Which of The “Friends” Are You? | Bad Internet

Pubblicato il 25 mag 2016
In a future where society is divided into groups based on a Buzzfeed quiz… Choose wisely.
Featured in this episode:
Cheri Oteri
Larry Hankin
Irene Choi
Michael Naughton
Zac Oyama
Partner Rating - TV 14
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  • i am beginning to think that all youtube orignals are trash.

  • Mr.Heckles ❤

  • If the future was friends my future would be nuking society again to rid them of this evil

  • i no longer wonder why this has so many dislikes

  • the quiz gave me Charlie.

  • Blacker mirrorer

  • Seinfeld › Friends

  • Ah, it seems that I have found The Internet: The Movie.

  • I've never seen friends and I'm confused as shit

  • Why am I here?


  • Tfw this is funnier than the actual show

  • Mandela Effect : Minute mark 5:37 a male character wearing a red vest and blue shirt says, "A 'Sex In the City' character..etc.". At the 11:02 minute mark the billboard states clearly "Sex And the City". I remember the title of the show as "Sex In the City", how do you remember it?

  • What is this divergent? Movie . Its half way similar

  • Que Asquerosidad ..

  • but i got gary

  • Omg, love the Mad About You reference! I miss that show so much!

  • that was so stupid.... true beauty

  • Back to netflix

  • Why did I get chills?

  • i got emma...

  • Love this

  • türkçe altyazı ekleyin

  • Im kinda confused being ive never seen friends...

  • how people come out with this ideas omg wtf

  • This series is so cool they should do another season

  • I was just about to shut it off at 3min and then... OMG is that Cheri Oteri?? Yes! It is!

  • i just watched the whole thing was ok. wtb the behind the scenes EP is so bad it will probably give you aids

  • this is one of the worst pieces of media I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing in my life

  • Milkshakes for breakfast sounds unhealthy

  • The fallout version of a nuclear apocalypse is preferable to a Friends worshipping society

  • I’m dead. 😂

  • "Because they are FRIENDS" 👏👏👏👏

  • They got the actual neighbour from friends 😂😂😂

  • *yep.. still a Ross*

  • Rachel's are natural born leaders? I beg to differ

  • OH god no the cringe is coming huh

  • I got Joey, I am not a Joey. It’s a bad test and it should feel bad

  • Oh my gosh wolf girl is a Chandler.

  • I’m a Gary but I always knew deep down that I was a BJ from Barney

  • citizens of new york california lolol

  • I don’t know why the Rosses are wearing sweater vests instead of the Chandlers since in the show Chandler wears sweater vests all the time. The Rosses should wear suits.

  • I loved this

  • What bean are you?

  • I already watched this stop putting it in my recommendations >:(

  • Clap Clap Clap Clap.

  • I cringe so hard from start to finish

  • I watched this before and after watching friends. 10/10 best way to watch this video.

  • This is unbeliveble disturbing

  • Oh god!! It’s the giver all over again!!

  • This is scarier then any black mirror episode. Or twilight.

  • i’m a samantha

  • How come there's a game of thrones reference but no how I met your mother 😤

  • I got Ross I don't watch friends but I get that...

  • This is GENIUS 😂😂😂

  • God I hate Rachel so much

  • This is so f*cking divergent I love it!!!!

  • Not to flex but I got Rachel 💅🏾

  • That clap🤣

  • Mom I want the divergent We have divergent at home Divergent at home: