
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  • Which look is your favorite? How do you feel about the monochromatic trend?

    • I love the purple one but I would definitely wear the first one. Can't get enough of the monochromatic trend!!🖤🕶🎩🦍🕷🍙🎱🕋🎥▪️🏴

    • Can you pleaseee go back to showing the prices as they speak? This "guess" thing is wack

  • seeing prices as they're speaking is much much better :(

  • Bring back the prices, I can't even see the prices clearly at the end.

  • :/

  • would love to see the prices come up in real time again. that's the fun part bc you get to sit with it as they talk about it. and see if it's something you would buy yourself

  • The second girl!

  • The last woman has a Henry Nef vibe


  • i love this segment of your videos best! However, i agree, bring back the prices while they speak.

  • Thank you beautiful looks❤️❤️❤️

  • Like Sade I have narrow feet and I have a hellish time getting shoes which fit me and are neither old lady nor trainers.

  • 4:33サムネのこの方💜 市川紗椰(Saya Ichikawa)かと思った。 良く見たら鼻と体格とかが違うけど 目の辺りとかそっくりな気がする

  • "I love Mango" "It's about quality not quantity" which is it??

  • The purple one is my favorite outfit minus the fuzzy sweater.

  • The second girl's lashes are even more extra than her clothes.

  • Super cool looks. Of course I LOVE Anna’s look. Love her pick of vintage 😍

  • I didn’t like any of these fits :,(

  • why the third girl speaks like she is running out of breath lol

  • 🤔

  • I love all three of the ladies!!!

  • Can we get the prices back WHILE they’re talking?! This guessing thing is meh

  • Hated the first & second shoes. Third one was nice.

  • "I like bold" *wears beige* those boots are super hot though

  • "Faith Blogger" closes tab

  • Black monochrome and white monochromes are best ! 🥰 Great video btw. 💜

  • I like Anna’s look minus the jacket

  • I love monochrome.

  • Great video!