When your best friend turns against you | Clip: The World Of Us | K-Crush

Pubblicato il 27 ago 2019
Is there anything worse than betrayal by someone you trusted?
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About 'The World of Us'
This award-winning drama delves into the complex inner world of two young girls whose friendship gets complicated by social hierarchy of their school and Korea at large.
Choi Soo-in
Lee Seo-yeon
Seol Hye-in
Yoon Ga-eun
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The World of Us | K-Crush


  • Stream full movie 'The World of Us' on our app: bit.ly/acAPP Stream on the web: bit.ly/2ToAicf Amazon Prime: amzn.to/2UyAORt SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/kcrushYT

  • Btw it’s just a joke

  • Omfg she has a kanken I can’t believe it she’s a vsco girl

  • That's sad..

  • I would have slapped them

  • That’s so rude- I have so much anger to express, but I can’t. Don’t bully, it’s wrong, we all have feelings, imagine if this led to suicidal.

  • If anybody is going through this, dont let it destroy you- find new friends! I've been through this, two people at once, and it didnt help that I tried sticking around. Dont feel bad! They dont deserve someone like you ❤❤

  • Once 3 boys teamed up on me and started kicking me and calling me a idiot. So the next day I got all my friends and we teamed up at them we chucked balls at them and they started crying. Haha, we got in trouble tho but those boys never did it again!

  • This made me cry no joke # tearing rn

  • I'm in depression now Cuz of this

  • I swear. I almost cried.

  • I feel so sorry for Sun

  • Sadest think that I ewer see

  • I mean the girl named Jia has been threw A lot egt:Divorce (thats really hard) not seeing ur mum a lot (REALLY HARD) but her actions could have been,different

  • Awwwwwwwww Evon is happy!

  • The Exact Thing Happened Me I Was In America And me and my brother were touching stuff and he got mad so we got out😂

  • This has never happend to me and I'm kind of like one of the 3 cool girls but I'm always nice

  • This is real, it happened to me Her name in tiktok is meriza soro And the one who is her bff now is named QUEEN RHIANNA

  • I think cheaper things r nicer tbh XDD


  • Yup. My cousin, AND best friend (talking about the same person here) turned on me for LeXi

  • My friend Brenna one time did this to me and ever sense them I wasn’t friends with her

  • Excuse my profanity...but THE LITTLE BITCH...I had a friend like that...she used to shove words in my mouth...and would never talk to me...all she Did was use me for shit...I know how the girl feel...

  • I feel sooo bad for her I really do ❤️

  • Jia is a butthole

  • 2000:let’s dye our nails 2009:let’s paint our nails 2019:let’s get Acrylic nails 3019:let’s put our nails in the pedicure bath

  • My friend give me chocolate 🍫


  • She is such a nice girl how could they turn their back on her

  • Story of my life

  • I can't even watch this any more its so mean

  • Me sad now

  • What are we getting of this? Just sadness? wow


  • that is so mess up lor just because u lost ur mom and stuff u turn ur best friend into a enemy.

  • If I was there I would get the mean girls expelled

  • I HATE JIA AND THAT GIRLS!!! I LITERALLY ALMOST CRY!if this happen to me,I will go mad with my sister and dad!

  • Jia: -steals colored pencils FOR the short haired girl Also Jia: “give it back. I only lent you it.” So much for trying to be like the other kids o_O

  • Omg that is so sad I will be friends with sun like if you would to

  • God, I was about to cry. Forget you Jia. Don't ever even try to apologize.