Which Makeup Counter Gives The Best Custom Makeover? • Candid Competition

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
Four different beauty counters with WILD instructions! Today Zach will settle the age old question: "Where's the best place to beat that face?!"💄💋
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  • Who's cancelling Candid Competition?! Give us your best guesses bc we really need to get to the bottom of this.

  • Sam needs to go do drag with Eugene

  • The try guys should become mermaids for day or do an escape room

  • Am I crazy or Amro looks like Gal Gadot?

  • "I didn't even have time to hook up with a sexy bartender"

  • OMG I can't believe they spent that much money for that look. Too hilarious.

  • I like the lips Sephora did, and the eyes that MAC did.

  • I love the spill the cocoa mug! Can’t believe I didn’t notice it before!

  • This is one of the strangest videos I have ever watched.

  • I really like what he said, “beauty is in the inside, represented bu make up on the outside”

  • Sammy is ready to get in dragrace!

  • ahahha this reminds me of America's next top model

  • Love Amro!

  • why is the mac look kinda gorg

  • 17:09 Sam Smith with makeup

  • They were all so funny!! Kinda wanna see them interact again

  • Estee Lauder. #1 honestly they crushed it in the eyes of any beauty enthusiast. Did it, kept it true to the idea, but made it beautiful instead of copying it like a printer. Mmmuah *Italian kiss into my hand after drinking a beautiful wine* Good job to them all though

  • Holy shit Jareds eyes on FLEEK

  • of all brands of make up-Esteé Lauder, Sephora, MAC, Mary Kay are the bests I've had

  • The artist who worked on Sam is a fking genius. He would be so beautiful as a drag queen!

  • So a few things I have to say about this video... first, why would you choose Walmart??? I’m so confused because never has Walmart had a beauty counter. Like why didn’t you try ulta? Next why didn’t you just do an evening look and see also how sanitary their counters are? I’m just so confused about the thought process behind this. The idea had potential but execution wise, not great. Just saying...

  • Is candid competition ever gonna come backkkk???!!

  • kind of wish zack would actually got his makeup done

  • Flamboyant gay men enter the chat

  • But why were they all so terrible?

  • Eugene is the person canceling because he was not in those videos and he is the rank king

  • “Didn’t have to work today “ lmao

  • Isn't Becky Keith's wife?

  • Samuel looks soooo much like the cute little penguin from Madagascar...

  • Oh god these are all bad in their own way

  • More Milo, please

  • Great job. I watch like all the videos and. Your production and story lines, is banging up!!!

  • My Walmart actually does offer makeovers lmao

  • I love you guys so much , holy f*uck

  • I loooooooooooooove it

  • "I didnt come here to be friends. I came here to be America's Next Top Model."

  • No one's gonna talk about the intro....okay...

  • should have gone to ulta

  • Every time Walmart gets eliminated🤣🤣

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The mac eyebrows are SO bad

  • Please never stop this series Zach it’s awesome 😂😂

  • I think it's Miles! LOL

  • I’m cringing!!!!! 😂

  • Zach I love your jacket so much

  • I loooooved this episode

  • I legit thought he was gonna say Walmart won again hahah

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Sam (with Esteé Lauder makeup) kinda looks like Courtney Act while he's giving face? Probably tbh.

  • I love watching Zach's film nerd side come out when he does videos! Also this was super well edited!

  • The try guys should have a own youtube original seriea

  • Every time I hear that piano music I think of the song "Mama" by mcr and I just-

  • Did they not want to do ULTA?

  • Damn Estee Lauder makeup artist was on fire. Wowwee

  • Sam is so adorable.

  • No dont cancel it!!!!!!

  • I want to see sam in drag, I feel like he would look amazing

  • What the fuck did i just watch?! XD

  • How do we keep ending up at Walmart? It’s gets eliminated every time 😂😂😂

  • Amro is GORGEOUS

  • Pizza face got me so hard 🤣🤣🤣