When Your Hot Cousin Comes To Visit Ft. Victoria Baldesarra

Pubblicato il 24 giu 2018
Do you have a hot cousin who visits and you don't like them because they're better than you? Victoria Baldesarra from The Next Step plays Tootsie's hot cousin in "When Your Hot Cousin Comes To Visit!" Let us see if jealousy gets the best of her!
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  • I remember Victoria from The Next Step a great show I always wathed.

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  • Victoria is. A. Nice girl. Tootsie. Your. Jealous and. You. Want. To. Be. Cooler

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  • You guys should change Tootsie am I right

  • Victoria is michelle from the next step she got bullied by emily but then they became friends

  • Wait is that not Michelle from The Next Step

  • she is famous of some way and i searched her up she is a very pretty young lady and shes Canadian like me

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  • I love the videos



  • Me puts caption: youtube: 2:34 it says pussy but it should say tause

  • So it’s tootsies cousin and she knows how she look then why did she looked surprised at 2:10

  • Who older tootsie or her cousin

  • Beauty - hair

  • Cousin: cousinnnnnn! How are you? Tootsie:I'm guud.

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